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Autel Scope vs. PicoScope


If you’re an experienced mechanic, someone who likes fixing cars or an engineer on the go, then a diagnostic oscilloscope will be a handy tool for you.

But if you aren’t familiar with these devices, they are portable diagnostic tools that can be used for several applications like spectrum analyzing and motor testing.

These are pretty useful, and plenty of those devices are on the market today as well. And if you wonder which is better between Autelscope vs.

Picoscope, then this article will guide you all the way!

These two brands are on the top when you’re looking for a diagnostics tool.
Read on to find out!

AUTEL SCOPE VS. PICOSCOPE – comparison 2022

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Autel Scope Optimum Diagnostic Tools

Autelscope is very prominent when it comes to car diagnostic devices. Well, a lot of the products it offers are specialized in this particular application.

In fact, it offers some of the best devices on the market.

These devices are very portable and easy to use, as well as come at very affordable prices.

So if you’re a car enthusiast and you’re looking for something to help fix your car faster and easier, then you might consider getting a useful tool for yourself.
The following are features that are worth mentioning:

Ease of Use

You won’t have to be an expert when using diagnostic products.

Since this brand has devices that are designed with user-friendly interfaces, you won’t ever find it hard to use them.

Plus, they come in compact sizes, so they are easier and convenient to carry around.

Also, some products are equipped with touch screen tablets where all the details you need to troubleshoot can be accessed and tracked with ease.

For added convenience, all the data are arranged just for you.

Much more, the tablet-like designs make them easier to navigate so that you can perform several tasks with just a single touch.

Also, you can see the effects on other parts of your car while you fix some of its parts.

More interestingly, the support system of the devices can translate the data into many other languages, making them suitable for everyone! It also has an online program that can give you repair tips whenever needed.

Trouble-Shooting Efficiency

Diagnostic devices from Autelscope will repair pretty much everything on your vehicle.

Also, unexplained or unknown issues can be solved with this system with ease. Its diagnostic tools can perform over 19 repair and maintenance functions that may be needed for your car to obtain better performance.

They can perform oil resets, brake bleed, suspension, and throttle, just to name a few. Not to mention, they also have several calibrating functions.

So whatever model your car is, these diagnostic tools will still be able to work. Anyway, they are compatible with a majority of car systems today.

Maximum Savings

With a handheld diagnostic device, you’ll be able to save more from all the maintenance and service appointments you need to make for your car.

You can easily do it yourself now, thereby giving you maximum savings.

While having so many features, its products are still very inexpensive compared to others on the market. The consistency and versatility make the investment worthwhile.

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Best Autelscopes You Can Choose From

Autel Scope Optimum Diagnostic Tools

With this brand, you have lots of great products to choose from. Well, they come with several helpful features as well as designed to give you crucial diagnostic functions to keep your car moving!

1. Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808S, 2023 Bidirectional Tool Updated of MaxiCheck MX808 MK808, 28+ Service,...

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This device comes in a handy tablet design with a clear 7 inch LED screen. It’s also very lightweight, and for its software, it runs on an Android 4.4 system and has an extra fast processor and 2GB RAM storage.

The functions it can do are a total of 19. These include oil resets, throttle, suspension, and several calibrations. Because of its diagnostic efficiency, it’s even used by professional mechanics.

The device can also translate to a total of 13 languages. It’s an all in one device and perhaps, a great choice.


  • Compatible with several car models
  • Has tons of service functions
  • Can be used in 13 languages
  • 7 inch LED screen
  • 2 GB Ram
  • Runs on Android 4.4


  • Compatibility issues with some foreign cars

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2. Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT Car Diagnostic Scan Tool - Active Tests & Bi-Directional Control Scanner, 2023...

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This is another unit that is included in Autelscope’s MaxiCOM series. It is a must-have, especially that it can do 21 service functions for your vehicles like oil reset and steering wheel calibration.

Not to mention, it is equipped with the VIN technology to automatically identify all the details of the vehicle.

This includes its brand, model, and the year it was manufactured to ensure that it can perform a more accurate diagnosis.

This device covers over 80 vehicles from different car brands making it versatile enough to use. Its diagnostic scan tool can read and clear codes on available modules and even show live stream data for several sensors.

All its features are top-notch and will be sure to give you a more convenient way to fix and maintain your car!


  • Compatible with over 80 car models
  • Can perform several functions
  • Easily transmit data wirelessly
  • Has easy vehicle identification scanner


  • Slightly expensive updates

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3. Autel Maxisys Pro MK908P(MS908P/MS908SP) OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner

Autel MaxiCOM MK908 Pro II OBD2 Scanner: 2023 New Ver. of MaxiSYS MS908S Pro MK908P Elite with Top...

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This unit also comes in a tablet-like design with a slightly larger 10.1 inch LED screen. Although it is not that compact compared to other units, this is made so you can see the data easily and clearly.

The device runs on Android 4.4, has a super-fast processor, and a RAM of 2GB. It is compatible with over 80 US and international car brands.

