Difference Between Science and Pseudoscience

what is the difference between science and pseudoscience quizlet

The difference between science and pseudoscience is that one is based on rigorous testing, while the other isn’t. Much of what we know about how our brain works and responds to stimuli comes from decades worth of scientific study. Pseudoscientific practices are often just theories or concepts that have not been proven through any kind … Read more

Why Science is Important

why science is important essay

Do you know why we love science? Because it is essential for our life! Read on and find out why Science is important. Check out your phone or computer for a while. Can you see the gleam of the sparkle? What happens when you turn it on? Science created that. It was achieved by channeling … Read more

Best Wireless Weather Station

wifi weather station

Whether you’re living in a country such as Australia, where the weather conditions can be extreme and unforgiving, or you inhabit a part of the world with a mild climate, being able to monitor the weather conditions from the comfort of your home can be quite important. Let’s say you’re a farmer, or just a … Read more

How To Measure Current With Oscilloscope

how to measure current with oscilloscope

Although oscilloscopes are devices typically used for voltage measurements, not many people know that you can also use these contraptions on how to measure current with oscilloscope. Of course, the first measuring tool of choice for taking precise measurements of electric current would certainly be the ammeter, a specialized device that can give you accurate … Read more

Best Digital Manometer

best digital manometer

Digital manometers have come as a timely solution for professionals working in the measuring industry. These gadgets allow you to check and record air pressure using a pressure transducer rather than relying on leveled surfaces, like traditional manometers. With the best digital manometer, you can easily convert generated energy into an electronic signal or value … Read more

10 Best Sphygmomanometer

best sphygmomanometer

Do you live far from the nearest health facility in your locality? And after a long day of hard work and sacrifice, you would want to know how your body reacts and how the blood is pumping about in the body? Well, you may consider looking for the best sphygmomanometer or, as referred by the … Read more

Best Dosimeter In The Market 2021

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Out Top Picks A dosimeter is known to be a kind of instrument or device that is used in relation to radiation. When there is external ionizing radiation (such as Gamma rays, X-rays, high energy Beta rays and high energy Ultraviolet rays), there is a need to measure the dosage or range of the radiation … Read more

How Thick is a Piece of Paper

Thickness of a Piece of Paper

Throughout the history of human beings, writing has always been a way of conveying messages. Traditionally prehistoric people used to write and draw on cave walls as a way of passing on information to the next generation and educate their kids on the methods of survival. This moral instinct of education led to papyrus and … Read more

Importance of Science in Everyday Life

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Science refers to the knowledge one gains by systematically studying both the physical and natural world’s behavior and structure by observing and carrying out experiments. Examples of natural sciences include chemistry, physics, geology, astronomy, and biology. When carrying out their research, the knowledge scientists acquire can be theories, accurate facts, or scientific laws. Through the … Read more