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5 Best Digital Caliper for Woodworking Reviewed

A woodworker needs many precise tools so that the vision of the project can be fulfilled with utmost accuracy.

Herein, among the most useful tools at their disposal is the best digital caliper for woodworking since it helps get the wood down the size for perfect fit.

The reason you have to get a digital caliper is simply the accuracy of digital measurement. Knowing the correct caliper to choose from a wide variety of options is crucial.

But having one that reads to with high accuracy will keep you from doing guesswork on your woodworking projects.

Digital Caliper for Woodworking Comparison

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Best Digital Caliper for Woodworking Review

Bad measurements and lousy workmanship compromise the quality of any woodworking projects, whether it be cabinets, furnishings, and other wooden fixtures.

It pays to have the best option because it will keep your measurements precise and will save you time and effort.

1. iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper 0-6″

iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper 0-6' Display Inch/Metric/Fractions Stainless Steel Body

This digital caliper displays read-outs through its large LCD screen. The measurements are either in imperial, metric, or fractions for different applications.

It is rated IP54, which means that it resists splashes and dust. This is especially useful if you’re using this for wood working as sawdust can easily get into devices that do not have a lot of protection.

Holding this caliper, you will appreciate the way it is designed. First off, the whole caliper is made from stainless steel. It has a well-polished finish that makes it look more appealing than others. Also, it offers extra protection for the components of the caliper.

For power saving, it has an auto-off feature when it’s idle. When you are not using the unit for a while, it will automatically turn off. This helps in saving battery and using it for a long time.

As for the measurement, it can measure from 0 to 6″ and has an accuracy of up to 0.001″. They can measure the inside, outside, the depth, and the step of the item. This device is a handy measuring tool for any woodworker.

Moreover, these calipers come with a hard case for protection and easy carrying.


  • Great overall accuracy
  • Solid design and build materials
  • Utilizes a common battery (CR2032)
  • Auto-off power-saving feature


  • IP54 is splash-proof and not meant to work with fluids

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2. iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6″ Digital Electronic Caliper

iGaging ABSOLUTE ORIGIN 0-6' Digital Electronic Caliper Inch/Metric/Fraction IP54 Protection Bonus:...

If you are looking for something that can measure fast, these are the ones for you.
These boast of high-speed, as well as high-precision measurements every time.

They owe that to the good surface finish as well as the extra-smooth slider. It is made from hardened stainless steel, which will last a long time.

It has a resolution of 0.005″/0.01mm, which is as close as it gets and has a maximum measurement of 6 inches or 150 mm. The IP54 rating keeps it from being damaged by accidental splashes and dust.

Using this caliper, you will appreciate the memory mode where the device records the last reading for your reference when measuring multiple parts of a project.

Some calipers take time before reading the actual measurements, but this one has fast tracking so that you get the measurement instantly. You don’t need to wait for it to settle down before getting your measurement.

Lastly, it also has a USB output, which will come in handy when transferring the recorded data to your computer.


  • Fast and accurate measurement and reading
  • Made from hardened stainless steel
  • IP54 rating helps protect against dust and splashes
  • Memory mode records the last measurement


  • Will not work properly in very humid environments

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3. EAGems Digital Caliper

Digital Caliper, Durable Stainless Steel Electronic Measuring Tool by EAGems; Get IP54 Protection...

These are stainless steel calipers that are not just guaranteed to last a long time, but they will also provide accurate measurements.

With inch mode; accuracy down to +/-0.005 inch, with metric system; accuracy down to +/-0.01mm, for fractional read-out; 1/64”.

The accurate measurements can be read on a clear and large LCD screen, which will display the measurement in inches, millimeters, or fractions, depending on how you set it up and the application.

You can measure the inside and the outside of the item as well as the depth with this caliper. The maximum length you can measure will be 6 inches or 150 millimeters.

