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HANTEK oscilloscope review

LAST UPDATED: January 11th, 2021

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Do you urgently need to buy an oscilloscope but are on a tight budget? Surely, in such circumstances, you wouldn’t want to settle for a device that is below average. And fortunately, you won’t have to.

Hantek offers some of the best oscilloscopes out there at a very reasonable price. Their products are used worldwide, and the brand is trusted as well as popular. They aren’t built to disappoint, but rather to satisfy their users.

The oscilloscopes are packed with functions that will prove useful to you on multiple occasions. Hence, you can use these versatile devices for a variety of tasks, with ease and convenience.

However, we get that you need more information about them in order to get one. That is why, in this Hantek oscilloscope review, we will be thoroughly discussing the products, as well as regarding oscilloscopes in general.

Hantek Oscilloscope Comparison 2021

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Why Hantek?

Before you ask why Hantek, you should be asking why not, these amazing oscilloscopes are reasonably priced, as well as reliable. You will actually miss out on something great if you don’t get one of these for your work.

In a market full of expensive oscilloscopes, here’s something that you can get on a budget. But, fret not. Just because it costs less, doesn’t mean it won’t be as good as its expensive counterparts.

Why Hantek

The devices include just as amazing features, which are there to suit your needs. Whether its measurements, math functions, or recording and replaying of waveforms, it truly doesn’t lack anything.

This sort of dependability at such a budget is quite rare out there. No wonder the brand, along with its products, is so popular. And that is why you should choose Hantek.

Top 5 Hantek Oscilloscope Review

Hantek has a lot of oscilloscopes, and all of them are stunning undoubtedly. This makes it hard for you to choose a suitable one for yourself, we understand. That is why we have handpicked the top 5 oscilloscopes of Hantek, which are built to exceed expectations.

Hantek HT6022BE20Mhz 6022be PC Based USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Hantek HT6022BE20Mhz 6022be

Finding oscilloscopes that are effortless to use is not quite easy nowadays. The operation of such a device is meant to be a little complicated, but easy usage makes it convenient for a beginner. And that is exactly what this product offers. Find out more in this Hantek 6022be review.

First of all, if you have to carry your work tools from time to time, then you won’t have to worry about this. Its compact size makes sure you can take it with yourself, wherever you go – one aspect missing in a lot of its competitors.

On the other hand, no external power source is needed to operate this device. All you have to do is, connect it with your laptop or pc and you will be good to go. This aspect makes it good for business as well.

Moreover, the device includes two channels with a bandwidth of about 20 MHz. This feature makes sure the tool is able to detect a variety of signals without much trouble, hence, making it uncomplicated to use.

Apart from that, the device has a 48 Ms/s sampling rate, which is quite high compared to the standard rates of other oscilloscopes. Hence, the tool will be able to acquire and trigger signals even faster.

More importantly, if you want top-grade accuracy with a high refresh rate, then you can’t possibly get anything better than this. And, it also comes with an anodized aluminum case, which makes sure the product remains intact for a long time.

Sadly, the oscilloscope does not have an update for Windows 10. Hence, it will not work with the recent windows updates. Furthermore, the inputs do not offer AC coupling, which might disappoint some of its customers.


  • Easy to carry
  • No external power source needed
  • Two channels with a bandwidth of 20 MHz
  • 48 Ms/s sampling rate
  • High refresh rate with top-grade accuracy


  • Doesn’t have an update for Windows 10
  • Inputs do not offer AC coupling

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Hantek DSO5102P Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Hantek DSO5102P Digital Storage Oscilloscope

If you are looking for the best Hantek oscilloscope, then this product really takes the cup. Packed with some of the most remarkable features, this device is not made to disappoint. Rather, it will only exceed your expectations. Find out more in this Hantek dso5102p review.

For instance, the device comes with 100 MHz bandwidths and 1 Gsa/s sample rate. As a result, the sampling rate will remain quite high throughout your work, which will detect signals more easily and readily.

On the other hand, the tool includes a large color display, which is about 7 inches. Hence, it will be convenient for you to view the signals. Furthermore, the record length of this device is about 40K.

But to make things easier for you, the product comes with several trigger modes. For instance, the edge and width are selectable. Also, you can video, slop, or overtime with it whenever you deem it necessary.

Connecting this to your PC or laptop is quite simple. That is because the oscilloscope includes a device connectivity as well as a USB host. All these parts are standard, so you can connect the tool to any laptop/pc.

More importantly, the device has four math functions, which include the FFTs standard. It also includes software for PC real-time analysis and is also efficient in multiple automatic measurements.