Perhaps, it is an ideal tool for mechanics to perform comprehensive tests and several repairs.

Much more, this unit has 25 diagnostic functions, which include BMS Service, SAS Service, change oil, and many more.

Also, this has an ECU programming function that can be used by BMW and Benz car owners.

This diagnostic tool is all you need for a fast and simple functionality.

Plus, it comes at an affordable price as compared with other devices so you can get the optimum quality without spending much!


  • Has 25 diagnostic functions
  • Can be used for over 80 car models
  • Transmits data wirelessly with ease
  • Complete with ECU programming


  • Has expensive updates

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4. Autel Maxisys MS906BT Bluetooth Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Autel Scanner Maxisys MS906BT Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool, Same Functions as MS906 Pro/ MK906...

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This tool has several functions that can help you diagnose and eventually repair your vehicle. It is also equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so you can always convey data with ease.

Also, this can allow you to have regular updates, so you are ensured that your device is up-to-date.

With this, you can conduct more than 21 diagnostic and calibration features, such as the SAS Calibration Service and DPF Regeneration Service.

Much more about the Bluetooth Diagnostics feature, you are allowed to diagnose and calibrate even when you are about 50 meters away from the car.

In addition, you can have an online support network with MaxiFix where you can ask for advice on how to use the tool and do the repairs. With all of these functions in a single, compact unit, you probably can’t say no to this!


  • Several diagnostic functions
  • Can be used for over 80 car models
  • Has many additional features
  • Can still be used remotely with its Bluetooth function
  • Wi-Fi compatible


  • Has expensive updates

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5. Autel (Maxisys Pro) MK908P Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool

Autel Scanner MaxiCom MK908P II, 2023 Scan Tool upgraded of MS908SP Same as Maxisys Elite II, with...

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This tool can provide you with more than 25 service and calibration functions, thereby giving you a number of choices.

These functions include oil changes, steering calibrations, throttle, and many more.

Much more, its screen is designed to be super sensitive and can even respond to gloved, greasy, and moistened fingers.

Also, it has a longer battery life compared to other units in this series, thanks to its power-saving feature.

You can also do remote fixes for your vehicle, and for added convenience, it features a Bi-Directional control. This enables you to transmit commands without needing the vehicle’s controls for verification.

Other functions include Benz and BMW vehicle ECU programming, Auto-VIN scanning, and Bluetooth, and USB communications.


  • 25 diagnostic functions
  • Remote diagnosis and repair
  • Features a Bi-Directional control
  • Allows ECU programming for BMW and Benz owners
  • Bluetooth and USB compatible


  • Updates may be expensive

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PicoScopes All-Around Diagnostic Tool

If you are looking for a machine that can give you the utmost performance without compromising a heavy-duty built, and at the same time, compact in size, then you can always opt to PicoScope.

This laboratory built machines can be used with ease and comfort, and you can always bring it around due to its size.

However, this may require you to use a laptop or PC.

You are given the option to purchase an individual PicoScope or Automotive Diagnostic Kit, unlike Autel Scopes, that already have built-in screens.

Anyway, your laptop or PC can turn into your minilab with PicoScope. Some people find it convenient to work on larger screens making this a solution to that issue.

On a positive note, these devices can perform several functions like wave analyzing, function generation, and basic car diagnostics. They also come at affordable prices.
To know more about its top-notch features, check these out!

Convenient to Use

The devices can be used easily. All you need to do is to plug your unit to your computer using a USB cable and load the software required. The main controls are very accessible, and less frequently used controls are separated to ensure that you have an organized and neat display.

Moreover, it can be modified using the same program so that you won’t need to adapt to another interface. Anyway, you can access video tutorials and instructional documents to understand more about their advanced features.

Versatility and Functionality

Since they have the benefit of fast and powerful PC processors, they can accommodate tasks requiring higher levels of processing, such as when you use it for electronics applications.

Yes, all devices are not only limited to automotive diagnostics, but they can also be used for other electronic purposes as compared to traditional bulky oscilloscopes.

Much more, PicoScopes come with dedicated hardware to avoid overloading your Mac device.

They also have a hardware acceleration engine that can view specific waveforms on your computer.

In fact, these devices are better at handling deep memory than other oscilloscopes.

PC Enabled Connections

Waveforms and information can be conveniently stored, scanned, and copied into your files. Such data can also be exchanged around the workplace and sent to others with the same program.

Continuous Innovation

Over the years, you will be able to use this without being outdated. Well, upgrading both the PC software and the hardware is within the reach, so you can do it regularly.

Such updates are even more affordable compared to other apps and are often available free of charge, making it a very worthwhile investment.

Best PicoScope Devices You Can Buy

Best PicoScope Devices

There are a lot of devices you can choose from, but if you are looking to buy only the best then one of the following tools might be perfect for you!

