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Best Digital Oscilloscope

In this digital era, electronic appliances are getting digitalized as well. So is the case in oscilloscopes. Hobbyists or professionals- everyone prefers digital oscilloscopes nowadays to test electric devices instead of analog ones. But what do they do actually?

Digital o-scopes are the most needed equipment to measure the voltage changes by translating the electric signals into waveforms. Voltage Malfunction, meaning an abnormal voltage reading figures out by, an oscilloscope. And detect the problems ratio on the screen. That’s why no electronic labs can run without it. 

Choosing the best digital oscilloscopes could be a shaking session. Especially for those who lack sufficient scientific knowledge.

Our expert technical team has gone through all the latest products in the market to get you out of this mess and included 10 Oscilloscope in this top ten list. Enjoy the comprehensive conversation below about each product and decide your pick.

Our Favorite Digital Oscilloscope

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Comparison Table

                    Product              Description
Siglent Technologies Digital Oscilloscope SDS1202X-E200 MHz bandwidth Touchscreen interface High-frequency resolution 
Rigol DS1054Z Digital OscilloscopeFour channels 12 Mpts memory depth Large and vivid display
Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope with 7.0″ DisplayUser-friendly graphical interface  7.0″ LCD display  Both for professionals and hobbyists
YEAPOOK ADS5012h Handheld Digital Oscilloscope2.4″ TFT-LCD screen Lightweight and portable Eight hours battery life
YEAPOOK ADS1013D Digital Tablet Oscilloscope High-definition display 7.0″ LCD screen with 800×400 resolution Lissajous figures display and FFT analysis
ETEPON Digital OscilloscopeAutomatic, single, and regular waveform capture Extended width and height  Entirely assembled
Siglent Technologies SDS1052DL +50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Very cheap price range Ultra-thin design Multilingual display for detailed waveforms analysis
Tablet Digital Touch Screen Multifunctional Oscilloscope High-voltage measurement Single-click operation Portable USB interface 
Hantek 2D72 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Hand-held design Intelligent charge control Auto frequency measurement 
ICQUANZX Pocket Size Oscilloscope KitCompletely assembled Instant waveform capture Worth the price

Top 10 Best Digital Oscilloscope Reviews- 2022

1. Siglent Technologies Digital Oscilloscope SDS1202X-E

Siglent Technologies SDS1202X-E 200 mhz Digital Oscilloscope 2 Channels, Grey

Looking for an entry-level oscillograph? What could be better than one from Siglent? As expected, the Siglent SDS1202X-E provides all the facilities of a perfect oscilloscope in a very reasonable price range than its competitor brands such as Agilent, Tektronix, etc. More than that, this offers a super-easy user experience. 


Bandwidth Limit: It comes with 200 MHz bandwidth which is great for professional use. Along with real-time sampling, you will get reliable signal fidelity. A vast range of devices can be fine-tuned by it.

Easy Interface: Siglent manufactured the device with an extremely user-friendly touchscreen interface. All the measurements performed are effortlessly accessible. Most interestingly, you will get the firmware unlocked without paying any extra.

Accuracy: Be happy as you get this highly affordable scope passing with full marks in terms of measurement. Both voltage rate and time count are error-free. The newly added hardware co-processor delivers swift and scientific frequency.

Standard Decoding: What can be more convenient than displaying the bus protocol information in a cognizable stratified form? This particular series from Siglent presents the decoding in a tabular event list.

Hardware-Based Pass/Fail Function: In every second, up to 40,000 pass/fail decisions are delivered by the high-speed hardware-based system. Also, gets a long-term signal monitoring service with the trace mask comparison capability. 


  • High-frequency resolution by the 1 M samples per waveform
  • Gate and Zoom measurement enables flexible and reliable assessment
  • A real-time sampling at 1 GSa per second
  • All features unlocked from the initial shipment
  • Pretty affordable price range


  • Minor issues arise while making changes directly from the screen
  • Not preferable for advanced usage lacking features of the high-end scopes

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2. Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope

Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes - Bandwidth: 50 MHz, Channels: 4 Serial Decode Included

In this best digital oscilloscope review, the name of Rigol DS1054Z will reasonably come. Unlike the Siglent one, it comes with 50 MHz though; you can upgrade it up to 100 MHz.

