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Is Hantek 1008c Any Good And Why? (Pros & Cons)

Yes, the Hantek 1008c is very good and a proper choice if you are looking to get an oscilloscope. I hold it as one of the best Hantek oscilloscopes in the market.

This oscilloscope comes with some amazing facilities and functions and is very easy to use and operate even if you are a beginner in a field that uses oscilloscopes.

The equipment exceeded my expectations, and it’s not that expensive when compared to other Hantek oscilloscopes that have almost similar features and functionality.

I will explain why the Hantek 1008c is good from my experience operating it and give some pros and cons of the oscilloscope.

Some features that make the Hantek 1008c a good pick.

  • Equipped with a programmable waveform generator. They fit the oscilloscope with a programmable waveform generator, and this makes it the perfect choice for automotive applications in your home. Besides this, it makes use of updated technology that helps in detecting any defects in your car or any other applications.
  • It has a live video option. The best thing about Hantek 108c is that it comes with a live video option where one can have a look at live diagnostic issues if there are any. The amazing 12-bit vertical resolution allows one to view the signals clearly in various diagnostics.

Hantek 1008c functionality and speed

  • In terms of functionality, I can say the Hantek 1008c is a game-changer and there is no other oscilloscope at the same price range that comes close to it. In one word, it is incomparable.
  • It comes with over 20 automatic testing functions and measurements, combined with the built-in FFT function and the waveform generator. It makes one of the most powerful cost-effective automotive oscilloscopes I have ever used.

The equipment or tool is equipped with a spectrum analysis function that will help you measure the power of various spectrums of known or unknown signals.

Besides this, you will get multiple bus diagnoses with the Hantek 1008c. good instances of BUS diagnoses one can get include:

  • CAN bus data examination.
  • Then there is CAN bus signal integrity.
  • CAN bus LH long time acquisition.

The Hantek 1008c has more BUS diagnosis functions that are more complex. They include LIN BUS diagnoses among many more, making it one of the all-around tools for checking your electrical signals.

For speed, I can say it’s one of the fastest oscilloscopes I have used. With 8 channels, what else could somebody ask for? One can easily carry out over 20 tasks at the same time thanks to the Hantek 1008c speed of around 2.4MSa/SEC.

One can be able to carry out various tasks at that speed and they include cursor, both basic and complex arithmetic functions, measurement of voltages, and even time measurements.

If you are looking for efficiency, speed, and ease of use, then the Hantek 1008c is the go-to oscilloscope for any scientist for various functions.


  • It is long-lasting. The Hantek 1008c captures the waveforms for long periods with its various sensors, like the throttle and crankshaft hate and lambda.
  • With 8 channels, it is designed to reach speeds t6hat other oscilloscopes at the same price range don’t match. Its speed is an immense advantage in handling many tasks.
  • Can handle up to over 20 tasks at a time.
  • Its cost is not an issue when you compare it with its abilities and functions. I can easily say one gets value for what they spend on the Hantek 1008c oscilloscope.
  • Its latest software is easy to install and comes with various improvements to the working of the tool.
  • The programmable wave generator is a big plus on its functionality.
  • The device is quite easy to use even for beginners. Also, it does not require extra power to operate it. Besides this, the tool or device is portable, thus can be used at any time if the need arises.
  • Has an amazing display for live video signal diagnosis.


  • Many complaints have been received about the device operating in one language that is Chinese which most people don’t understand, thus being an inconvenience.
  • Unclear instructions on how to use the device or equipment with it being in Chinese thus bringing a little difficulty.


So, is Hantek 1008c any good, and why?

Yes, this is because it has very reliable functionality and ability among very many useful features that make it one of the best Hantek oscilloscopes available.

Also, when you talk about the costs, you will surely get your money’s worth because of the features mentioned above. Below are some reasons the Hantek 1008c is good.

  • It is equipped with a programmable waveform generator.
  • It comes with over 20 automatic testing functions and measurements.
  • The equipment or tool is equipped with a spectrum analysis function.
  • It is one of the fastest oscilloscopes with 8 channels.