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Best Portable Oscilloscope Reviews

An oscilloscope or o-scope is a device that measures voltage. By using a probe it measures the voltage between two points across the battery. An o-scope plots the voltage change in time and not just every second, it can measure the voltage changes in every nanosecond. These things can be incredibly fast. The vertical axis displays the voltage level and can be adjusted using a knob, and a horizontal axis is for the time that can also be adjusted using the other knob. There can be plenty of options to choose from in the market but getting just the perfect one according to your specification can be a trouble. Here, we have listed the 10 best portable oscilloscopes to help you find yours.

Top Picks : 5 Best Portable Oscilloscope

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Best Portable Oscilloscope Comparison Table

OscilloscopeKey Features
YEAPOK ADS 1013D Handheld Digital Tablet oscilloscope Inexpensive
 Simple operation
SainSmart DS0212 Pocket Size Portable Mini Digital Oscilloscope Compact
Easy to manage
Hantek 2D72 Digital Oscilloscope Durable
Smart charging
Vivid display
JYETech DSOShell Fully Assembled Portable Oscilloscope, Model DS0150 No assembling hassle
 Correct result
 Great for students
YEAPOOK Handheld Portable Mini Digital Oscilloscope, ASD2050h Simple usage
Heavy storage
KKmoon 5012HHeavy duty
Best for industrial use
Allsun 2 in 1 Digital automotive OscilloscopeAll-purpose
Fast working
Comfortable grip
Digital Mini Oscilloscope Hima 5012HExcellent output
Best mobility
User friendly
DS211 Mini Oscilloscope Precise
Battery longevity
Hantek DSO 4254 C 4 Channels Digital Oscilloscope Intricate result
Easy user guide
Multiple channels

Top 10 Best Portable Oscilloscope Review- 2022

1. YEAPOK ADS 1013D Handheld Digital Tablet oscilloscope

YEAPOOK ADS1013D Handheld Digital Tablet oscilloscope Portable Storage Oscilloscope Kit with 2...

The YEAPOK ADS 1013D portable digital tablet oscilloscope kit comes with two channels, 100 MHz analog bandwidth @ 1 GSa/s real-time sampling, and 240kbit Sample memory depth. A 7 inch TFT LCD touch screen with 800 * 480 resolution. Three different trigger modes: Auto/ Normal/ Single three trigger, which makes it easy to capture an instantaneous waveform.

It is built to tolerate continuous high voltage of up to 400V. ASD1013D can be used in several works, including academic experiments, electronic product design, debugging and maintenance, electronic engineering education, etc. The YEAPOK ADS 1013 weighs around 1.32 pounds; made with Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). This oscilloscope has an operating frequency of 1.00 GHz.

Key Features

  • High voltage resistance
  • Extensive usage
  • Fastest waveform capture

Voltage absorbing ability- A continuous voltage of 400V can be tolerated by ADS 1013D, all thanks to its built-in high voltage protection module.

Regular wear and tear-free- The YEAPOK ADS 1013D can be used in multiple places like schools, electronic manufacturing, maintenance, etc.

Quickest waveform- Three different trigger modes: normal, auto, and single 3, allows the fastest waveform capture.


  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Portable
  • 7 inch LCD touchscreen


  • No colour variation

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2. SainSmart DS0212 Pocket Size Portable Mini Digital Oscilloscope

SainSmart DS212 Pocket Size Portable Handheld Mini Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The SainSmart DS0212 pocket-sized portable handheld mini digital storage oscilloscope is the ultimate solution to your oscilloscope necessity that is too in a mini portable size. It has vertical precise, precise horizontal measurement, and a triggering threshold. This has the simplest operating options, much like a smartphone, just taps and swipes.

This is not it, and this portable mini digital oscilloscope has a built-in 8 MB storage space, making it easy and convenient to save and transfer waveform data and images. The bright colored TFT display 2.8″ 320*240 presents any measured AC, including sine, square, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms.

Key Features

  • Versatile use
  • Portable and handy
  • Storage


Can be used in every emergency- The SainSmart DS0212 pocket-sized portable handheld mini digital storage oscilloscope is an all-in-use oscilloscope for widespread usage. It can be used in academic experiments, electronics maintenance, electronic engineering tasks, and more.

Carry hassle-free- It is portable, and compact size makes it easy to carry it in the pocket, so it is always available in time of need. It has a built-in 3.7V 500mAh lithium battery.