However, the transition is a little rough when you slide a wave across the time scale. Although it does catch up nicely, there still won’t be a smooth real-time change. Also, the power button feels a little cheap, which might be unpleasant to some of its users.


  • 100 MHz bandwidths and 1 Gsa/s sample rate
  • A large, 7-inch, color display with 40K record length
  • Comes with several trigger modes
  • Includes a device connectivity as well as a USB host
  • Contains four math functions and multiple automatic measurements


  • Rough transition when sliding wave across the time scale
  • The power button is a little cheap

Original Hantek 6254BC PC USB Oscilloscope

Original Hantek 6254BC PC USB Oscilloscope

Are you looking for a simple to use an oscilloscope, which comes with all the necessary features? In that case, here’s a product you shouldn’t miss out on. While it’s perfect for beginners, it is also suitable for professionals. Find out more in this Hantek 6254bc review.

Speaking of features, the device is packed with some really important ones. For instance, it comes with a resourceful trigger function. Hence, you will be able to acquire and trigger signals whenever you deem it necessary.

On the other hand, you can also record waveforms and replay them. The benefit of this feature is that it makes sure you don’t miss out on anything important, so it lets you playback without any hassle whatsoever.

For more convenience, the device also includes a pass/fail test along with dynamic cursor tracking. These additional features prove to be very beneficial when you are detecting signals or even in the case of various applications.

This compact and lightweight product are suitable for business trips and whatnot. You can also use it with portable computers or tablet pcs. Furthermore, it is also suitable for repairing or fixing the production line.

More importantly, this oscilloscope allows its users to connect one computer with multiple other similar devices. In such an instance, you can expand the number of channels easily and start working.

Sadly, the product is not quite durable. Hence, you might have to replace it after a few months or a year of use. Furthermore, some parts of the tool might seem a little cheap to you.


  • Includes a resourceful trigger function
  • Record and replay waveforms
  • Pass/fail test along with dynamic cursor tracking
  • Portable
  • One computer can connect with multiple oscilloscopes


  • Not long-lasting
  • Some parts of the tool might feel cheap

Hantek 6254BD USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Hantek 6254BD

With minimal functions, oscilloscopes can seem to be a little disappointing. That is why they need to be filled with facilities that will only increase their versatility. And that is exactly what this product offers. Find out more in this Hantek 6254bd review.

Speaking of which, the number of amazing features that this includes will only amaze you. For instance, the device includes four independent channels that you can operate in pairs or separately. Also, it contains a 1 Gsa/s sample rate.

Apart from that, the device also comes with 250 MHz bandwidth, which allows the tool to detect and trigger various signals. It also includes a variety of standard waveforms built in the product, along with the arbitrary ones that you can easily edit.

Now, these features make it convenient for the device to detect irregular and low probability signals. Other than that, the tool also includes resourceful trigger function along with record and replay of waveforms.

But that’s not all. The tool contains at least 20 kinds of automatic measurement functions, along with a few more engineering applications. Therefore, you can rely on this device to do a lot of your calculations and measurements for you.

On the other hand, you can easily carry this product for business trips or at other necessary times. Its USB allows it to connect to most standard computers. And one computer can work with multiple oscilloscopes at once, by expanding the number of channels.

However, you might face some issues with it. That is, the scope might stop responding if you try to remove the noise from the trace. Moreover, there is no information about the USBX1 at the back of the device.


  • Four independent channels along with 1 Gsa/s sample rate
  • 250 MHz bandwidth
  • Resourceful trigger function and record and replay of waveforms
  • 20 kinds of automatic measurements
  • Can be carried anywhere and connected to most computers


  • The scope might stop responding if you try to remove the noise from the trace
  • No information is given about the USBX1

Hantek 1008C PC USB 8CH Automotive Diagnostic Digital Oscilloscope/DAQ/Programmable Generator

Hantek 1008C PC USB 8CH Automotive Diagnostic Digital Oscilloscope/DAQ/Programmable Generator

Are you looking for the best Hantek oscilloscope, which not only includes some amazing facilities but is also very easy to use? In that case, you should totally check out this product, which is made to exceed its user’s expectations. Find out more about this product in this Hantek 1008c review.

First of all, this oscilloscope comes with eight channels and 2.4 Msa/s sampling rate. That is higher than the standard number of channels, and hence, it allows you to work more efficiently.

On the other hand, the product includes an amazing display as well. It has 12 bits vertical resolution, which allows you to view the signals very clearly. Apart from that, the tool also includes a spectrum analysis function.