Additionally, you can zero it at any point if you’re using differential measuring. This is a useful feature, especially if you’re in woodworking. It comes in a hard case that can easily fit in any toolbox or safely stored away.

Another feature is the easy to adjust set screw for more precise and comfortable measuring. It also has a depth gauge for other things you need to measure out. And to save battery, it has an auto on-off feature.


  • Versatile and has multiple functions
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Accurate measurement
  • Stainless steel build


  • A bit expensive compared to other calipers in this review

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4. MOOCK Digital Caliper

MOOCK Digital Caliper, Calipers Measuring Tool, Electronic Micrometer Caliper with LCD Screen, Inch...

With an accuracy of 0.0005 of an inch or 0.01 millimeters, you can rely on the accuracy of these calipers to help you determine the right measurement for your woodworking project.

It is made from full stainless steel – a material primarily used in the industry for precision instruments. The slide of the jaw of this caliper is smooth and satisfying.Aside from the sturdy build, it also has an IP54 rating that makes it resistant to accidental splashes and dust.

This comes with a large LCD that displays the measurement in inches, millimeters, and fractions. You will appreciate this because it can be used in different applications, especially in woodworking.

More so, it is equipped with user-friendly functions, including grooved machine and roller thumb control that adds extra stability and facilitates easy fine-tuning adjustments.

You will also get an accurate position lock and a 3V battery. To save power, it goes on auto-shut off after 5 minutes of idle time.

With this caliper, you will be able to measure the outside and inside of the item with the jaws, along with the step and the depth. It is an indispensable tool in a wood worker’s arsenal.


  • Can be used in different settings
  • Made with strong material and has an IP54 rating
  • Comes with a large LCD display
  • Equipped with a control nib for accurate measurement


  • No previous measurement retention

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5. VINCA DCLA-0605 Quality Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

VINCA DCLA-0605 Electronic Digital Vernier Micrometer Caliper Measuring Tool Stainless Steel Large...

If you’re on a tight budget but need a precision caliper, this may be the one for you. It has a killer price and great quality that you are looking for in a digital caliper.

Furthermore, it is equipped with precise measuring features that have ±0.001″/0.03mm accuracy, which is as accurate as it gets.

It also has a large LCD display that is easy on the eyes and provides clear data in inches, millimeters, and fractions.

With this caliper, you can measure the dimensions you need to know: inside, outside, step, and depth.
The manufacturer assures the precision of their tools by inspecting them fully before selling. They test each component and the accuracy of the readings using state of the art equipment.

This caliper is shipped with a hard case that will store the caliper safely and can withstand shocks and splashes.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Provides accurate measurements
  • Can be used on a variety of applications
  • Factory inspected before selling


  • No IP rating

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Features to Look for Before Buying Digital Caliper

Features to Look for Before Buying Digital Caliper

A caliper helps to get accurate measurements, usually used by woodworkers to cut parts that need to fit together.

Compared to a manual or dial caliper, a digital caliper will provide a more accurate measurement as well as faster reading.

Most digital calipers will have metric and standard units, which are usually enough. But some will also display fractions for model and hobby builders.

Some also have the ability to transfer data directly to the computer via a USB connection, which is a good feature for anyone who wants to record all their measurements.

Here are the things to look for when buying the best digital Vernier caliper for woodworking.

Depth Gauge

Most of the time, this is an additional feature for calipers. This measures the depth of the hole you’re making and the thickness of the material you’re working on.

Locking Screw

A locking screw helps in stabilizing the measuring jaws and keeps it from slipping off. You can use this if you want to retain the last measurement you took.

Step Gauge

A step is the measurement from the edge of a certain object. It is crucial to note this, especially when you’re connecting two components together.

Outside Jaws

You use these to measure the inside of the item or object. Most of the jaws are made from brushed stainless steel to provide accurate measurements. If the jaws have flaws, then the measurements may become inaccurate.

