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Top 10 Owon Oscilloscope Reviews

Digital oscilloscopes are fast becoming the standard means of testing and troubleshooting electronic equipment among both hobbyists and professionals. And the reason for this is not far-fetched.

Compared to multi-meters and even analog scopes, digital scopes are much easier to use, fast, and more convenient. In fact, there are so many things you can do with a digital oscilloscope than you cannot ordinarily accomplish with a multi-meter.

These include detecting certain types of errors and debugging PWM signals. The good thing about these devices is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a high-end model to get everything you need, especially if you’re a hobbyist or just starting out.

There are few brands like Owon that still produce budget-friendly oscilloscopes that do not compromise on quality and performance.

This is why we’ve come up with this Owon oscilloscope review to help you find a reliable model that will provide great value for your money. If you’re in for it, then we encourage you to continue reading as we explore the top ten products from the brand.

Top Owon Oscilloscope Comparison

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Owon Oscilloscope Review

Owon Oscilloscope Review

The list below consists of the top digital oscilloscopes by Owon. These products also represent some of the best models in the market, especially for hobbyists. That said, some of them are also great for professional use. Enough talking — let’s get into the main review.

1. Owon VDS1022I USB PC Oscilloscope

PICO TECHNOLOGY PicoScope 4425 Automotive Scope - 4 Channel

To kick-off our list — it is the OwonVDS10221. Although considered a mini o-scope, this model offers a lot of interesting features for a relatively low price tag. So if you’re looking for an o-scope that works but doesn’t require you to invest a fortune, then this is the product to go for.

One of the first things you will notice about the scope is it has a sleek design, which makes it very convenient to carry around. It is designed to fit into your hands and doesn’t weigh much; this obviously adds to its portability.

This makes the device applicable in more projects than most standard o-scopes, which are less handy.
Fortunately, the scope features a large display, which makes it easy to read information. We found the controls to be pretty decent though the buttons are a bit hard to push. You might need to brace the device with your fingers when pushing a button to prevent it from moving backward.

The user interface isn’t so impressive. There seems to be a lot of moving around between buttons.
Generally, we think the design of the o-scope could have been better. But this shouldn’t be a big deal as long it gets the job done.

We consider the device a good fit for both hobbyists and professionals as it’s easy to operate while still offering some complex functionalities needed for advanced applications. For its price, we find its 1GSa/s sample rate quite impressive. There are many scopes in the same price range that do have a lower sample rate.

You will also be glad to know that the device offers up to 100MHz bandwidth, which is sufficient for most projects. Overall, we consider the OWON VDS10221 a good bargain for its price. And we have no doubt you will find it really useful.


  • Affordable price
  • Multi trigger option
  • LAN remoter control
  • Easy portability
  • Reliable quality


  • Few users complained about software issues
  • Design could be better

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2. OWON SDS1022 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

OWON SDS1022 20Mhz 100MSa/s 10K 2 channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The OWON SDS1022 is another basic digital o-scope that is perfect for hobby or educational use. So if you’re a beginner or you need a scope for simple applications, then this is the product to buy.

Even though this is one of the cheaper options in the market, it is still very functional. For around 200 bucks, you get a reliable measurement technology that offers superb readability of waveforms.

It works great for most car electronics as well as other basic circuitries such as Arduinos and audios. However, you might experience some limitations when using it for advanced applications such as HAM radios.

That said, this is still a very functional scope that is well worth the price. Getting into specifics, the device has a bandwidth of 20MHz and two channels, which makes it perfect for beginners.

The display is a 7-inch LCD color screen with a resolution of 800×400, which is quite impressive considering the price. This ensures waveforms are clearly presented and readable.

Although the scope can be used for direct frequency measurement, it doesn’t do so well with higher frequencies or difficult signals. In other words, if you need something for more advanced applications, then you should consider some other model on the list as the OWON SDS1022 is best suited for low frequencies.

The scope is very easy to operate for beginners. It is also lightweight with decent ergonomics. Overall, this is a wonderful device to add to your toolkit. We cannot recommend it enough.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Color display
  • Great for beginners


  • Not suitable for advanced applications

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3. Owon HDS1021M-N Series Handheld Oscilloscope and Multimeter

Owon HDS1021M-N Series HDS Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter, 20MHz,...