6. PicoScope 2204A

PicoScope 2204A

This complete measurement and testing lab can fit inside your pocket. It’s designed to be compact for easier use and portability.

And this feature alone is a perfect idea if you are always on the go! Yes, this may be a small device, but it is capable of providing you with several functions.

You can use it as a spectrum analyzer, a function generator, a decoder, a car diagnostic tool, and many more.

The device is composed of a 16 channel analyzer, over 10,000 buffer circular waveforms, and has a waveform rate of up to 80,000 per second.

Given the functions you will need, whether it be for maintaining and fixing your vehicles or for your electronics needs, the 2204A may be a good pick!


  • Can perform several functions
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper updates
  • Compact enough to bring anywhere
  • Versatility of use


  • Needs a laptop or PC

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7. Pico 4224 KIT PicoScope Oscilloscope Bundle

This entire bundle is complete with probes, scopes, and a very durable case. It also has tons of functions that are ideal for mechanics, engineers on the go, and even electronics hobbyists.

The system has better traces of oscilloscopes and very high resolution, which is very helpful compared to conventional oscilloscopes when it comes to spectrum analyses.

Its performance is very accurate with a high DC accuracy of one percent, which only means that there is a very small room for errors. This great accuracy is an ideal choice for several analysis functions for noise, vibration, mechanical, and precision electronics.

In terms of price, it’s also very affordable, and the best thing is that it comes with cheaper updates. Perhaps, this device is the best budget-friendly choice.


  • Very high accuracy
  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with more affordable updates
  • Has many available functions


  • Doesn’t come with a screen, requires a laptop

8. Pico 2204A BASIC PicoScope 2 channel

Pico 2204A BASIC PicoScope 2 channel + AWG, 10MHz, w/o Probes

This model is an incredible piece of hardware. It comes in a very light-weight and compact design.

The entire device is USB powered, so you can use this as long as you have a laptop where you can plug it in.

There are two scope channels in the device at 10 MHz with a maximum sampling rate of 100 mega samples every second. Not to mention, the built-in memory is only 8-kilo samples.

Unlike other measurement software that is trickier to use, this Picoscope has a very friendly interface.

And since it’s a PC application, you can have multiple views without cramming everything into a single screen.

It is ideal for wave generation, wave signal analysis in electronics, and also for mechanical analysis. With all the features the product comes with, you will be able to get a diagnostic tool of high-quality without the costly price tag.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Has several applications
  • Very affordable
  • Portable and lightweight


  • Has varying accuracy at times

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9. Pico 2205A PicoScope 2 channel

Pico 2205A PicoScope 2 Channel + AWG, 25MHz, Includes Probes

Another part of the 2000 model series is this compact and easy to use diagnostic-tool.

Like other devices in this series, this can be used for multiple applications such as a spectrum analyzer, function generator, and a mechanical analysis tool.

It’s also very easy to use, you just need to plug it into your device, download and install the software, and you’ll be ready to go.

Not to mention, the interface of the software is very easy to navigate too.

This two-channel device features a very wide bandwidth of 25MHz and a fast wave generation speed of up to 80,000 waveforms per second. And it’s compatible with different software like Windows, Mac, and Linux, so it’s versatile enough for everyone!


  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with different software
  • Portable and compact design
  • Has a lot of functions


  • Requires a laptop or PC to use

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10. PicoScope 2405A 25 MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope

PicoScope 2405A 25 MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope

This device is enhanced with 4 channels that can be used to analyze more signals simultaneously. And it has a sampling rate of up to 500 mega samples per second; this makes spectrum analysis and function generation faster.

The design is made to be compact so that you can carry it around effortlessly. And it’s easy to use, too, since it has user-friendly software.

Much more, it’s suitable for mechanical analysis, too, especially that it has better accuracy.
Well, it’s your all-in-one diagnostic tool at a very affordable price.


  • User-friendly software interface
  • Very easy to carry around
  • For several applications
  • Comes at affordable price
  • Enhanced with 4 channels


  • Portability can be limited by the use of a laptop

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Autelscope vs. Picoscope – Which One to Choose?

Both of these brands are very versatile since each of their products comes with numerous functions that you can surely use.

Since we’ve already seen all of their noteworthy features, it’s time to weigh their pros and cons and find out which is better.

If you’re looking for a diagnostic tool that’s specialized for fixing and calibrating your car, then Autel Scope would be a great choice.

Its devices are specially designed for this purpose, and they have all the functions ready for you to use.

For engineers, hobbyists, and mechanics who are looking for a device that goes beyond being an automotive diagnostic tool, then you’re better off choosing PicoScope. This is the ideal choice because it provides several electronics functions as well as can be used for automotive purposes.

Deciding which is better for you will depend a lot on your preferences and the functions you need.

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Autel Scope Compared To PicoScope

When deciding between Autel Scope vs. PicoScope, it is important to know what you’re going to mainly use the device for. This will help you choose the best one that will surely suit your needs. Whatever you decide on, either of these brands will be a great choice!

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