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Fluke 123B Reviewed

Oscilloscopes have become an integral part of all sorts of industries, from the telecommunication and automotive ones to medicine and engineering industries.

Their various functions, including the display and analysis of electronic signals, have made work much easier.

Digital oscilloscopes are widely used nowadays rather than the analog ones, for they are far more efficient. One such oscilloscope is the Fluke 123B.

This is a very reliable product used in industries all over for various purposes. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the Fluke 123B review below!



Fluke corporations is a company founded by John Fluke in 1948. Their products are very reliable, as is evidenced by their global popularity. The Fluke 123B oscilloscope is another one of their efficient and convenient to use products.

It can be used to install and maintain electronic equipment, including industrial ones. Troubleshooting and maintaining both electrical and electro-mechanical equipment can also be done quite easily.

The plus point is that there is no need for any sort of manual adjustments for measurements, which saves a lot of time.

As for technology, it is not behind! Fluke has a mobile app called “Fluke Connect” and a software called “FlukeView software”.

These can be used to improve the performance by allowing better data analysis, archiving of information, and overall improved collaboration.

And as a result of these functions, sending data to smartphones is easy. Another convenient technology happens to be “Fluke Cloud”, which can be used to store information for later use.

For Windows users, the Fluke 123B can be used with “FlukeView” and “Scopemeter” software.
All these features are even better due to the clear screen, as well as the compactness of the device.

If you are wondering about multimeters, it has 2 of them, each 5000-count True RMS digital ones. The oscilloscope itself happens to be digital and of 20 MHz bandwidth.

This device also comes with recorder Event Detect, which enables intermittent signals of up to 4 kHz to be captured.

All these options and features require some getting used to. So, some time might be required for the learning curve.

Another thing to bear in mind would be that the Fluke 123B does not come with an amp clamp, so that has to be bought separately. Overall, this is a great product, even if a bit on the expensive side.

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Key Features

Here we have the best features of the Fluke 123B:

Oscilloscope and Multimeter

This product features a dual input digital oscilloscope with a multimeter. The bandwidth of the oscilloscope is 20 MHz. As for the multimeters, they are 2 in number and are 5000 counts true RMS digital ones.


Being easily portable makes this unit easy to carry around in all sorts of industrial areas. This means that using it in narrow spaces or on dirty fields won’t be a problem, as it can easily be hand-held.


fluke Technology

Equipped with IntellaSet technology, automatic measurements are easily done without any manual adjustments. Not only that, but the Fluke Connect app enables wireless transfer of data to smartphones and other devices.


As this device can be used with Windows with FlukeView ScopeMeter software, connecting with the PC is very easy.


As the 123B has the properties of a multimeter, a paperless recorder as well as a bench oscilloscope, versatile performance can be seen in this product.


The 123B contains a lithium-ion battery, which lasts a long time, about 7 hours. It is rechargeable and requires about 4 hours to charge fully.


This product has many useful measurement functions. Power measurement is one such function, and it can be used to measure W, PA, VA, VAR, Hz, and DPF.

Other than that, resistance, capacitance, diode, and continuity meter measurements can be done as well. For these resistance and capacitance measurements, as well as for oscilloscope ones, shielded test leads are provided.

Hands-Off Operation

Fluke 123B contains connect-and-view trigger simplicity, which allows hands-off functionality.

Recorder Event Detect

This helps to capture intermittent signals, which can be quite elusive and difficult to detect.


This device is protected against shocks of up to 30g and against 3g vibrations by its rugged design. Not only that, but it also has a safety rating for CAT IV 600 V, so you don’t need to worry.


    Portable and compact
    Wireless operation possible
    Cloud storage available
    Good safety rating
    Hands-off operation
    Can detect elusive signals
    Can be used with Windows


    On the expensive side
    Amp clamp not provided
    Takes some time to get used to

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Fluke 123B:

What is the display type?

It contains an LCD display.

Is the battery provided with the device?

Yes, it is.

Is the product heavy?

The device weighs 3.06 pounds and is easily portable.

Does this product come with the FlukeView software?

No, it has to be bought separately.

Is the adapter provided with the device?

Yes, it is.

How much memory does this product contain?

It can store up to 20 data sets on the internal memory, and it also has a micro SD card slot for up to 32 GB SD card.

Final Words

There are plenty of oscilloscopes out there nowadays, so it can be quite tough to pick out the right one. If you are looking for a portable, hand-held oscilloscope, the Fluke 123B is a great option.

Along with its wireless functionality and PC compatibility, this device has great measurement capabilities. We hope this Fluke 123B review has been helpful in making your decision about which oscilloscope to get!