Another budget-friendly handheld oscilloscope that does its job well is the OWON HDS1021M-N series. It comes with an amazing display and a good amount of storage – more than what you get with many higher priced models.

To be more specific, the device features a TFT-LCD color screen that has a dimension of 3.7 inches and resolution 640×480 pixels. This ensures you get a clear view of measurements and waveforms. Although the scope has only one channel, it offers automatic measurements and comes with various trigger modes.

One of the things we like most about this o-scope is the fact that it comes with a rechargeable lithium battery as well as an AC adapter. In other words, you can plug it to a power source while using it in the workshop or charge and use it while on the go. This makes it ideal for traveling purposes.

It will also interest you to know that the device also features a USB port that can be connected with your computer. This allows you to easily transfer data and perform various other operations.

The bandwidth is 20MHz, while the sample rate is 500MS/s, which is definitely a good bargain for its price.Overall, this unit is a great choice if you’re looking for a reliable handheld o-scope to use in the house for simple applications.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dual function (oscilloscope and multi-meter)
  • Long battery life
  • Clear screen display


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use

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4. Owon HDS1021M Series Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Owon HDS1021M Series HDS Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter, 20MHz, Single...

The OWON HDS1021M is similar in many ways to the previous product we reviewed, with the major noticeable difference being that this model has a slightly smaller screen and lower resolution. To be more specific, it has a 3.5-inches TFT LCD color screen and a screen resolution of 320×240 pixels.

In addition, it also has a smaller sample rate of 100MS/s as opposed to 500MS/s like the previous model. Bandwidth is 20MHz, while the channel is single. In other words, you might want to consider the HDS1021M if you need something smaller for simple applications.

That said, this is a highly functional o-scope for viewing electrical signals. Like the previous model, it can also be used as a multi-meter. For its price, you will hardly find something comparable. So you can expect to get great value for your money.

One of the major perks of this unit is that it is small and battery-powered, which makes it highly portable. You can just place it next to what you’re working on and get all the information you need in one place.

As expected, the display is very easy to read – thanks to its bright high contrast screen. However, given the small size of the scope, you will need to view the screen closely to see things clearly. Thus wearing glasses is completely out of the equation.

That said, all the displays are accurate, so you have nothing to worry about. Although the scope casing is protected by a cover, you still need to handle with care since you’re dealing with plastic. Few people who used the unit mainly complained about durability issues.


  • Good battery life
  • Also has a multi-meter function
  • Supports remote operation
  • Portable design
  • Comes included with accessories


  • Instruction manual is not very clear
  • Smaller than expected

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5. Owon SDS8302-V Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Owon SDS8302-V Series SmartDS Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope with VGA Interface, 2...

If you’re looking for a professional upgrade with a wider bandwidth and large display, then you should consider the OwonSDS8302-V series.

The o-scope has a bandwidth of 300MHz (which is the highest on the list) and two channels, which makes it suitable for most electronic applications ranging from product design to normal repair and servicing. It is an ideal choice for engineering education as well as a simple debugging task.

Like most of the units we’ve reviewed so far, the device has an 8-inch color screen that is used to display waveforms while its VGA port allows you to connect to a monitor. In other words, you can transfer the data generated by the scope – a feature many students will find particularly useful.

Fortunately, the software download offers remote control which makes the unit even more convenient to use.
With less than 2kg weight, the device is suitable for use in the field as well as in the lab and classroom. It features a plastic handle that allows you to easily carry it around.

The scope offers up to 20 automatic measurements for analyzing waveforms. Although there are many units out there that offer more automated patterns, for its price, this is still a good deal.

It will interest you to know that the device also comes with advanced trigger options, which allow you to isolate certain signals. You will also find the three math functions quite useful.