Memory- The 8 MD storage space makes it easy to store and transfer data and image, carry it in your pocket and transfer data on the go.


  • Small and portable size
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient management
  • Flexible usage


  • Can get slow during work

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3. Hantek 2D72 Digital Oscilloscope

Hantek 2D72 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Waveform Generator Multimeter USB Portable 2 Channels 70MHz...

This 3 in 1 digital oscilloscope, waveform, generator, a multimeter is an all-purpose universal test instrument. It has intelligent charging control 18650 replaceable lithium battery power system, rechargeable by either high current- 5V/2A or ordinary computer USB interface. Hantek 2D72 has a type C power plus data transfer interface, and it can also be charged using the mobile charger and data cable.

2D72 comes in a resistant and portable art case with all the needed accessories. The tool is protected with a silicone cover to make it more resistant. It can charge and work simultaneously. Its back screen light can be adjusted for better contrast and has a simple and intuitive function.

Key Features

  • Three in one
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • Dual language setting


Multitask- The Hantek 2D72 is a three in one tool for multipurpose usage. It can be used as an oscilloscope, waveform generator, multimeter that makes it the best choice for engineers.

Battery availability- The 18650 replaceable lithium battery system can be recharged in two ways, and also, the batteries are easily available in the market that makes them easily replaceable.

Foreign language setting- Get your work done more efficiently with dual language settings, Chinese and English. With automatic frequency, amplitude measurement, and self-calibration function.


  • Comes in a protected cover
  • Can be charged even with a regular smartphone charger
  • Better contrast setting for an accurate result
  • Simple functioning


  • Few keys to operate many features

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4. JYETech DSOShell Fully Assembled Portable Oscilloscope, Model DS0150

JYETech DSOShell Fully Assembled Portable Oscilloscope w/Enclosure & 10x BNC Probe by NooElec. Low...

DSO Shell can be a budget-friendly great oscilloscope for people who are new to the world of electronics. It comes with a 2.4-inch color TFT LCD monitor. Along with the oscilloscope, you will get a 1x/10x BNC probe. This fully assembled oscilloscope will save you from the hassle of assembling the tool manually.

The DS0150 has a single channel, 200 kHz bandwidth, a 12-bit resolution, a BNC connector to connect the probe, and an on/off button at the bottom. It is an excellent tool for looking to debug low-frequency signals and for educational use.

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Great for school use


Low cost- The DS0150 is one of the most reasonable oscilloscopes to find in the market, given its efficiency. The oscilloscope comes with a one-kilowatt square wave generator and can be used to detect low-frequency signals.

Easy using- The 2.4-inch color TFT LCD monitor displays the perfect result, with simple to use buttons and a scale adjusting knob.

Educational use- Simple to use, the design of the DS0150 makes it a perfect tool for school-going youngsters to learn the basic plots of the voltage change and low-frequency signals.


  • Economical
  • Compact
  • Precise output
  • Fully assembled


  • Not for professional use

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5. YEAPOOK Handheld Portable Mini Digital Oscilloscope, ASD2050h

YEAPOOK Handheld Portable Mini Digital Oscilloscope DIY Automotive Oscilloscope Kit with 5MHz...

The ASD2050h is a 5MHz analog bandwidth with a sampling rate of 20 MS/s. 2.4-inch color TN – LCD with 320×240 resolution with a convenient size and easy to carry grip. With built-in 16 MB flash storage for up to 500 waveform images, the storage process is incredibly fast and easy.

With three trigger modes, auto, normal and single, the Yeapook handheld portable mini digital oscilloscope can easily capture an instantaneous waveform. Simple buttons to ensure effortless usage. It has a single channel on top, an on/off switch at the bottom, and comes in a secured case with a single 1x alligator clip BNC probe.

Key Features

  • Storage capacity
  • Affordable
  • One button mode change


Data vault- The Yeapook Handheld Portable Mini Digital oscilloscope has a storage capacity of up to 500 waveforms that makes it perfect for all your day-to-day work.

Modest pricing- With the efficient and simple operation features, the ASD2050h can compete with any costly oscilloscope with half their price.

Mode changing with ease- With buttons to perform all its tasks with ease, you can change day to night modes with just a press of a button for a more convenient visual at any time of the day.