The grey color digital scope is tailored in a benchtop body and with a corded electric power source. Being launched back in 2014, it is one of the top-selling digital oscilloscopes because of the consumer-friendly options. Let’s explore them below.


Four Channels: Rigol has provided four channels with this oscillometer which is pretty impressive in this budget range. Many of its contemporary models don’t have that. Furthermore, it includes serial decoding.

Bandwidth: The 50 MHz bandwidth might disappoint you but no need to be so. You can upgrade it up to 100 MHz if needed. Therefore, the permissible project range would be extended. 

User Interface: Honestly speaking, it is not as amateur-friendly as the Siglent one. But after watching a couple of youtube videos, we bet you will figure out the operating system very fast.

Memory: Find a memory depth of 12 Mpts. But with the innovative ultravision technology, Rigol lets you upgrade it to 24 Mpts. Happy customer reviews suggest that this is absolutely standard in a limited budget.

Display: The lightweight body comes with a large and vivid display. You will love the highly functional screen displaying all the channels at a time.


  • Bang for the buck considering tons of features
  • Wide and effective display
  • Wonderful sample rate and memory depth
  • Self-explanatory operative instructions
  • Numerous trigger modes with a compact body


  • Very high noise while analyzing high frequency 
  • Poor FFT count
  • The add-on features are expensive 

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3. Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope with 7.0″ Display

Hantek DSO5072P Digital Oscilloscope, 70 MHz Bandwidth, 1 GSa/s, 7.0' Display

If you really need the best digital oscilloscope, why not try Hantek? The name needs no introduction in this field, you know. Their DSO5072P is particularly popular for its beginner-friendly features. Besides, the 7.0″ LCD is a very reasonable offer to consider. We loved the US measurement system as well. Let’s explore more to dissect the details!


All Types Waveforms Display: Hantek provided this model with the ability to display all waveforms. You can view the square, triangle, sine, and sawtooth forms of the wave using this scope. But be sure to adjust the harmonics.

Bandwidth Limit: Whatwe loved the most about this model from Hantek is the options in bandwidth limit. You can avail of it with your preferable bandwidths which range to 70, 100, and 200 MHz.

Graphical Interface: Along with the easily explainable user manual, you will find the interface extremely user-friendly too. Moreover, its graphical representation will make it spontaneous for switching from an analog oscilloscope pretty promptly without much effort.

LCD Display: The 7.0″ LCD makes it more than just a Digital Storage Oscilloscope. You will easily understand the brilliantly bright screen in no time while viewing the waveforms in an emergency situation. 


  • Perfect for both professional use and the hobbyists 
  • An appropriate instrument at an affordable price
  • Works great as the manufacturers claim
  • Works fine with different inputs at different signals
  • The auto mode sets up the device for a wide range of signals


  • Some users had problems with the USB function
  • You need to replace the capacitors for better performance 

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4. YEAPOOK ADS5012h Handheld Digital Oscilloscope

YEAPOOK ADS5012h Handheld Digital Portable Oscilloscope Mini Storage Oscilloscope Kit with 100MHz...

In love with the color black? Need a portable black oscillometer for your lab? Why hunt more when you have got exactly what you dreamed?

With an eye-catching combination of black and yellow, it will draw your attention at the very first meet. The 2.4″ digital HD screen is the most exciting add-on. Also, weighing only 10.6 ounces, the handheld feature lets you carry it everywhere.


Digital Display: As already mentioned, you will get a 2.4″ TFT-LCD color screen with a digital display system. The resolution is 320×240.

Package Items: You will get a mini oscilloscope kit with a complete package that includes an ADS5012h scope, a matching 100 MHz probe, a micro USB data line, and an English user manual.

Transportable: The mini size of this electronic test equipment has made it easily portable. Moreover, the lightweight ergonomic makes it hand-held and easily manageable. 

Easy Waveform Management: We found the waveform file manager pretty powerful to manage all the functions smoothly. For instance, it can measure all the modes of waveforms along with browsing, viewing, flipping, deleting, etc.

