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LAST UPDATED: January 11th, 2021

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will surely look for an oscilloscope that is both uncomplicated to use and is reliable as well. Unfortunately, not all brands are capable of offering both of these aspects at once.

But, there are some that you can depend on. And Siglent is one of them. It is at the top in terms of quality, no questions asked. In fact, when it comes to oscilloscopes, this is one of the first brands people turn to.

However, if you are not well aware of their models and products, then worry not. In this Siglent oscilloscope review, we will provide ample information regarding their top 5 products.

Apart from that, we will also talk about the factors that you should look for before buying an oscilloscope. And why you should go for a Siglent. Don’t miss out on a brand as good as this!

Top 10 Siglent Oscilloscope Comparison 2021

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Why Siglent?

Why Siglent

When it comes to oscilloscopes, only a few brands can produce reliable ones. And without a certain amount of dependability, you can’t really trust a product. That is exactly what this brand offers.

For instance, all of its products are of high-quality, which are not only packed with remarkable features but also with facilities that make them perfect. Even though they are all equally amazing, their uniqueness makes them suitable for various customers with different needs.

Some of their products can execute multiple tasks, whereas others are made for specific jobs. So, there’s a wide range for you to choose from, which is often missing in its competitor brands. And that is why you should choose Siglent.

Siglent Oscilloscope Review

siglent oscilloscope reviews

Siglent oscilloscopes are undoubtedly one of the best. Most of their products are amazing and commendable. This only makes it harder for you to select an apt one. That is why we have selected the top 5 Siglent oscilloscopes for you to choose from.

Siglent Technologies SDS1052DL+ 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Siglent Technologies SDS1052DL+

Are you looking for an oscilloscope that provides top-notch accuracy and effortless operation? In that case, you have come across the perfect product for yourself. Along with both of these features, the product has a lot more to offer.

First of all, the device offers a lot of applications. For instance, the tool is capable of inspecting instantaneous signals. Hence, you can use it to detect signals of various types coming from other devices.

On the other hand, the product is also capable of designing and debugging electronic circuits. Apart from that, you can also test electrical circuit functions. So, you can already tell that the tool is quite versatile.

But that’s not all. This can be used for industrial measuring and control as well. You can also control product quality and use it for education and training. Hence, the tool is useful in a lot of fields.

More importantly, the device is a dual-channel digital oscilloscope, which produces a frequency of about 50 MHz. So, you can use the product with ease at all times. Moreover, such aspects of the device also make it suitable for beginners.

Furthermore, the product has a sample rate of 500 MS/s and a record length of 32 Kpts per channel. In the high-resolution display, you will able to view everything clearly, and the other additional features will surely make everything easier for you.

Unfortunately, this device is not the most durable one. It might start having issues after a few uses. Moreover, alternators might have trouble working with it because it picks up too much noise and minimal ripples.


  • Effortless operation with top-notch accuracy
  • Design and debugging of electrical circuits
  • Industrial measuring and control along with education and training
  • Dual-channel oscilloscope with 50 MHz frequency
  • A sample rate of 500 MS/s and record length of 32 Kpts


  • Not durable
  • Doesn’t work well with alternators

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Siglent Technologies SDS1202X-E 200 mhz Digital Oscilloscope

Siglent Technologies SDS1202X-E

If you are not used to working with oscilloscopes, then you might come across some trouble and complications as a newbie. Keeping that in mind, this device has been made to be absolutely easy to use, which makes it apt for beginners. Find out more about it in this Siglent sds1202x-e review.

Apart from that, the device is actually packed with some amazing features. For instance, the oscilloscope has a record length of 14 Mpts. This allows the users to capture much more signal and zoom in to focus on the place of interest.

On the other hand, it comes with a color temperature display. Now, this aspect has similarities with the intensity graded trace function. However, the traces are represented in a variety of colors.

Moreover, the oscilloscope has a waveform capture rate of about 400,000 wfm/s. As a result, the device will be able to capture or detect unlikely or low probability events without any hassle whatsoever.

What will astonish you, even more, is that the device can measure using all 14M sample points at any one particular time base. This enhances accuracy, while the math coprocessor subsides the time of measurement.

More importantly, the product also features a history mode along with a segmented acquisition. This feature allows you to playback the last events while storing other events into multiple memory segments.

Even though the product comes with great facilities, those are not necessarily executed properly. Hence, you might face trouble with it from time to time. Moreover, the device slows down at times, which makes it hard to obtain a signal.