  • Easily Accessible
  • USB port fast charging
  • Light and pocket-size
  • Maximum storage capacity


  • Not multi-purpose

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6. KKmoon 5012H

The digital KKmoon oscilloscope is the ultimate solution to your voltage emergencies. It has a 2.4-inch LCD frequency display screen with 320*240 resolution IPS full vision technology. Get the best visual results with its high-quality display screen. KKmoon 5012H is manufactured keeping your comfort in mind. It’s no-slip, ultra-small size makes it easy to carry anywhere.

With full trigger function- single, normal, and automatic, it can be used comfortably for both periodic analog signals and non-periodic digital signals. With built-in maximum voltage protection, the module can withstand up to 400V continuous voltage and 600V peak voltage.

Key Features

  • Strong file support
  • Widely applicable
  • Best battery life


Bulk file storage- With a massive 64M storage space, the KKmoon 5012B can store up to 2000 waveform pictures. A simple and fast saving option that can work anywhere anytime with just one touch.

Various usage- This versatile oscilloscope is the most cost-effective tool for you. It can work in the maintenance industry as well as the R&D industry with FNIRSI’s real-time sampling rate of up to 500MS/s and 100MHz analog bandwidth.

Best power supply- The KKmoon 5012B has a built-in high-quality lithium battery of 5000mAh. The oscilloscope can be used non-stop for 12 hours when charged fully.


  • Maximum storage space
  • High power battery
  • Heavy industrial usage
  • Powerful voltage tolerance


  • Expert use only

7. Allsun 2 in 1 Digital automotive Oscilloscope

The allsun 2 in 1 digital automotive oscilloscope is an effective tool for waveform measurement. This oscilloscope has its goodwill in the education field, easy to hold handheld design with a high-speed AD sampler to convert the input analog signal into a digital signal, and displays the signal on a 128 x 64 LCD.

This automotive oscilloscope has widespread usage in installation and operation tests, automotive electronics, field test jobs, indoor teaching tests, electronic fieldwork, circuit design work, and so on. With the transverse grip design, or is easy to even hold in one hand during operation.

Key Features

  • Fast seek accurate signal
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy-grip, simple operation


Strong signal- In comparison to its price, the allsun 2 in 1 does an excellent job in seeking signal quickly. It has an LED backlight, 25 MHz bandwidth, and vertical sensitivity is 50mV/div-20V/div. The sampling rate is a maximum of 100M Sa/s, 6000 counts chip, real-time measurement AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, diode, continuity.

Use on the go- Allsun 2 in 1 digital automotive oscilloscope is useful in every field of work. You can use it in the office, fieldwork, or even in educational programs.

Hold and support-  The easy-to-hold transverse grip ensures total hand support and better grasp and can also be used in one hand, thanks to its compact design.


  • Quick and accurate
  • Handy
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy charge and battery indication


  • Plastic BNC connectors

8. Digital Mini Oscilloscope Hima 5012H

Digital Mini Oscilloscope,Hima 5012H 2.4' LCD Display Screen Handheld Portable Digital Mini...

Hima brings you the most accurate and handy oscilloscope Hima 5012H. This has one-touch waveform storage with built-in 64 MB flash memory for up to 2000 waveform images, and it is one of the best portable oscilloscopes on the market right now. It comes with an inverter circuit, switching power supply, oscillation circuit, PVM drive, communication circuit, power amplifier circuit, mains measurement, and bus circuit.

Three starting modes automatic, single, normal, with 100MHz analog bandwidth with real-time sample rate up to 500MSa/s. Large 2.4-inch color display with IPS technology and a resolution of 320×240. The package includes one ADS5012H oscilloscope host, one matching 100MHz probe, one macro USB Data line, and one user manual.

Key Features

  • Small size; simple usage
  • Vibrant colour
  • The correct result every time


Mini yet handy- With silicone cover, easy hold, and mini size, the oscilloscope is very easy and handy to use. It will fit easily in the back of your backpack or even in your coat pocket. Carry it anywhere for regular usage.

Resolution- With a bright yellow body, the oscilloscope is hard to lose even in the crowdest place. Very modern and fashionable, the Hima 5012H looks very up to date with its modern manufacturing.

Precision- With its 2.4-inch color LCD screen, the oscilloscope gives out accurate results with the high display quality. Save the results for future reference in its 64 MB flash memory space.