Long Battery Life: Who won’t love to use an electronic device with a super long battery back up? You will absolutely love the built-in 3000mAh lithium battery which is, on the top, rechargeable. Charge fully once and use it for the next eight consecutive hours.


  • High-definition screen with digital display
  • The hand-held feature makes it portable
  • Very easy to use with a convenient and cost-effective design
  • Super long battery backup
  • The silicone protective cover protects the device from fall or scratch


  • Faulty operation of the single and normal trigger modes

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5. YEAPOOK ADS1013D Digital Tablet Oscilloscope 

YEAPOOK ADS1013D Handheld Digital Tablet oscilloscope Portable Storage Oscilloscope Kit with 2...

Wondering over another one from YEAPOOK? Just as the previous one, this too will understand your demands. The ADS1013D is a proper digital oscilloscope for any field- be it academic, professional, debugging, or product design. Being made of ABS, it offers a 1.00 GHz operating frequency with a 100 MHz analog bandwidth. What more does it offer? Have a look below.


High-Definition Display: Looking for the best digital oscilloscope with a capacitive touch screen? Go for this one that comes with a 7 inch digital LCD display with 800×400 resolution. 

Professional Design: Use it conveniently for any professional purpose with the two channels provided. Furthermore, the 100 MHz bandwidth with 1 GSa/sec real-time sampling is excellent add-ons to outstand contemporary models.

Extremely Lightweight: How can we not talk about ultra-lightweight exposure? Having the dimensions of 7.08×4.72×1.57 inches, it weighs around 600g only. Therefore, it is super convenient to carry.

Functionalities: Two of its most favorable features are Lissajous figures display and FFT analysis. While the first one can actuate the amplitude, abundance, and phase contrast of two groups of signals, the second one works on analyzing the harmonic factors of the signal. 


  • The inbuilt 1 GB storage stores up to 1000 screenshots along with 1000 sets of waveforms simultaneously 
  • The 6000mAh battery lasts for four hours after a full charge
  • Can withstand up to 400V because of the high-voltage protection module
  • Versatile to be used widely


  • No frequency scale added for the FFT analysis 
  • Occurs SD card error unless you charge it fully

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6. ETEPON Digital Oscilloscope 

ETEPON Digital Oscilloscope Kit with BNC-Clip Cable Probe (Assembled Finished Machine) EM001

Do not miss this classy oscillograph from ETEPON which is an upgraded version of their previous EM001. It is also known as an advanced assembled machine with flawless finishing. Why so? Save your time with literally no assembly work before using this kit. 

It is available with either a power adapter or without it. If you already have a 9V adapter at home, buy the one without it.


Instantaneous Waveform Capture: Use this advanced equipment with the ability to accurately measure the momentary waveforms in all three modes- auto, single, and normal.

Upgraded Version: Being customized on customers’ demand, this one is extended in height and width and is suitable for hand-held operation. While most of the other devices need to be placed on desktops. This is a super advantageous adaptation, we must say.

Extended Sensitivity: Unlike the previous version of this product, it has been manufactured with extended sensitivity. It is both higher and wider than the other devices and can reach 5mV/div to 20V/div.

Operative Instructions: Whether you are an expert or a complete amateur in operating a digital oscilloscope, the detailed instructions along with the troubleshooting guide will make you a perfect operator of this hand-held machine.

Rotary Encoder: Perhaps, the most exclusive feature at this range is the rotary encoder to make fast and facile parameter adjustments.


  • Freezing the waveform display will not make the waveform count lost
  • Easily measures exact waveform fluctuations
  • Effortless operation using your hands
  • Completely assembled for professional use
  • Unbeatable price range


  • Doesn’t measure the frequencies perfectly
  • Only workable with 9V power adapter 

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7. Siglent Technologies SDS1052DL +50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope 

Siglent Technologies SDS1052DL+ 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Being applicable in different working ambiance, the latest design of the Siglent SDA1052DL+ oscillometer offers both utility and operability. Meet any signal processing needs with this waveform monitor using the accuracy of the digital filtering function.

