will pico software work with hantek?

Will Pico software work with Hantek? No. Picoscope software is generally manufactured to work for Pico products only. With a wide range of products on offer for the PicoScopes line. This software is compatible with personal computers, desktops, and laptops connected to oscilloscopes designed by Pico Solutions. The oscilloscopes are designed for automotive diagnostics equipment. … Read more

How Do Digital Calipers Work

Calipers are measuring instruments used to precisely measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object that cannot be easily measured using a ruler or any other measuring instrument. A digital caliper has a series of capacitance sensors and an LCD window for reading and displaying measurement. Digital calipers are easier, convenient, and accurate … Read more

7 DIY Electronics Projects for Beginners

DIY electronic projects are great and enjoyable. As a beginner, you can be a little bit stressed when choosing the electronic circuit project to try, but you can simplify the process if you choose what you prefer, like, or resonate with. Basic circuitry knowledge, soldering skills, and a few readily accessible resources are all you … Read more

How to Change a Multimeter Battery

It takes you straightforward steps to change a multimeter battery. When you have found out that your multimeter battery is not charging, it is essential to change the batteries. Changing the batteries will help it to start working again. First, you need a screwdriver that is compatible with your multimeter. This is to help you … Read more

Frequently Asked Resistor Questions

Resistors are electrical components that have resistance to the flow of electric current. They are used to control the amount of current in an electric circuit. In this post, I will cover some of the most commonly asked questions about resistors and answer them with my best knowledge. These include: 1. How do resistors work?2. … Read more

How To Use A Multimeter For Beginners (Step By Step)

Checking, repairing, and designing a circuit is a simple task if you have a multimeter. For any electronic device to function fully, there must be a specific flow of electricity. When this flow is not regulated, malfunctioning will be the possible outcome. Electronic devices require a certain amount of electricity to function, so any amount … Read more