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Hantek DSO4102C Review

Oscilloscopes have been crucial parts of industries for the past century or so. Hence numerous companies have developed oscilloscopes, making it hard to pick the right one.

Yet it is very important to choose a suitable product for the particular needs of your company. So, we bring you the Hantek DSO4102C review in order to make it easier for you, as this is a great industrial level product.


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Hantek is a Chinese company with its headquarter in Qingdao. They have been producing instruments for electronic testing and measurement for around a decade now. Their success is evidenced by their popular products for such a long time.

The Hantek DSO4102C is no different from their other products, in that it is a reliable one. It is a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), which is very convenient and commonly used in industries nowadays.

The display on this device is a 7-inch 64K color LCD display, which gives a very clear and realistic representation of the waves.

As this device has multiple functions, it is very useful in industrial settings. It is a 2-channel digital oscilloscope with a synchronizing signal, a waveform generator, and an external trigger.

Moreover, the oscilloscope has an analog bandwidth of 100 MHz and a sampling rate of 1 GSa/s. As for the waveform generator, it is of 25 MHz, with SD card support.

Digital storage oscilloscopes store memory digitally, and the DSO4102C has a memory depth of 40 kpts. This enables various waveforms to be captured and stored so that they can be displayed for later use.

Digital memory also ensures that the data will not degrade over time, which is a great advantage.
And the DSO4102C has multiple automotive measurement capabilities, which makes it very convenient and useful in the industry.

Trigger function in this device is quite powerful. Connectivity is also easy with this device due to USB support. All these functions mean that this is quite an expensive device.

Not only that, but it is also a bit on the heavier side, so carrying it around will not be very convenient. However, a great advantage of the Hantek DSO4102C is that the record length is high, giving more accurate results.

Overall, this is a decent industrial level digital oscilloscope, and it should definitely be considered if you are in the market for one.

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As mentioned above, the digital oscilloscope has 2 channels.
This makes the device more precise as it can sync two channels at the same time to provide a compact output.

Another result of this feature is that the dynamic range of the oscilloscope is extended.
A 100 MHz bandwidth means that the device can accurately measure a good range of frequencies without distorting the signal.

Coupled with the 1GSa/s sampling rate, the Hantek DSO4102C is a great device to capture accurate frequencies.

Waveform Generator

The waveform generator is of 25 MHz and contains a vertical resolution of 8 bits. This makes it quite suitable to produce different types of waveforms for testing equipment in industries.

Digital Memory

Digital memory is a great advantage as it can store data for long periods of time without any degradation.
The DSO4102C contains a memory depth of 40 kpts, which provides a high record length.

This also enables a high sample rate to be maintained when capturing signals for long periods of time.

Automotive Measurement

The DSO4102C has 32 kinds of automotive measurements, along with FFT function. This enables spectrum analysis to be performed by the device, which is a useful addition.


Having a 7-inch 64K color LCD display means that the waveform is displayed large and clear. The resolution is 800 Γ— 480, which is sufficient for clear visualization.

Trigger Function

  • This product contains edge, video, pulse, over time, slope, and alternative trigger types.
  • The trigger sources are CH1, CH2, EXT, EXT/5, and AC line.
  • All this makes the trigger function in this device quite powerful.

Data Processing

This product contains signal processing circuits, which are high-speed. The result of this is that complex processing of data can be done quite easily, making it very useful in work settings.


The oscilloscope and the waveform generator can be used at the same time as there are separate keys for each function. This is a very convenient feature of this product. Other than that, the oscilloscope comes with quite a few things.

2 digital probes, 1 USB line, 1 oscilloscope power line, 1 Hantek data CD, and a manufacturer certificate are provided. These can come in handy, especially since you don’t need to buy the probes and lines separately.


  • Powerful trigger function
  • Large and clear display
  • High record length
  • Multiple auto measurement
  • Digital memory
  • Convenient separate keys
  • Fast complex processing


  • A bit expensive
  • Not lightweight

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Hantek oscilloscope:

What are the channels in this device?

2 analog + external channels.

Does it contain AUX output?

Yes, it does.

Do they provide software with the device?

No, but they are available on Hantek’s website.

How much does the device weigh?

2.08 kg without packing.

Final Words

Choosing the right oscilloscope can be a daunting task nowadays, as so many different ones are available.
Yet a good product is very important to make sure that your industry is running smoothly.

We hope that our Hantek DSO4102C review has helped in clearing your confusion, even if it is a little bit!
This is truly a reliable product for any industry.