Because of its reasonable price range, it has been included as one of the best cheap digital oscilloscopes. Withthe power-packed features, you cannot go wrong buying it.


Bandwidth: Avail the opportunity to use a 50 MHz bandwidth limit along with 32 Kpts memory depth.

Ultra-Thin Design: Check the dimensions on the packaging. They are 10×17×15 inches that make them conveniently carryable.

Improved Version: This very model is an upgraded version of the same brand’s SDS1052DL. It has an improved LCD with a higher resolution. Also, a LAN interface has been added to this version.

Dual Channels: We loved the unique dual channels DSO having the maximum real-time sampling of 500MS/s for a single channel. It is feasible for various working applications including servicing, product designing, and quality control, industrial measuring, assembling, studying electrical engineering, and many more.

Detailed Waveform Analysis: As we already talked about it, the advanced 7 inch LCD provides adequate space for better waveform analysis. Also, the 32 parameter measurements accelerate the more difficult mathematical calculations.  


  • The multilingual display is very helpful for wide varieties of users
  • High-resolution display for more accurate waveform analysis
  • Multiple interfaces to make the operation user-friendly 
  • Multiple trigger types assure speedy mathematical measurements with no mistake
  • The slim and handy feature eliminates desktop demand


  • Some users found issues with unit freezing

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8. Tablet Digital Touch Screen Multifunctional Oscilloscope 

Tablet Oscilloscope,Digital Touch Screen Storage Oscilloscope Kit,with 2 Channel 100Mhz Bandwidth 7...

In search of a small yet effective oscillometer? Although designed basically for hobbyists, this multifunctional scope from Aiteme will do justice to your investment providing some surprising features. 

Along with being little in size, it is ultra-thin as well. Reasonably, you can choose it as a portable device for an outdoor project. Check out the detailed discussion on this black and white oscillograph by figging its features below.


Digital Touch Screen: Once you check it out, the 7-inch color display will grab your attention at once. The bright and sharp resolution of 800×400, high contrast, and the calculative touch panel are the real bang for the bucks. However, the touch screen display functions quite similarly to the modern tablets.

High Voltage Measurement: Enjoy up to 12 parameters of voltage measurement range where 1X can measure in the range of 0-40V and the range for 100X is 0-4000V. 

One Button Operation: The efficient one-button operation makes the device more desirable as it is automated by one click. You can save around 1000 screenshots and waveform data with the built-in 1 GB storage. 

USB Interface: How could we miss to mention the USB interface? This portable oscilloscope is equipped with a USB cable to be connected to any computer for sharing data. So, you can count it as one of the best digital PC oscilloscopes as well.  


  • The FFT display lets you analyze the signal by studying the spectral components 
  • Enjoy multifunctional operations using the powerful waveform image manager
  • Very practical proceeding by the two probes for high voltage measurement 
  • Pretty good battery back up by the fully charged 6000mAh lithium battery 


  • The bandwidth and sample rate don’t follow the manufacturer’s claim
  • Two input channels show different results in terms of voltages for the same signal

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9. Hantek 2D72 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope

Hantek 2D72 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Waveform Generator Multimeter USB Portable 2 Channels 70MHz...

All the engineers out there, don’t get let and give it a try. Being made as a waveform monitor, waveform generator, and multimeter, this is the must-have digital scope for you all. 

To run this 3 in 1 multifunction tester, two lithium polymer batteries are needed. No worries. They are already included in the package. On top of that, you can use all three operations simultaneously. Of course, you need to enable the terminal to make the generator work.


Handy Features: This plastic-made electric device comes in a hand-held form. The weight is 2.97 pounds and the product dimensions are 9.76×7.64×4.72 inches. We loved the easy operation along with the practical performance of this handy scope from Hantek.

Smart Charging Procedure: The power-packed lithium batteries are replaceable. You can charge it either by 5V/2V connection or use the USB PC interface. Although battery life is short compare to other multimeters. 

Satisfying Waveform Generator Output: A wide range of functions are facilitated by the multi-purpose waveform generator including triangle, trapezoidal, square, and many other waveforms. 