  • Record length of 14 Mpts
  • Colour temperate display
  • Waveform capture rate of about 400,000 wfm/s
  • Can measure using 14M sample points
  • Features a history mode along with the segmented acquisition


  • Features no executed properly
  • Slows down at times

Siglent SDS1104X-E 100Mhz Digital Oscilloscope

Siglent SDS1104X-E 100Mhz

Oscilloscopes are generally a little expensive. And if you are going to spend that much money on something, then you will surely want it to be worth it. Keeping that in mind, this product has been made to be top-notch quality. In this Siglent sds1104x-e review, you will get to know all about it.

First, this version of Siglent uses hardware-based zoom technologies like most of its other products. Apart from that, it has a 14 Mpts and 7 Mpts record length for a single and double channel.

If you enable a single channel per pair to be active, then it starts having a sample rate of about 1 Gsa/s. Hence, when all the channels are active, each one starts having a rate of 500 Msa/s and work on bandwidths of 200 MHz.

Apart from that, you are going to love the display of the product. That is because it comes with a color temperature display and 256-level intensity grading. As a result, the trace occurrence will be represented by different colors for more accuracy.

On the other hand, the oscilloscope comes with 16 digital channels. This allows its users to acquire waveforms while analyzing the pattern, all at once with the same instrument.

Aside from all that, the device includes a history mode along with segmented acquisition for playback of events. It also has a waveform capture rate of 400,000 wfm/s and a serial bus decoding function.

The fan included rattles from time to time, which might be a little intolerable for its users. On the other hand, the product isn’t exactly easy to use for beginners, as the operation is a little complicated and might take time for new users to learn.


  • 14 Mpts and 7 Mpts record length for single and double channel
  • 1 Gsa/s sample rate for a single enabled channel
  • Color temperature display and 256-level intensity grading
  • Includes 16 digital channels
  • History mode, waveform capture rate of 400,000 wfm/s and bus decoding function


  • Fan rattles from time to time
  • Not for beginners

Siglent Technologies SDS1102CML+ Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Siglent Technologies SDS1102CML+

Top-notch screen quality is sort of a must-have when it comes to oscilloscopes. Without it, you will have a hard time while operating the device and reading signals. Keeping that in mind, this product has been built with this quality, along with a lot more.

Speaking of which, the device includes a color TFT-LCD display, which is approximately 7 inches. Hence, you will be able to detect separate signals quite clearly, making it easy to use for its users.

On the other hand, with this product, you will have a bandwidth within 50-150 MHz range. Apart from that, the device also offers a waveform playback and record function. Therefore, you can keep track of previous signals as well.

More importantly, it has a sample rate from about 500 Msa/s to about 1 Gsa/s, with at least 32 Kpts record length. That is the standard record length and sample rate and even more compared to its competitors.

The device is capable of executing multiple applications. That is because it is equipped with 32 types of auto measurements and math functions. As a result, it can work with various applications and be versatile in general.

Aside from that, the device also includes a zoom function, which allows its users to zoom in on the areas of interest. In fact, its five parameters display only makes working it easier and more convenient.

However, the signals produced are quite noisy. That might seem a little unpleasant to some of its users. On the other hand, the device is not durable. It might slow down with time and malfunction eventually.


  • Includes a color TFT-LCD display
  • Bandwidth within 50-150 MHz range
  • A sample rate of 1 Gsa/s to 500 Msa/s
  • 32 types of auto measurements and math function
  • Zoom function included


  • Noisy signals are produced
  • Doesn’t last long

SIGLENT SDS2304X Super Phosphor Oscilloscope

Are you looking for the best Siglent oscilloscope that includes everything that you possibly ask for in such devices? Then, here’s just the right product for you. In this Siglent oscilloscope review, you will find out what really sets it apart from the rest.

First of all, the device includes 4 channels, with a sample rate of 2 Gsa/s. This feature allows you to acquire and trigger signals as soon as possible, without them slowing down or lagging in the process.

But that’s not all. With a bandwidth range of 300 MHz, this tool can detect signals like no other. Aside from that, the record length is 140 Mpts. Now, both of these factors are significantly higher than that of its competitors.

Moreover, to make sure you are able to view everything clearly, the device contains a TFT LCD display. This display is about 8 inches; hence, the tool is also larger than its counterparts, which provides additional benefits for you. But what makes it even better is that it is capable of executing several math functions.

That includes subtraction, addition, division, integration, multiplication, square root, etc. In fact, the device also supports statistics calculations along with multiple measurements.

Therefore, you won’t really have to do anything manually. This technologically advanced device will do everything automatically for you.