  • Mini size for the best mobility
  • High-quality display
  • All kinds of electric work supported
  • USB Data cable easy charging


  • Not assembled

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9. DS211 Mini Oscilloscope

MINIWARE Pocket Oscilloscope DS211, Portable Oscilloscope Mini Size Handheld, Built-in Rechargeable...

DS211 is a mini pocket-sized portable oscilloscope, lightweight, rectangular shape, and built-in 3.7V 500mAh lithium battery. Check your voltage issue with this compact size oscilloscope anywhere, anytime. It works in one channel, 200KHz bandwidth, 1ΜΩ input impedance, and 1MSa/s Maximum sample rate.

Easy controlling rising/ falling edge trigger on the side, adjustable high/ low trigger level, and triggering sensitivity. Easy and fast save and transfer waveform data and image function. Top-quality high-level color display, 2.8 inch TFT display screen with 320*240 resolution. Measure AC current, including sine, square, sawtooth, and triangle waveforms.

Key Features

  • Multiple formats support
  • Built-in function generator
  • Battery longevity


No worry about different formats- Store file as a BMP, DAT, BUF, or CSV format. You can also save and read waveform images. INV A, INV B, A+B, A-B, C&D, C|D, RecA, RecB, RecC, RecD wave shapes support.

One of the best- It can create sine waves, square waves, triangle waves, and sawtooth waves and can be used for measuring AC current, and this is why today the DS211 is in the list of our best portable oscilloscopes.

Strong cell- Given the oscilloscope’s size and price, it can be used non-stop for 3 hours when fully charged. It is weightless, portable, and gives correct data.


  • Long battery life
  • Mini, light mobile size
  • Can be used for educational purpose
  • Affordable


  • Too light and fragile

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10. Hantek DSO 4254 C 4 Channels Digital Oscilloscope

4 Channels Digital Oscilloscope,1GS/s Sample Rate 250MHz LCD PC Desktop Portable USB...

The 4 channel digital oscilloscope is a great tool for beginners in this field. With 250MHz bandwidth, minimum ranges measurement that ranges up to 500μV /div, 1GS/s sample rate, advanced digital trigger system, and high trigger sensitivity. It is a well-equipped 4 channel oscilloscope that is suitable for a huge number of applications.

With the most number of built-in features, it is easy to use this oscilloscope even for the first time. Not only that, it has a built-in tutorial for easy learning and quick usage. With a high-quality 7-inch color LCD screen of 800×480 pixels, it gives the best output for every result.

Key Features

  • Trigger functions
  • Arbitrary signal
  • Beginner-friendly


Trigger- With the high-quality 7-inch color LCD screen provides more than 14 trigger functions: edge, over time, pulse, pattern, interval, etc.

Arbitrary signal- Generator 25MHz, 12BitS resolution, 200MHz, DDS, ARB/ square wave/ sine wave/ triangular wave/ trapezoidal wave/ impulse wave/ DC, etc. It is easy to stimulate the sensor.

Best for new users- The Hantek DSO4254C 4 channels digital oscilloscope comes with a user manual and built-in tutorials to make it easy for beginners to use. It is simple and easy, gives accurate results, and it is portable.


  • 4 channels
  • Enclose tutorial for better and easy usage
  • High trigger sensitivity
  • Easy desktop design


  • A small screen in comparison to the body

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Buying Guide

Analyzing and tracking voltage fluctuations and monitoring their behavior is an important part of any electrical task. Can you imagine taking a full-size oscilloscope everywhere to your work? Well, this is what saves your day—an oscilloscope portable. Before buying an oscilloscope, several technical factors are considered, and it is important to look into portable oscilloscope reviews. Here we are going to discuss a few points to help you know what to look for in the best portable oscilloscope.


If you are looking for a portable oscilloscope, it is evident that you need something that you want or need to carry regularly, and for that, your oscilloscope has to be lightweight, small in size, and heavy-duty. Before choosing your oscilloscope, make sure all your requirements are matching the product’s features.


You surely do not want to carry a brick in the pocket in the name of an oscilloscope. For this reason, a portable digital oscilloscope not only has to be small in size but also lightweight. Some portable oscilloscope multimeters can do more than just note voltage frequencies; you need to know what you want.


If you want an oscilloscope that can save and transfer data and images from the tool itself, that is not a problem. An oscilloscope now has a built-in memory capacity to store and save data in the machine.


An oscilloscope does not have to be very expensive to meet your requirements. If you can find a tool that can do the job you are looking for, there is no need to be extra cautious about the price tag. There are plenty of pricey tools that do much more than the task you need it to do. So look for the specifications and features and select something worth your money.

