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Hantek vs PicoScope Comparison

Currently, you can find a large variety of digital oscilloscopes available in the market. The options are many, which could make your search a little bit complicated.

One effective method to narrow down the list is to pick the top brands, and two of the best are Hantek and Picoscope.

The question is, which one’s better?

Here, we’ll review some of the top products offered by each brand. By the end of this read, we’ll have a better understanding of which one is the most suitable pick between Hantek VS Picoscope

Without anything else to add, let’s begin.

HANTEK VS PICOSCOPE Oscilloscope Comparison

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Hantek’s Top Products

Hantek’s Top Products

We’ll begin by discussing Hantek’s oscilloscopes. The models selected are five, which delivered the most reliable performances.

1. Hantek DSO5072P

Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope, 70 MHz Bandwidth, 1 GSa/s, 7.0' Display

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It’s only natural that you’re having doubts on which oscilloscope to buy. However, there are clear options that work well, and they’re available at an affordable price.

The Hantek DSO5072P model is one of them.

This instrument is a viable alternative if you’ve only used analog scopes before. It features a 7.0” display, 70MHz of bandwidth, and 1GSa/s.

The unit is capable of meeting all expectations, making it one of the most reliable tools you could have at your bench.

With an incredible, well-built structure and plenty of features, you won’t miss anything from the most expensive, high-end oscilloscopes.

One particular advantage of having this instrument is the manual. The scope does require you to put some effort to learn all of its functions, but the manual makes that process so much easier.

The scope isn’t perfect, though. Depending on your PC’s operative system, you may encounter some compatibility issues.

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2. Hantek DSO5102P Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Hantek DSO5102P Digital Storage Oscilloscope USB 100MHz 1GSa/s 40K,2 Channel,2CH

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This digital storage oscilloscope is yet another basic but efficient unit from Hantek. In this case, the specifications are two channels, 100MHz of bandwidth, 1GSa/s real-time sample rate. Overall, the tool offers record lengths up to 40K.

Similar to other scopes from the same manufacturer, the DSO5102P features a large 7.0-inch color display screen, with 800×480 WVGA.

There’s USB host service, and multiple automatic measurements you can track thanks to the incredible display.

The math functions offered by this tool are four, including the standard FFTs. Additionally, the purchase comes with PC software that allows users to do real-time analysis.

In general, Hantek’s DSO5102P is a good model for beginners. The number of features and buttons could be overwhelming, but it won’t take much time to get used to them.

There are no issues or bugs that could be frustrating, and the unit’s performance meets the expectations successfully.

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3. Hantek 2C42 Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter Tester

Hantek 2C42 Digital Oscilloscope Multimeter USB Portable 2 Channels 40MHz 250MSa/s Multifunction...

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The Hantek 2C42 is a portable, digital oscilloscope multimeter with two channels, 40MHz, and 250Msa/s. It wouldn’t be fair to compare this device with the other tools reviewed here.

However, if you needed a reliable oscilloscope that’s easy to carry around, this one’s it.

This device operates on lithium batteries, which recharge through high current 5V/2A output or the computer’s USB interface.

Both the power and data transfer interface is Type C, allowing you to share those two components with the mobile phone.

Besides being portable, the device is very user-friendly. It offers an auto one-key test, a magic tool that is essential for tests if you have no experience using oscilloscopes. The addition of a minimalistic keyboard also helps simplify the operations.

The screen is outstanding too. It’s a colorful, LCD screen that provides smooth lines for perfect waveforms.

Even while magnification, the waves are clear to see, and they don’t get distorted.

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4. Hantek DSO4102C

Simplicity could go either way sometimes. For instance, a simple oscilloscope like this one may be a great pick for some people, but many others would dismiss it as being too basic.

Still, for entry-level customers, perhaps a simple, easy-to-use device is what they need exactly.

If that’s the case, then you have to check out this oscilloscope.
The Hantek DSO4102C is a dual-channel digital oscilloscope that works on 100 MHz of bandwidth, featuring one channel arbitrary/function waveform generator too.

Every push and rotary button included in this oscilloscope is easy to understand and use.

There isn’t a single time when you may feel overwhelmed by the number of buttons since there aren’t many if you compare this oscilloscope to high-end units.

The screen is large, but it isn’t as appealing as the display seen in other units.

5. Hantek DSO4072C

Hantek DSO4072C 2 Channel Digital Oscilloscope 1 Channel Arbitrary/Function Waveform Generator 70MHz...

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The following unit came out in 2015, which explains the unit’s basic structure design. It’s a DSO oscilloscope, which is what you’d use for a lot of industrial applications.

It features digital memory, which is capable of storing data for as much time as needed with no downsides at all.

As for the specifications, the Hantek DSO4072C comes with two analog channels, 70 MHz of analog bandwidth, and it’ll deliver 1 GSa/s of sampling rate. The memory depth offered is 40 Kpts.

The display is quite remarkable too. With a 7-inch display size and 800×480 pixels, the data captured is clearly visible for you to analyze.

Other benefits of having this oscilloscope are its dimensions. The unit measures 385x245x200 mm, and the total weight amount is only 4.5 pounds.

Without a doubt, the small and compact design could come in handy to save some space on the benchtop.

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Picoscope’s Top Products

Picoscope’s Top Products

Next, we’ll review some of the oscilloscopes offered by PicoScope. Just like before, we’ve chosen five of the top scopes created by this brand.

6. PicoScope 2204A with Probes Included

PicoScope 2204A PicoScope 2204A

This device is a 2-channel scope featuring a USB base and a waveform generator included. On the hand, the tool feels surprisingly lightweight.