Sadly, you have to use this product carefully, or else, it might not last long. As a result, you will have to replace it soon. On the other hand, using it can get a little complicated, so it’s not really meant for beginners.


  • Includes 4 channels with a sample rate of 2 Gsa/s
  • The bandwidth of 300 MHz and a record length of 140 Mpts
  • Contains a TFT LCD display
  • Can execute several math functions
  • Supports statistics calculations and several measurements


  • Short lasting
  • Not for beginners

Before You Buy What to Look for

Even if you are fully aware of what you really need from a certain product, you still might face some trouble when you are out to purchase the given tool.

Even though Siglent is not one to disappoint, you still should be fully aware of your work needs and how the device takes care of those needs.

Some devices are specialized in one field, whereas others can execute multiple applications at once. Hence, the task of choosing one can get a little confusing for you. That is why we are here to talk about all the important factors that you should never overlook.

Bandwidth, Sample Rate, and Record Length

The first and foremost features that you should focus on when buying an oscilloscope is the bandwidth, sample rate, and the record length. Of course, Siglent makes sure all three of these aspects remain top-notch when making their products.

For instance, the bandwidth should be within a range of 100-300 MHz. The sample rate, on the other hand, should be within 500 Msa/s to 2 Gsa/s. And the record length shouldn’t be lower than 32 Kpts.

Also, the number of channels included depends. However, 2 channels are standard, as you can use them either separately or in the pairing mode. The better the specifications, the easier it will be to operate the device.


You surely need the oscilloscope for some specific tasks. So, before you purchase one, you need to make sure that the device is capable of executing those tasks. Or else, you will just end up buying the wrong one.

Siglent oscilloscopes, however, are capable of executing multiple applications. For instance, they can design and debug electric circuits; they can also be used for industrial measuring and control.

In fact, you can also use them for education and training. However, the applications of some models are more narrowed down and specific, so choose accordingly.

Added Features

The more added features the oscilloscope contains, the better the operation it will provide. For instance, the math functions, measurement features, all increase the ease of use, and hence makes the device more convenient for its users.

On the other hand, you can also look for history modes, which will let you playback the triggered waveforms. The waveform capture rate is also important, as it determines the speed at which the waveforms will be triggered.

Apart from all that, there are many more functions and features that come with oscilloscopes. You can choose them accordingly, as there’s no point in getting something that will not prove to be useful to your work.


Now, without a proper display, working with an oscilloscope will be quite difficult for you. That is why you should make sure that the device includes a high-quality display, which will allow you to view the signals and results clearly.

Hence, you should go for a TFT LCD or color temperature display. However, some models contain both of these features as well. They have their own set of advantages, which will be beneficial to your work.

So, never settle for a below-average display, even if you are needed to spend some extra bucks on a device with a better screen.


Replacing such expensive devices every now and then surely doesn’t sound convenient. Moreover, who will take the hassle of buying one again and again? Hence, choose something durable, something that will not fall apart or break down easily.

For the longevity of the device, make sure it is made of durable materials. On the other hand, ensure that it is executed properly so that it won’t slow down with time or after a few usages.


Siglent produces expensive oscilloscopes in general. So, before you decide to purchase them, you should make sure that their products are suitable for your budget.

However, if you think they are too costly for you, then you can purchase one with installment or go for a second hand one. Just make sure the device is fixed properly and will not be generating problems during operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Siglent oscilloscopes:

What is the cost of Siglent oscilloscopes?

In general, these devices cost about 400-700 dollars. This is the standard range, so you can find something at a higher or lower price range as well. However, if you opt for second-hand ones, then the price will significantly decrease.

Among Siglent and Rigol, which is better?

In a lot of aspects, Siglent is better. In terms of bandwidth, input voltage, or sampling rate, Rigol cannot top Siglent. Hence, it is better if you go for Siglent oscilloscopes.

Can beginners use Siglent oscilloscopes?

Yes, of course. Siglent is made to be easy to use. Hence, even if you are a newbie, you won’t face any sort of trouble when using it.

How long do Siglent oscilloscopes last in general?

In general, these oscilloscopes can last for about 4-5 years. However, that depends on how you use and maintain the product. Without proper maintenance, their life span will cut down, and you surely wouldn’t want that.

How many applications can Siglent oscilloscopes execute?

That depends on the model honestly. Some models are capable of executing multiple applications, where others are made to execute only a few selected ones. So, you can choose between versatility and specificity.

Final Words

Among similar products, you are sure to find one that is suitable for you. So, be a little patient and choose the best oscilloscope for yourself through the help of this Siglent oscilloscope review.

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