  • Lightweight
  • Large screen display
  • Offers remote control
  • Various trigger options


  • Expensive

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6. Owon SDS7102 Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Owon SDS7102 Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 2-Channel with VGA and LAN Interface

The OWON SDS7102 Digital Storage Oscilloscope is a great choice if you need something without any complicated features. This makes it a great choice for hobbyists (especially beginners) as well as students.
Top on the list of its important features is the autoscale function which helps to greatly simplify operation.

This is complemented by the compact body design which makes it easy and convenient to handle. If you’re still setting up your own tech lab and you have very limited space, then this should come as a relief.

The unit is lightweight, so you shouldn’t have any problem carrying it around. You can easily place it close to where you’re working. Also, since the device is compact, you don’t have to worry about where to put it as it requires very little space for storage.

Battery life is good, while the user interface seems to be on point. All the functions are well mapped, so it’s much easier to access each feature – something that is poorly executed in many similar scopes.

Owonalso offers free firmware upgrades from time to time to improve the performance of the scope.
With this unit, you get two-channel options, which is what you will need for most applications. Bandwidth is 100MHz, while memory is 10Mpts.

The unit also features an SVGA port that allows you to enlarge waveform display. This complements the high-resolution screen the scope already has.


  • Offers auto-scale functions
  • Supports LAN and VGA
  • Easy to use
  • Portable design


  • Slow refresh rate

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7. Owon SDS5032E-V Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Owon SDS7102 Deep Memory Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 2-Channel with VGA and LAN Interface

The OWON SDS5032E-V is another incredible o-scope that works great for hobbyists, including beginners and advanced users. It is specifically targeted towards a light to moderate bench use, whether it’s in a lab or commercial workspace.

That said, you will be better off with a more advanced unit if you’re looking for something more suited for heavy use as with field technicians and other professionals.

From all indications, the SDS5032E-V appears to be best in its class. It has a stunning display (that is far better than what you get with a CRT) and a VGA port for connecting to a computer.

The major specs include – 30MHz bandwidth, 250MS/s sample rate, and two channels. This makes the scope an excellent choice for serious hobbyists.

Again, the device is not meant for outdoor or field use; you will need to get something more rugged. The body construction is largely plastic, which will likely not survive for too long in the van of a technician.

Notwithstanding, the build quality is still above average, especially for simple applications.
Apart from the use of a plastic casing, the unit is lightweight, which makes it convenient to use. It also has a nice folding handle for easy portability.


  • Bright display
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price


  • Not for advanced application

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8. Owon HDS2062M-N Series

Owon HDS2062M-N Series HDS-N Handheld Digital Storage Oscilloscope and Digital Multimeter, 60MHz, 2...

Another handheld o-scope that will give you a good bang for your money is the OwonHDS2062M-N Series. This unit is more targeted towards users who want a simple but reliable oscilloscope they can conveniently carry around.

As expected, it comes with a high contrast TFT-LCD screen that is clearly readable both during the day and in low light conditions.

In terms of construction, this unit is not the sturdiest, but it’s still designed for long term use. The connectors that come with the meter are plastic, so you need to be careful not to stress them. Most bench testing operations shouldn’t tax the connector; as long as you handle well, you should get many years of use.

Interestingly, the scope is provided with a metal case that might look cheap but definitely offer better storage and protection than many plastic cardboard cases that come with many similar units. It has latches that can be locked, which can be really useful when you’re on the go.

The device has a bandwidth of 60 MHz, which makes it most ideal for simple applications. As earlier indicated, it has a simple interface that is beginner-friendly. The two-channel option it provides is enough for most testing operations.

You will also be glad to know that the scope has self-adjustment, however, you can also manipulate the scales from the menus. Overall, we are impressed with the quality and features of this scope. We highly recommend it for simple applications.


  • Good quality probes
  • Simple interface
  • Offers multi-meter function
  • Comes with carrying case


  • Few users complained about bugs in the software

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9. OWON XDS3204E Digital Oscilloscope

OWON XDS3204E Digital Oscilloscope 200Mhz DSO 4 Ch 1GS/S 8 BITS LCD with Touch Screen...

If you’re looking for a high-quality scope for more serious work, then you should consider the OWON XDS3204E. Although more expensive than many standard models, you won’t feel like you’re wasting your money.

