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Siglent Vs Hantek – Find Out Which Is Better!

There are many oscilloscopes models on the market, and finding the best can be tricky if you are not conversant with them. In case you are looking for a high-performing oscilloscope, you need to consider reliable brands. Right now, Singlet and Hantek are touted as the most efficient devices.

Although each model has fantastic benefits for the users, knowing the superior one is a bit challenging. In this guide, you will get in-depth information about Singlet vs Hantek to help you make a wise decision on which to buy. Let’s dive in and see!

Siglent Vs Hantek

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Siglent Vs Hantek Reviews

1. Siglent SDS1104X-E 100Mhz digital oscilloscope

Siglent Technologies SDS1104X-E 100Mhz Digital Oscilloscope 4 channels Standard Decoder, Grey

If you are looking for an oscilloscope that offers top-quality signal fidelity and performance, then the Siglent SDS1104X-E is the perfect choice for you. Unlike other models in this class, the Siglent oscilloscope features a 256 -level intensity grading display function and a color temperature display mode, making it possible to correct the color of the final image. The brand comprises a History waveform recording and sequential triggering, enabling continuous waveform recording and analysis. The device comes with the new1million point FFT math function, giving the oscilloscope a very high-frequency resolution when examining signal spectra.


Hardware coprocessor: The Siglent SDS1104X-E100Mhz digital oscilloscope features a hardware coprocessor, delivering precise measurements quickly without slowing acquisition and front-panel response.

High reliability: The gadget comes with numerous features, such as 16 digital channels and a USB AWG module, making it one of the most reliable oscilloscopes on the market.

Foldable legs: The brand comes with foldable legs, permitting you to position it comfortably while using it.

Large 7-inch TFT-LCD display: Siglent SDS1104X-E comes with a large 7-inch screen with a resolution of 800×480, providing an excellent view of colorful functions.


  • It takes little time to set the oscilloscope
  • Easy to understand and ideal for beginners entering the electronic field
  • A responsive user interface
  • Has a useful built-in web-server
  • It is possible to set dates and times via SCPI commands through the network’s web interface.
  • It relatively cheap


  • It is a little noisy

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2. Hantek DSO5102P USB Storage Oscilloscope

Hantek DSO5102P USB Storage Oscilloscope Oszilloskope 2 Channels 100MHz 1GSa/s

Hantek DSO5102P is one of the best dual-channel oscilloscopes on the market. The model features 100 MHz of bandwidth and a sample rate of 1GSa/s, making it a perfect device for measuring signals. This oscilloscope has a record length of up 40k and a display screen of 7.0-inch with 800×480, providing a perfect interface for your use. The oscilloscope incorporates four math functions, allowing you to analyze data in real-time for quality results.


Four math functions: The device comes with four math functions, permitting you to integrate the signals and determine the area under a curve.

Software for PC real-time analysis: Software, such as Frequency Analyzer, utilizes audio input from a microphone connected to a computer to conduct real-time analysis and display of signal spectrum.

Large (7.0-inch) color display, WVGA (800×480): The Hantek DSO5102P oscilloscope comes come with a large 7.0-inch screen (800×480), allowing the production of high-quality and colorful images.

1GSa/s Real Time sample rate: The oscilloscope comes with 1GSa/s, an adequate memory for recording the captured signals.


  • The oscilloscope works pretty well
  • Safer and more convenient to use
  • It is worth the price


  • The dual-window view is clumsy and unintuitive.

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Differences between Singlet SDS1104X-E and Hantek DSO5102P

Here are the differences between the two devices:

Key SpecificationSinglet SDS1104X-EHantek DSO5102P
Numerous buttonsIt has a few buttonsHas many buttons
Number of channelsfour channelsA dual channel oscilloscope
Record lengthRecord length up to 14 Mpts/CH                     Record length up to 40K
Math functionsFFT math functionfour math functions, including FFTs standard

Similarities between Singlet SDS1104X-E and Hantek DSO5102P

Key SpecificationSinglet SDS1104X-EHantek DSO5102P
Real-time sampling1 GSa/s1 GSa/s
DisplayLarge (7.0-inch) color display,WVGA(800×480)Large (7.0-inch) color display,WVGA(800×480)

So, which is better? Singlet SDS1104X-E or Hantek DSO5102P?

The Siglent oscilloscope review shows that the device is similar to other oscilloscopes on the market. However, the Singlet SDS1104X-E is ideal for entry-level learners because it is simple to understand. The oscilloscope’s hardware coprocessor enables precise measurements quickly, and its math function provides a high-frequency resolution when examining signal spectra.

On the other hand, the Hantek oscilloscope review, specifically the Hantek DSO5102P, makes this gadget stand out because it features software for PC that offers real-time analysis. Unlike the Singlet SDS1104X-E, the Hantek DSO5102P features four math functions, allowing you to analyze data in real-time for quality results.

Therefore, based on the features mentioned above, the Hantek DSO5102P oscilloscope is better than the Singlet SDS1104X-E.

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