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will pico software work with hantek?

Will Pico software work with Hantek?

No. Picoscope software is generally manufactured to work for Pico products only.

With a wide range of products on offer for the PicoScopes line.

This software is compatible with personal computers, desktops, and laptops connected to oscilloscopes designed by Pico Solutions.

The oscilloscopes are designed for automotive diagnostics equipment.

Below we shall discuss why the software will not be compatible with Hantek automotive diagnostic oscilloscopes in different ways, such as

  • Range of Products
  • Ease of use
  • Compatibility
  • Design
  • Technology
  • User experience

Why PicoScope Software Won’t Work With Hantek

Different Range of Products

Two different entities design Picoscopes and Hantek oscilloscopes for the same purpose. Both are made as automotive oscilloscopes for diagnostic purposes.

This makes both products require different software for their products to differentiate them from the rest.

Pico software will only work for products explicitly designed by Pico, thus not working for Hantek products.

Ease of Use

Pico software works on laptops, personal computers. It is generally easy to use as it comes free with Pico products and a manual on how to operate.

Included are function generators, arbitrary waveform generators, automatic measurements with statistics. The software offers real-time signal acquisition and capture.

It works well on Microsoft Windows platforms, Debian Operating Systems, and UBUNTU. With this wide range of systems available, it is being used in a wide range of portable devices.

The products are lightweight and thus easy to carry around.


As discussed, the wide range of products and systems available make it very compatible with most electronic devices.

Using FFT spectrum analyzers and compatible parallel ports oscilloscopes, the software will work well on Pico oscilloscopes to diagnose anything from the ignition, injectors, charging, and starter circuits to batteries alternators and starter motors time relay.

Hantek has been slow and more analog in operation, and the software provided only works for their products.


Mixing Pico software and Hantek products will not produce the desired results as the automotive oscilloscopes are designed to troubleshoot and diagnose electronic parts and circuits.

They are designed differently to measure specific parameters. For instance, Hantek oscilloscopes will offer more range in operations that will not be used most of the time but are included in the software.

Pico software uses a more straightforward approach with high capabilities in many different tasks.

The end product will be the same, but each software is designed to follow different ways to achieve close to similar results.


The software in Pico products is designed to produce results according to measurements and readings by the oscilloscopes designed by Pico.

They provide updates to this software for any issues encountered and work on getting bugs out to provide smoother use and quality output.

As such, pairing the software with products it was designed for may cause corrupt readings and damage the product, software, device or even the system it is working on.

This may then lead to bugs and incorrect readings that may cause mistakes in the diagnostic capabilities of both the software and the hardware.

With Pico producing high-end products for more complicated use, such as the USB 2.0, with higher input channels and vertical hardware resolutions up to 16 bits, The software is updated.

Ensuring the product continues to operate even when updated to the newer Usb 3.0 product, which offers higher performance than the previously mentioned 2.0.

User Experience

Using the Pico software and products offers smooth running and a more precise diagnostic.

This is due to the software and the product linking successfully to produce satisfying results, whether good or bad for the automotive’s electrical system. Requiring accurate feedback from the application and the product is of paramount importance.

With price and usability carrying more importance than the hardware, Pico software makes it easier to use for a higher range of activities.

Hantek software is harder to use and takes longer to launch and operate on certain devices.

The Pico software also allows user development to increase its usable scope, thus offering more to users who can incorporate other commands to the software.

This may mean it can be configured to also operate with Hantek oscilloscopes, but trying this may lead to the unknown that may cause errors or wrong output.

Reasons Pico Is Not Compatible With Hantek

As we have seen, mixing different software and hardware that is not compatible may have negative results.

Picoscope software is generally manufactured to work for Pico products only. The wide range of products on offer for the PicoScopes line will operate better with the software provided.

The oscilloscopes are designed for automotive diagnostic equipment, with the software linking the product to the user.

Below are some of the reasons why the software made for Pico oscilloscopes may not work with Hantek products;

  1. Range of Products
  2. Ease of use
  3. Compatibility
  4. Design
  5. Technology
  6. User experience