  • You can use it while charging by the intelligent power control system 
  • Share both the charger and type C cable with your cell phone 
  • It allows automatic frequency and volume measurement
  • Pretty inexpensive considering the versatile features


  • The display is small and flawed with readability and visibility issues
  • Poor battery life compared to a normal multimeter

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10. ICQUANZX Pocket Size Oscilloscope Kit

ICQUANZX Oscilloscope Kit, 2.4' TFT Handheld Pocket-Size Digital Oscilloscope Kit DIY Parts SMD...

Tired of installing the waveform monitors once they are delivered? Well, not anymore DIYing is needed. A fully assembled kit is right there in an alluring package that includes a handheld digital scope kit, a probe, and a user manual. Excited to explore what more? Have a look below.


Easy Assembly: As it is entirely assembled, you can readily use it just by going through the user manual once. No need to install it part by part and the detailed instructions are provided in the user guide. The main target of the manufacturer is to ensure hassle-free operation. 

Simple Structure: The very basic and non-intricated structure follows an inexpensive circuit. Though it is completely reliable and gets your job done. As a basic digital oscillograph, no fancy features are added to this device. Moreover, the source codes allow the users to include their desired features. 

Waveform Capture: This tiny scope is capable of capturing instant waveforms by using varieties of modes such as regular, auto, and one shot.

Display: You will get a 2.4″ TFT LCD screen. Pretty small, isn’t it? But it delivers very sharp and clear waveforms in 320×240 dot matrix and 262k colors. 


  • Fully assembled, simple and user-friendly interface 
  • Great for the beginner as a basic oscillometer
  • The handheld pocket-size design makes it travel-friendly
  • Really worth the price


  • No upgraded features, only capable of basic functions 
  • You cannot replace the screen once it’s broken
  • Needs a 9V power supply which is not included in the package

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Buying Guidelines to Select the Best Digital Oscilloscope 

Buying the best digital oscilloscope is not everybody’s cup of tea without sound technical knowledge. Well, it’s not rocket science either. By asking some easy questions to yourself, you can easily narrow down the list. However, based on those answers, you should look for the following aspects while purchasing this high-performance electric equipment. Let’s dig into the deep!

Bandwidth: First and foremost, check the bandwidth limit and relate it to your requirements. Also, check whether it supports your exact voltage range or not.

Waveform Update Rate: Certainly, it’s one of the most avoided yet most important features. Your digital monitoring device should not take so long to update the screen. Otherwise, you will end up missing an important signal in an emergency situation. 

Input Channels: We would recommend having a dual-channel digital o-scope at an entry-level. It would be enough to conduct all the professional-grade activities as well. Having more than two channels will only add some extra cost at this point.

Sample Rate: Based on the sample rate, an o-scope is labeled as to how fast it captures the waveform frequency. So, always go for a higher sample rate to obtain a more reliable result. Because the faster your device will collect samples in a single period, the more detail you will be viewing on the display.

Accuracy: How accurately your oscillometer can count on the voltage frequency? A good quality digital scope must have at least 3%-5% accuracy to detect every single change in the signal strength. 

Memory Depth: Although this feature will cost you a little more, make sure your digital waveform monitor has a standard memory depth. Otherwise, it cannot capture signals at a high sample rate. 

Size and Cost: Like any other electronic device, a scope should also be bought considering its size and cost-effectiveness. Whether the features do justice to the investment or not should be judged. Also, do you want a giant size to use on a desktop? Or you prefer a hand-held size? So, the size does matter, you see!

How Do You Use a Digital Oscilloscope? 

New in the world of electronics? Have very little knowledge about running oscilloscopes? No worries. Follow the tutorial below and you will learn the basic steps of using a digital oscilloscope successfully. Over time, you will be a master of scopes with adequate practice. So, let’s start the journey!

Step 1: Read the user manual carefully and identify the basic controls like a probe, screen, volts/div, time/div, vertical and horizontal position, etc.