How to use portable oscilloscopes storage?

There are two types of oscilloscopes used to plot voltage change in time, and operating each one of them can be different. Also, there are three in one or two in one oscilloscope in the market, which will again vary from each. The two types of oscilloscopes that are most commonly used are CRO and DSO. A CRO is a cathode ray oscilloscope, and the latest one available in the market is the DSO. Let’s see what you will find in a regular two-channel oscilloscope and what is the work of each option.

Knob and buttons

If there are two or more channels, you can see that on the screen in different colors. You will also find different buttons for each channel menu. You will see a knob to adjust for time or seconds that will adjust the horizontal speed frequency of the oscilloscope. The x-axis on the screen will most commonly represent time. To adjust volts per division, there will also be a knob. Each one of these settings will display on the screen. The menu will be similar on the different channels as well.


Different channels will have different menu buttons. You can see the input coupling that you can change to DC, AC, or ground. You will also find different on/off buttons for each channel.


An oscilloscope will also have a probe multiplication factor which can be set according to the different probes. There are also options to invert your signal.

Map menu

There is also a map that performs various operations on your signals like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. An FFT feature is the fast Fourier transform that is very similar to a spectrum analyzer.

Trigger menu

From the trigger menu of the DSO, you can select the type, source of the horizontal sweep oscillator. There are some more options on the trigger menu which you can see the details on the oscilloscope screen.

How does a portable oscilloscope measure sound signal?

A microphone connected to the oscilloscope will show you pictures of a human voice. The pitches a voice creates and the patterns are all displayed on the screen of an oscilloscope.


A sound is a wave that is caused by vibrations in the air. A music sound, a whistle, produces a sine wave which you can see in the oscilloscope. Similarly, when we talk, it is made up of irregular waves, and because it is a combination of sounds, the oscilloscope adds them all together and shows the result on the screen.


Sound can be seen through a microphone when it is connected to an oscilloscope. A microphone changes sound wave I to an electrical signal with the help of an oscilloscope. With the sounds with only one frequency, like a whistle or tuning fork, the wave looks regular and smooth, and these are called a sine wave. High-frequencies have high notes, and those waves are close together. The low notes have a low frequency, and unlike high notes, the waves are spread out. Singing or violin are regular sounds, and they make waves not so smooth and repeat themselves.


What is the best portable oscilloscope to buy?

The best portable oscilloscope for you would be the one that has everything you need. There are various oscilloscopes in the market claiming many features which also varies in price. But a special mention to Fluke portable oscilloscope. They have an excellent reputation in the market for their precision and durability.

Is the portable oscilloscope a voltmeter?

An oscilloscope is a voltage measuring device in the circuit just like a voltmeter. Also, the CRO (cathode ray oscilloscope) is a powerful tool for measuring voltage change; it acts as a voltmeter. But an oscilloscope and a voltmeter are two different tools.

What is a portable oscilloscope used to measure?

An oscilloscope measures the voltage change in time, these devices are so fast that they can measure not just every one second but it can measure in every nanosecond. They are exceptionally quick and often give precise results. A portable oscilloscope is a great alternative for large scale measuring tools. They are handy, lightweight and easily accessible.

What is the basic function of a portable oscilloscope?

An oscilloscope is a tool used for measuring voltage fluctuations. These are exceedingly rapid and show the quick result of even one nanosecond voltage change. It has a vertical axis that shows the voltage level as a horizontal axis for the time. Both of these can be adjusted using a knob in the oscilloscope.

What are the limitations of a portable oscilloscope?

The analog type oscilloscope does not have a memory space and can only show the results in real-time. The digital oscilloscope only uses μP, ADC and acquisition memory for measurement. It can be very expensive, some of them do not provide 100% authentic results and can be too heavy to carry.

Final Verdict

A portable oscilloscope is a great tool for everyday use and also for educational purposes. They are handy, light, portable, and give maximum mobility. Some of this oscilloscope even does multiple works, which cut down the cost of buying other devices. There are plenty of choices in the market to choose from, and there are also various price ranges and features. Buying an inexpensive portable oscilloscope is a great start for newbies. This tool will show voltage and sound frequencies, the digital ones can save data, and some can also transfer. The latest oscilloscopes have a high-quality LCD screen that shows vivid results on the go.