The 200MHz bandwidth it offers is a good indication that this is meant for more advanced testing and troubleshooting operations. Notwithstanding, beginners will still find the scope useful and convenient to use.

One of the first things you will notice about the device is that it’s quite large, especially when compared to many similar o-scopes. The good thing about this is that it makes the results of waveforms more readable. To be more specific, the display is an 8-inch LCD screen with 800×600 high resolution.

We found the 1GS/s sample rate and 45,000 wfms/s capture rate to be quite impressive for the price of the scope. The scope also offers l2C functions, which could be helpful for troubleshooting communication issues as well as test functions that can be applied to various protocols.

We were also impressed with the ergonomics of the scope. This includes button controls and a touch screen for navigating the menus and functions. The overall design seems rather intuitive, so you should be able to get along in little or no time.

Overall, we find this scope very useful for its price, and we highly it for serious testing and measurement operations.


  • Clear display
  • Intuitive user-interface
  • Reliable quality
  • Supports LabVIEW and SPI


  • Expensive

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10. OWON XDS3204E Digital Oscilloscope

OWON XDS3204E Digital Oscilloscope 200Mhz DSO 4 Ch 1GS/S 8 BITS LCD with Touch Screen...

Last but definitely not the least item on the list is another premium digital o-scope by Owon– the XDS3204E. This could be a good upgrade if you’re looking for something that has a larger bandwidth but more affordable.

It is practically the same product as the one we just reviewed; however, unlike the previous product, this one has lower bits (eight to be precise) and doesn’t come with a removable rechargeable battery.

So if you don’t need the extra battery the latest version of the OwonXDS3204E provides, you can save money by purchasing this version.

As expected, the o-scope works great for both hobbyists and advanced users. Apart from its considerable bandwidth, it also offers up to four channels. Thus you can use it on a broader range of electronics, including complex ones such as video cards and 2-way radios.

The device also comes with an 8-inch multi-touch screen from where you can view the results of your measurements. This helps to greatly improve your user experience. Dials are well laid out, while the waveforms are displayed with clarity. As such, newbies will find the unit very useful.

You will also be glad to know that the device has low background noise. This contributes to its high accuracy, especially when measuring voltage and time. You will hardly find something more accurate in the same price range.

In addition, the scope is very easy to use. Even if you’re using this type of scope for the first time, you should be able to do just fine. The learning curve is almost non-existence, as everything seems intuitive.
So far, we haven’t received many complaints about the device. Thus it comes highly recommended.


  • User-friendly design
  • Accurate measurement and testing
  • Great for beginners
  • Competitive price


  • • Not convenient to carry around

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an oscilloscope?

An o-scope is simply a device that can be used to measure electrical signals (waveforms) and display them. By seeing these signals, you can detect the exact location of a fault in an electronic.

What are the things I can measure with an oscilloscope?

Digital o-scopes are generally used to measure and display electrical signals. However, they can also be used for other purposes like measuring timing (period and frequency, duty cycle, etc.) and voltage.

Can I measure the voltage with an oscilloscope?

Absolutely! In fact, this is one of the common uses of an o-scope. Most models are designed to measure both DC and AC voltages. This includes amplitude and average volts.

Can I measure current with an o-scope?

Unfortunately, most of the o-scopes available today do not have the capability to measure current directly. However, a good way to work around this is to use a shunt resistor. You can obtain AC current by measuring using an o-scope to get the voltage drop across the resistor.

What is the difference between a digital and analog oscilloscope?

Although they basically do the same thing, a digital o-scope offers a wider range of functions in the sense that it doesn’t only measure waveforms but also display, store and analyze them. In addition, unlike an analog scope, a digital scope can be used to take readings of different electronics at the same time.

Final Words

There you have it – our top ten Owon oscilloscope review. Experience shows that the highest priced oscilloscopes are not always the best ones. Rather you want to find something that will give you the best results. And there’s no better way to get such a product than buying from a reputable brand like Owon.

We hope you found the information above useful and sufficient, and by now, you’ve found a model that can meet your needs. Let us know in the comment section if anything is unclear to you. Till then, happy shopping!

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