How to Calculate Frequency from Oscilloscope

calculate frequency from oscilloscope

An oscilloscope is a device used to view the voltage of an electrical component in the form of waves on a screen. It consists of a screen, input ports, and several controls. Oscilloscopes can be either analog or digital. Most current oscilloscopes will provide you with the readings for voltage and frequency. They usually have … Read more

Printable Periodic Table

printable periodic table pdf

One of the most useful tools in chemistry is a periodic table, which organizes all the elements by their atomic number. The periodic table is so much more than just a chart that has been around for generations. A printable periodic table is a great tool for students and teachers alike. It provides a quick … Read more

How to Paint Galaxy

galaxy painting ideas

Many people are interested in painting galaxies. They want to find out how to paint a galaxy they see in a picture or on the internet. Galaxy painting is a great way to relax and have fun with your friends. The process of creating the galaxy can be relaxing or challenging depending on what type … Read more

Best Water Pressure Gauge

water pressure gauge tee

Modern life is impossible without the best water pressure gauge. The way the pressure is not creating known by most people, but they all know when it is low. Investing in a water pressure gauge is beneficial for your home.  It can provide crucial information about a water problem if a pressure gauge is using. … Read more

Best Clamp Meter

automotive clamp meter

A clamp meter is a necessary tool if you are a technician, an electrical maintenance technician, or a DIYer who enjoys fixing things. The clamp meter is the best device to measure current in a circuit or wire without cutting the wire or disconnecting it from circuit power. It will measure the power flow accurately … Read more

Best Ohm Meter

best ohm meter

The best ohm meter is a must-have when you need to check your car battery for any problem. It will tell you the battery’s condition and if there are any corrosion or leaks in it. The perfect ohm meter is the one that you can take with you wherever your work takes you. It needs … Read more

Best Moisture Meters

best wood moisture meters

The moisture analysis of raw materials using the best moisture meters is crucial to any construction project because it can lead to significant problems. It is essential to monitor the moisture levels before foundations are laid to prevent collapse at any time. A moisture meter is a necessary part of this architect’s toolkit. It also … Read more

How to Test for Parasitic Draw

parasitic battery drain

Your car running out of electricity can throw a spanner in your works for the day. Imagine you’re out fishing in the middle of nowhere, found the perfect spot, and after some good catches you decide it’s time to go home – but bummer! Your headlights were on the entire time you were there and … Read more

Best Fluke Multimeter

fluke clamp meter

Are you about to create new electrical lights, switches, and a ton of wires? Do you need to fix your car’s old wiring that makes your headlights throw a weak beam of light? Well, to do any of these tasks with a degree of precision and professionalism, you will need a reliable multimeter. In the … Read more

New Inventions and Discoveries of Science in 21st Century

inventions and discoveries of science

Despite the decadent sentiments, inventions and discoveries of science in the 21st century did not slow down and made significant progress in fundamental disciplines. Physics and biotechnology are developing most dynamically, where scientists have achieved successes that can claim the title of revolutionary. In the long term, it can significantly affect the quality of life … Read more