The two channels work at 10 MHz, delivering a rate of up to 100 mega-samples per second. Also, this unit supports a streaming mode over USB, which is useful to receive longer acquisitions under slow time bases.

Once connected to the PC, the device offers several displays for an easier read. These viewports are available at the same time, which is an improvement to old systems that delivered data on a tiny screen.

In general, the 2204A scope offers users all the tools needed for time and voltage measurements you’d expect in a device like this one.

Considering it’s a USB-based tool, having a laptop or a PC to get the data is a must.

PicoScope 2204A

7. Pico 2205A

PicoScope 2405A 25 MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope

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The Pico 2205A oscilloscope has a dual-channel design. It works at 25 MHz and offers the standard 8-bit build.

Although the bandwidth of this device varies from the previous model, the sampling rate is the same, reaching 1GS/s.

This device is surprisingly lightweight, even more than many other scopes produced by this brand. With a weight of 1.26 pounds, carrying it around won’t be much of a problem. The material used for its build is plastic.

The amount of advanced digital triggers included in this device is outstanding.

Users will have the opportunity to use the scope for a variety of purposes, like design, tests, education, diagnostics, and repair tasks.

Regardless of the purpose, installing and using the scope isn’t difficult at all. The UI is highly user-friendly, allowing you to perform your activities without any problems.

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8. PicoScope 2405A

PicoScope 2405A 25 MHz 4 Channel Oscilloscope

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Other than the basic oscilloscope tasks, this device is capable of fulfilling many other operations. There are several functionalities included, such as built-in spectrum analysis, arbitrary waveform generation, and analysis for serial bus, among others.

The sampling rate offered is a total of 500MSa/s, working with a 48 ks ample buffer memory and 1MHz AWG signal generator.

In scope mode, the unit delivers 15 automatic measurements. On the other hand, while in spectrum mode, there are 11 other measurements additionally.

Also, the device offers serial decoding for free, which includes SPI, I2C, FlexRay, LINbus, and more.
For the money, this oscilloscope is truly a valuable pick for a lot of people.

It provides perfect waveform visualization and accurate measurements. The update rates for fast waveform are good, allowing you to do an advanced analysis of the data.

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9. Pico 3403D PC Oscilloscope

Pico 3403D PicoScope PC Oscilloscope 4 channels with FG/AWG,50 MHz

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With 4 channels, 50 MHz, and probes included, this oscilloscope places itself as a suitable pick for many electricians.

The 64 MS buffer memory allows proper data transmission, guaranteeing the results of your tests are always accurate for better results.

The four channels are analog, and the real-time sampling delivered by the device is 1GS/s. This scope has corded-electric as the power source type. For the build, the tool features plastic materials, creating a 2.69 pounds oscilloscope.

This oscilloscope is one of the smallest offered by PicoScope. Its design is incredible if you’re moving between places for work constantly.

Despite being small and light, the performance provided is incredible. It will back up basic operations as well as more complicated tasks.

The instrument comes with upgradeable PC software and firmware, securing your purchase is a wise, long-term investment.

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10. PICO TECHNOLOGY PicoScope 4425 Automotive 4-Channel Scope

PICO TECHNOLOGY PicoScope 4425 Automotive Scope - 4 Channel

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Being the last device reviewed doesn’t take anything away from this scope automotive scope. For what’s worth, both the hardware and software used to build this tool are top-notch, separating it from some of the less capable scopes.

The package includes the oscilloscope, one USB cable, software, and a quick-start guide for everyone to get a grasp of what the device can do.

Once ready to use, the device successfully helps to eliminate plenty of guesswork by providing accurate data.

This scope makes it a hassle-free operation to test each individual component before replacing them, which saves a lot of time you’d waste in trial and error.

After many tests, the device has proven to be a valuable purchase. It does an incredible job of finding intermittent wiring, and other issues like connector faults.

If you were wondering whether or not investing in this tool was a good decision, luckily, the answer is yes.

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Which Brand Is Better Hantek or PicoScope?

After taking a closer look at the oscilloscopes models reviewed here, the discussion isn’t which brand is better between the two, but rather which one’s better for you.

Here are some of the most noticeable differences between the two brands and how they would benefit you.


Both Hantek and PicoScope use basic plastic materials for their units.

This particular build creates rather lightweight units, although some are more portable than others. If you’re looking for a portable unit, PicoScope’s models are the most ideal choice.


While it’s true that Hantek’s oscilloscopes offer an outstanding amount of operations, perhaps you won’t even use all of them in the first place.

PicoScope’s products, on the other hand, are straight to the point, and they’re highly capable of doing different tasks.

For quick measurement tasks, PicoScope’s models are great. On the other hand, Hantek’s models are suitable for more thoughtful operations.


Out of the models discussed here, we can make a few conclusions. One of those conclusions is that the price ranges of both brands vary from low to high budgets.

Naturally, if you need a basic device, you could go for either of the two brands, and they’ll have a low-end unit for your purposes.

Equally, both brands have high-end units too.

Of course, the performance put up by a low-end oscilloscope won’t be the same as the most expensive, but they’re still capable of doing a lot of tasks.

Picoscope vs Hantek Comparison

For more convenience, many people would argue that PicoScope’s units are what you need exactly.

Nonetheless, it’s true that some of those oscilloscopes won’t match the performance put up by some models offered by Hantek.

Ultimately, if you want to pick a winner between Hantek VS Picoscope, you’d have to answer what you want to do first.

Knowing the differences between both brands, and the capabilities of their products will help you make up your mind. Then, you’ll be able to pick the right device for you.

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