Inside Jaws

While these seem like trivial things to look for as all calipers have them, you have to be sure that you’re getting a nice and flush build on these.

You should expect the inside jaws to have flawless construction, which will provide the most accurate measurement possible.

Zero Function

Woodworking needs a lot of measurements, and sometimes you need to reset the measurement to zero in order to get a better one.

Without this function on your caliper, you run the hassle of listing the prior measurement and then hope that you can get the next one more precisely.

This function is a time-saver that can help create a more solid workflow for any worker.

LCD Screen Display

Having a bright and clear LCD display is not just the criteria for this. What is displayed should also be taken into consideration.

See if you can alternate the display from inch to millimeter and even to fractions so that you can have a world of options available for you.

Power Saving Mode

Since you’re running a digital device, then it should be able to last you a long time without running out of battery power.

A power-saving mode will help in this aspect. Most of the time, this is a simple shut-off feature after five or ten minutes of idle time.

Rigid Construction

You don’t just want accurate measurements; you will also want to have a tool that you can rely on for a long time.

Most well-built calipers are made from stainless steel. This is an ideal material used for precision instruments.

These do not just last a long time and resist the buildup of rust, and they also provide better and more accurate measurements.

IP Rating

An IP rating is a world-standard on devices that determines how well they fare against dust and splashes.
Most calipers will have an IP54 rating, which is good because it will provide solid protection against accidental spillage and protection from dust particles like sawdust and the like.

User-Friendly Features

There’s nothing like using a tool that fits well in your workflow. A good measuring tool will help you get the measurements quick and accurate.

How to Use It?

Using a digital caliper is not rocket science. You can get it and use it out of the box. It only involves a few steps for you to up your measuring game.

If you are working with small items, it is best to use a digital caliper because it will provide you with the measurements with great accuracy and precision.

But take note, if you do not follow these steps, you may run into some problems, mainly, inaccurate measurements.

Here’s how to use the calipers:

  1. Clean the object to be measured.
  2. Clean the measurement tool as well. You can do this with a dry cotton cloth or a piece of paper (ever wondered how thick a piece of paper is?) (ever wondered how thick a piece of paper is?).
  3. Close the jaws and turn on the device.
  4. Select the unit of measurement you want to see.
  5. Set the device to zero with the zero button.
  6. Hold the jaws over the object you want to measure.
  7. Make sure they are against the surfaces without applying pressure.

Zero the Caliper

Zero the Caliper

This may not be required for most digital calipers as they start from zero when they are turned on. But if that’s not the case for the one you are using, it’s best to set it to zero before starting your measurements.

You can do this by pressing a button or follow the instructions on how to zero your tool.


It pays to know your caliper and how you are able to use it in different applications.
For example, know that when you measure the insides of the object or item, you have to use the outside calipers and vice versa.

If you measure the depth, you use the depth gauge and put it perpendicularly to the object.
And then, if you measure the steps, you use the step gauge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a basic and a Vernier caliper?

A Vernier caliper has extra features like an outside jaw and a step gauge, unlike the basic caliper that just measures the outside and the depth of the object.

It also adds more graduation, which makes it more accurate than a basic one.

How long will a battery last on a digital caliper?

A battery may last you a few years as long as the caliper is used as prescribed.

What maintenance should be done on a digital caliper?

Just a regular wipe with a clean cloth after use. Light oil will also help with the sliding of the jaws, but it is not that necessary.

What is the depth gauge used for?

It measures the depth of an object. This is mostly used for tubes or the depth of liquid inside a container.

What does “Zero Error” mean?

If a Vernier caliper is closed and the zero value of the main scale does not line up with it, that is the Vernier caliper zero error.

Final Words

When looking for the digital caliper for woodworking, you may run into a lot of options. The best way to determine which one is the best is to look for quality.

If the one that you think is the best costs a little more than your budget, remember that it will pay back your investment over time because it will help you measure out precisely and accurately every time.

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