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How to Measure Body Fat with Loose Skin

The easiest way to measure your body fat with loose skin is by pinching that specific part with the kind of skin.

If you grab between your fingers around a few millimeters of the skin, it means that you still have some fat to lose.

However, this does not mean that you have no excess skin, but it shows that you only need to engage yourself in fewer workouts to achieve it.

Other ways of measuring body fat with loose skin we’re going to discuss are as follows;

  • Using skinfold calipers.
  • Using a tape measure.
  • Use of a body fat scale.
  • Use of air displacement plethysmography method.
  • Using the MRI or CT scans.
  • The use of hydrostatic weight method.

Now let’s get into the post and discuss the above methods of measuring body fat with loose skin.

Skinfold Caliper Method

Skinfold caliper is a method used to measure the thickness of your loose fat or the subcutaneous fat. This loose fat is generally the fat underneath your skin located at specific body parts.

The measurements are taken from three or seven parts of your body.

These parts will vary from women to men.

If the measurements are taken from three-site for women, they consider the area above the hips, the triceps, and the thighs or abdomen.

If the measurements are to be taken from the seven-site, they include the three-site in addition to the chest, the area around the armpits, or underneath the shoulder blades.

The three-site measurements for men include the area underneath the scapula, the chest or triceps, the abdomen or thighs.

The seven-site measurements include the three-site plus areas around the armpits and under the shoulder blade.

Using Tape Measure

Another easier way to measure body fat is by using a tape measure. This method is used to calculate your weight in inches.

This method also varies with gender. For women, you should determine the circumference of your waist, neck, and hips.

You should measure the widest part of these parts to have the most accurate measurements. You can achieve this easily by asking someone else to take the measurements.

You should add the hip and waist measurements to get the body fat percentage. Then subtract the value you’ve obtained from that of the neck.

That gives you the value of the circumference.

For men, you should take measurements of the widest parts of the abdomen and the neck. To calculate your body fat percentage, subtract the value of the neck and abdomen measurement.

You should not compress the tape measure to your body as you take the measurements.

Take all the measurements at least two times to be sure.

Use of Body Fat Scale

These are scales that use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology.

The BIA devices detect the way the body responds to the small electrical currents, which is achieved when electrodes are placed on your skin.

Currents are sent into your body by some electrodes while the other ones receive a signal passed through the body tissues.

It’s easier for electrical currents to pass through the body muscles than fat would because of the high water content in the muscles.

The BIA device responds automatically, picking up more resistance hence recording the much possible body fat.

The Air Displacement Plethysmography

It is a technique that uses air, unlike other displacement methods which use water.

You enter an egg-shaped chamber called a Bod Pod. This chamber encloses your body; thus, the method is done when one is completely naked.

It estimates the amount of body fat according to the body’s density.

When the body’s density is determined, the Air Displacement Plethysmography device uses the data to work out the amount of your body fat.

This method is highly accurate, according to research. This is because its measurements match the underwater measurements at around 1% of your body fat for children and adults.

The Hydrostatic Weight Method

This method is also referred to as hydro densitometry or underwater weighing.

Just like the Air Displacement Plethysmography, it also estimates your body fat based on its density.

It works when you sit on a chair submerged in water while naked. Your body displaces water after placing a buoyant counterforce on that water.

Your weight is then recorded and used to calculate body fat.

Research shows that this method is also very accurate than the other home methods of measurements.

The Use of MRI or CT Scans

This is also a highly accurate method of determining body fat percentage.

It uses Computerized Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans. These scans take cross-sectional images of your body, which can even measure the intra-abdominal fat.


How to Measure Body Fat with Loose Skin

An easier method you can use to measure body fat with loose skin is by pinching the specific part that appears to have fat with your fingers.

If the skin between your fingers measures more millimeters, you have fat you should lose. Other methods of measuring body fat include;

  • Use of MRI or CT scans.
  • Use of hydrostatic weight.
  • Skinfold caliper method.
  • Use of tape measure.
  • Use of Body Fat Scale.
  • Use of air displacement plethysmography method.