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How To Cheat Body Fat Calipers Test

You can cheat in a body fat calipers test through the following:-

  • By eating to cheat
  • Through following the set standardization methods
  • Opting for a carb load to lean load

When you are inquisitive and have a strong interest in Science, you get to learn several aspects. I have developed a keen attention to detail on scientific and engineering tools that are essential.

I have always been curious about how you can cheat the body fat calipers test. I began my research and developed ways to achieve this.

This article will highlight key points on how to cheat the body fat calipers test. The reader will be able to learn how to use the calipers test effectively to cheat body fat.

Eat to cheat

Based on some research I did, I came across research that glanced at DEXA_derived body composition. This is done by having the subjects get DEXA scans before and after meals.

After meals, the subjects are instructed to drink a lot of water right after each meal. The results showed that after eating lunch or dinner, there is an increase in lean mass of approximately 1 kg with the body fat remaining at constant.

The increase was discerned in trunk lean mass. This, therefore, led to the conclusion that if you want to gain a couple of pounds of lean mass before a DEXA measurement, you should eat a meal and afterward drink a lot of water.

Some conditions are met when comparing DEXA measurements in physically active people. These are:

  • During the morning hours immediately after an overnight test
  • 5 minutes after readjusting to a scanning bed
  • 8 hours after one’s usual daily routines
  • The next morning before breakfast intake
  • 30 minutes after breakfast intake

Following the measurements, there were huge results that were observed from breakfast consumption and daily activities.

It was then concluded that if you want to gain lean mass in thirty minutes, it’s advisable to eat your breakfast before getting the measurements done.

To optimize changes in lean mass, get your measurement done in the afternoon after eating. This will lead you to cheat body fat quite exemplary.

Carb load to lean load

Carbohydrates are also known as glycogen. They are stored in muscles that are known to hold water mass.

Bodybuilders are known to take carb load a few days out of the competition to give the muscles a fuller look due to the extra water storage space.

DEXA can’t differentiate between muscle and body water. Due to this, carb loading can amplify water storage in muscles. This can efficiently change your DEXA results.

The concept has been tested and proven to be true. A study was conducted on young men who took the DEXA scans before and after a three-day high carbohydrate diet.

The results from the study showed that the DEXA scan showed nearly a 3 lb increase in muscle mass just from sticking to an extremely high carbohydrate diet.

Standardization, a necessary element for body fat estimation

For efficient results, a standardized routine has to be followed. This can be achieved by:

  • You should be getting your tests conducted in the same clothes for repeated measurements
  • You should have no prior exercise before the test
  • You should be effectively hydrated. However, you ought to be careful not to be overhydrated. This can be observed in your urine.
  • You should be getting tested in the morning after an overnight test.
  • For DEXA results to be efficient, you should use the same equipment with the same software for a constant result.

Following the set standards will ensure that the tests achieved from the DEXA scans are accurate and can be proven true for future references.

Final comments on how to cheat body fat calipers test

This can be done by following the following steps which are guaranteed to bring results. It includes:-

  • By eating to cheat:-To be able to gain lean mass with some weight before a DEXA measurement you should take breakfast and drink a lot of water.
  • Following set Standardization methods: Having a standardized procedure ensures the results are efficient. It includes ensuring there is no previous exercise, proper hydration, and use of the same equipment.
  • Opting for a carb load to lean load: Carbohydrates are an essential element as they are tored in the muscles to retain water. The DEXA measurement cannot distinguish between muscle and bosy water

Following the above process, you can effectively cheat body fat.