Step 2: Now it’s time for setting up the device. First, turn it on. You will see a flat lime hopefully. If not, then you need to disconnect it from the probe. A dual-channel scope will display the inputs in different colors. You need to turn the volts/div button counterclockwise and turn the vertical position control. In this way, there will be a flat line in the display and the device will be ready for reading new inputs 

Step 3: In this step, the oscilloscope needs a steady signal. Once you connect the probe tip to the signal source, the signal should be displayed on the screen. Remember, it might need some adjustments by both the vertical and horizontal scales. 

Notice whether the wave is rising or falling off the screen or not. If so, adjust the vertical position to place it rightly. Then try edge triggering to set it to a particular level where you will only see waveform rising edge once in every period.

At this point, scaling, positioning, triggering- this should be your circle to follow until you get the exact reading.

Step 4: Finally, it’s time to measure. Though it depends on how many measurement tools your scope has, most digital oscilloscopes study frequency, voltage, and amplitude. If you want to use all the measurement facilities your device offers, check the user manual thoroughly.

Some scopes offer you to save, print, and store waveforms and analyze them later. Most digital oscilloscopes are including this latest feature these days.

This is how you can make the best use of a digital scope to accurately measure any electric signal.

What Is a Digital Oscilloscope Used for?

As you know, a digital o-scope is used for monitoring electronic or wave signals. Basically, it detects voltage variation over time. Besides, the follow-up signals are measured by a digital sampling oscillograph. 

DC Voltage: Whether manually or automatically, most of the latest DSO measures DC voltage. 

Frequency: As an ideal waveform monitor, digital scopes are famous for accurate frequency measurement. When you need to analyze the frequency of any signal, use it and have an automatic measurement.

Sound: Surprisingly, a digital storage oscilloscope can study sound as well. Just use a transducer to turn the audio files into voltage and connect it to a scope. Then rest assured to have an exact volume of sound metering on the monitor. 

Current: A digital scope is capable of monitoring current by using a current probe. Or else, you can measure it by assessing the voltage drop ratio.

Capacitance: You can use it to count the capacitance of an electric system as well. Though no direct measurement will be there. 

By capturing momentary data like voltage deviation, constant time, and frequency, digital scopes analyze them and display results with authenticity. 


What is the advantage of the digital storage oscilloscope? 

The primary benefit of using a digital storage oscilloscope is to capture instantaneous waveforms accurately. Also, you can reserve the data for reviewing later. The high-speed digital signal processing system of this device collects complex signals and calculates them.

Which oscilloscope is used in a digital storage oscilloscope? 

As a high-performance electric device, a digital storage oscilloscope uses the conventional oscillometer to reduce the added cost. By using this, it digitally analyzes the inputs.

How does a digital storage oscilloscope work?

The functional mechanism of a digital storage oscilloscope depends on the digital memory and Cathode ray tube. Based on the three modes- roll, store, and hold, a DSO collects data and stores the waveform in the digital format. 

What is the difference between analog and digital oscilloscopes?

The basic difference lies in the measurement method. An analog oscilloscope displays the originally captured waveforms. But in the case of a digital scope, the input signals are converted digitally by an analog to digital converter and then displayed. Therefore, digital oscilloscopes offer more accuracy. Also, you can store digital information for as long as you want in a digital o-scope.

How many types of acquisition methods are there in a digital storage oscilloscope? 

You will find three types of acquisition methods in a DSO. Real-time sampling, random repetitive sampling, and sequential repetitive sampling are the three basics for digital oscilloscope acquisition control through which digital signals are captured and stored.

Final Verdict 

Nowadays, a digital o-scope is an essential must to run any electrical engineer’s lab. To determine the exact electric signals, no other device can replace an oscillograph. We have presented some of the best digital oscilloscopes before you to make your buying journey more interesting. Choose wisely based on your needs.

For example, you can opt for YEAPOOK if you need a cheap one. In this regard, ETEPON wins the race with an unbeatable price range. As a hobbyist, Hantek DSO5072P or YEAPOOK ADS1013D will be a perfect pick. Count on Siglent Technologies for their amazing all-purposes digital oscillometers. 

However, if you choose any of the above, we bet you will not go wrong. All of the outlined products possess some or other exclusive features. So, try them out and let us know your experience.

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