Moreover, you will also be getting multiple BUS diagnosis with it. For instance, there’s CAN bus data examine. Then there’s CAN bus signal integrity along with CAN bus LH long time acquisition. In fact, it includes a LIN bus as well.

With more than 20 automatic testing functions, you will never really feel the need to turn to any other oscilloscope. But that’s not all. The device also has a similar interface to that of a benchtop oscilloscope.

Furthermore, even beginners will find this device to be quite easy to use. No extra power supply is needed to operate it. You can also carry this device from time to time for business trips and other purposes.

However, some of these products only operate in one language, and that is Chinese. This might be a little inconvenient for its users. Moreover, the product also lacks instructions, which might confuse whoever gets it.


  • Includes eight channels and 2.4 Msa/s sampling rate
  • Contains an amazing display
  • Multiple BUS diagnosis
  • More than 20 automatic functions
  • Easy to use and portable


  • Operates in Chinese only
  • Unclear instructions provided

Things to Consider before Buying Hantek

Things to Consider before Buying Hantek

Hantek oscilloscopes are reasonably priced devices that come with rather remarkable features. So, it’s quite normal for them to be one of the user’s first options. However, despite that, there are some important factors that you should consider.

Without these factors, you won’t be able to get a suitable one for yourself, and you would certainly want to avoid that from happening. So, determine your work needs at first, and then choose an oscilloscope according to that and the important features necessary.


Oscilloscopes should be durable in order to work fast and without any trouble. Or else, working with it will only become more and more hasslesome with time, and you might need to replace it just after a few months of use.

That is why make sure the device will neither fall apart easily nor slow down after multiple uses. Take a look at the warranty provided. Usually, Hantek provides a warranty of two years; hence you can easily fix or replace the product if necessary.


You might need to carry the oscilloscope from time to time, which is only normal if you go on business trips frequently or have multiple workplaces. In that case, you will need something compact and lightweight.

Hence, make sure the product is not too heavy and can be carried in a briefcase. But, you also need to ensure that the product isn’t too weak, as lightweight ones are not often that sturdy.

Sampling Rate, Bandwidth and Record Length

Sampling Rate, Bandwidth and Record Length

These three aspects are very important when it comes to oscilloscopes, and we cannot stress their significance enough. The speed at which the device will operate, along with the multiple applications that they can execute, all depends on these.

On average, it should have at least 500 Msa/s to 1 Gsa/s sampling rate. That is the standard value, and anything higher is surely better. The bandwidth should be within a range of 100-300 MHz, to detect a variety of signals.

Record lengths usually vary, but you shouldn’t settle for anything less than 32 Kpts. Apart from that, two channels are enough for oscilloscopes, but some even offer 8 channels.

Additional Features

Among the additional features, there are resourceful trigger functions, recording, and replaying of waveforms, math functions, automatic measurements, and a lot more. The more features it has, the more diverse its uses are going to be.

Apart from that, the computers it can connect with, power supplies needed, are also a part of the additional features. So, the better features you choose, the more convenient the product is going to be for you.


The display of an oscilloscope is very important and should not be overlooked. It is the display that allows you to view signals clearly and work without any sort of trouble.

Hence, choose a large display with a high resolution for the best view of the signals. Or else, you may not be able to detect the results accurately, which might invite problems into your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding oscilloscopes:

How many channels do Hantek oscilloscopes have in general?

That depends on the models, honestly. However, most models come with 2 channels, which is quite the standard number. But, if you want more channels, then you can get that as well. That is because Hantek manufactures oscilloscopes with 4-8 channels as well.

Are Hantek oscilloscopes portable?

Mostly, yes. They are constructed as lightweight and compact devices, which can be carried for business trips, and also on a regular basis from home to work and vice versa.

How much do Hantek oscilloscopes cost?

These are reasonably priced devices, so the price isn’t something to worry about. You can get one from about 70 dollars to 100 dollars. This is the standard price range, so you can get a device at a little higher or lower cost as well.

Can Hantek oscilloscopes be used with standard computers?

Yes. They are built to be used with standard desk computers or laptops. And they can also be used with the recent Windows updates. Hence, you will not face any sort of trouble when using them with your office/home computer.

How do you connect Hantek oscilloscopes with computers?

These oscilloscopes usually include USB interfaces, which can be used to connect to computers easily. They come with proper device connectivity, so connecting them with your electronics becomes easy and hassle-free.

Final Words

When it comes to oscilloscopes, Hantek is a brand that will always provide reliability and trustworthiness. However, to buy the ideal one for yourself, you need to be aware of your work needs as well as the functions that are required.

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