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Most Accurate Rain Gauge

An accurate rain gauge is a convenient tool to measure the rainwater receiving capacity of a place. Furthermore, a rain gauge helps to know the weather condition of the gardener, farmer, and others. Besides, you would like to use the most accurate rain gauge to have a shiny outdoor tour during holidays.

Thus, a rain gauge is essential for many reasons and many people. But, you should buy an efficient device to know the accurate status of rainfalls. Otherwise, you will be unable to make gardening, farming, or travel plans. Here, we share a few rain gauges with their feature to make your decision easier.

Our Favorite Most Accurate Rain Gauge

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Top 7 Best Most Accurate Rain Gauge Reviews

1. AcuRite(00850) Acrylic Rain Gauge

AcuRite 5' Capacity Easy-to-Read Magnifying Acrylic, Blue (00850A2) Rain Gauge

The AcuRite 00850A2 five inches rain gauge is one of the most accurate rain gauge information providers with easy readability. It can measure rainwater in your garden, sawn, or other outdoors around five inches. Additionally, the white color marks on the outside of the funnel help to measure easily.

Furthermore, you can get the information when away from your home. Thus the rain gauge has wireless connectivity with water-resistant construction. The high-quality acrylic of the funnel delivers long-durable performance in your garden. So, you can set up AcuRite 00850A2 rain gauge if you are a gardener, farmer, or yard owner.



The easy readability of this tool is the most attractive feature with white color marking. You can read the rainwater level from the distance of the rain gauge. Including the readability, you can get the information from this tool by staying in remote areas. Due to the wireless connectivity of the rain gauge, you can collect data from your mobile app.


Ground mounting is another feature of the AcuRite rain gauge. Thus, you can mount the tool on your garden or yard to collect the rainwater. Besides, you can hang this rain gauge on a wall or your garden fence.


This rain gauge is large enough to collect rainwater for two or three days. The large size funnel of the rain gauge adds up to five inches of water with a transparent bucket. Despite being large capacity, the rain gauge is too light in weight at 2.7 ounces.


If you want a long-durable performance from a rain gauge, choose AcuRite 00850. This tool has a fabulous construction with transparent acrylic material. That turns the rain gauge into a weather-resistant tool with long durability.


  • Easy readability numbers
  • Water measures five inches
  • White color marking
  • Transparent acrylic construction
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Long durability
  • Simple setup process
  • Weather protected
  • Hanging hole to set
  • Can set on the ground
  • Lightweight with 2.7-ounces
  • Large capacity to measure rainfalls


  • May break from frozen water
  • No screw included

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2. AcuRite Wireless Digital Rain Gauge with Self-Emptying Collector

AcuRite Wireless Digital Rain Gauge with Self-Emptying Collector with Rainfall History, Alerts, and...

If you are searching for the most accurate rain gauge on the market, buy this AcuRite Wireless Digital Rain Gauge. Due to the latest technology, this rain gauge provides accurate data within a little time.

Besides, the water collector of this AcuRite rain gauge can empty automatically. Thus, you do not need to monitor your backyard tools regularly. Furthermore, this tool can provide you with a cumulative result of one to seven days. Also, you can set rainfall alarms and flood detection to make your outdoor plan easier.



The self-water empty process of this AcuRite is different than other rain gauges. With self-emptying technology, this rain gauge provides digital data through wireless connections. Besides, the AcuRite wireless rain gauge has a digital LCD screen to see the rain information.


Through the AcuRite wireless digital rain gauge, you can know the accumulated consumption within one to seven days. Including the alert, this device can keep the rainfall history in inches or millimeters. Besides, an alarming option alerts before the flood on your backyard.


In this wifi-enabled rain gauge, you can set a clock with a calendar. Additionally, the rain gauge quickly updates the rainfall status every 16 seconds. Besides, you can customize the programable rain alert to know the rain rate on your lawn.


  • Self empty water collector
  • LCD screen
  • Flood detector
  • Rainfall alarming indicator
  • Wireless data transmission
  • Calendar to know dates
  • Rainfall history recording
  • Easy to read
  • Digital clock to view time
  • Wall mountaineering design
  • Easy to set on the table
  • Can measure in inch and millimeter
  • Low battery alert
  • Customizable settings
  • Easy installation


  • May freeze in winter 
  • Costly than analog rain gauge

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3. Stratus Precision Rain Gauge

Stratus Precision Rain Gauge with Mounting Bracket (14' All Weather)

When you need a long-lasting rain gauge, you can not ignore Stratus Precision to know the rainfall status. This is one of the strongest tools to serve years in your backyard. The long durability and the accuracy of this rain gauge are exceptional.

Most professionals want to use a Stratus rain gauge to know the local weather status. Such as in an Airport, Stadium, or Journalism, this Stratus rain gauge has gained reliability. Also, the teachers like to use this rain gauge to acquire knowledge for their students.



The construction material of the Stratus rain gauge is weather protected. As the manufacturer uses polycarbonate to construct the tool, it can protect from rust too. Also, in the construction of this rain gauge, you will not find any metal uses. That helps the tool to protect any weather with easy readability.


A funnel on the top of the rain gauge keeps the rainfalls for measurement. This tool can take 11 inches load with a transparent cylinder surrounding it. The large size cylinder is to take the overload of the rainwater. Furthermore, you can measure the snowfall rate during the winter months.


The Stratus rain gauge installation process is simple with a mounting bracket. You do not need any wireless connectivity or electric power to get the information from the rain gauge. Including the electric power, you do not need any battery power to install in your backyard.


  • Long durability
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation
  • Can provide snowfall report
  • Good to know the local raining status
  • A weather learner for kids
  • Transparent exterior
  • Easy readability
  • No need for any power to activate
  • Weather protective
  • Rust free equipment
  • Quick cleanable
  • Lightweight


  • No wireless connectivity to get data remotely

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4. OutdoorHome 6” RAIN Gauge

Outdoor Home Rain Gauge. Professional 6 Inch Capacity Aussie Made Heavy Duty Rain Measure Gauge....

OutdoorHome is famous for manufacturing the most accurate rain gauge with long durability. Furthermore, this is one of the rain gauges to get the information accurately. Also, this rain gauge lasts a long time for polycarbonate plastic construction.

As the rain gauge is a manual tool, you do not need any wire of any power to use in your backyards. Additionally, you do not need any battery to run this rain gauge. Only you need to note down the water level regularly to know the rain status in your garden.



As the manufacturer includes a polycarbonate material to build OutdoorHome 6” RAIN Gauge, it lasts long. Besides, the construction material of the rain gauge can protect any weather condition. Furthermore, you will find the unchangeable color to use in the sun.


As the OutdoorHome 6” RAIN Gauge is a manual tool, you will not have to face any hassle to install. The mounting bracket with a screw helps to hang on your backyard fence. Also, you will get a brush to clean the rain gauge in detail.


Due to the wireless installation, you need to keep the rainfall record regularly. Thus, the rain gauge can provide accurate data surrounding your garden. Besides, you can measure the collected rainwater in inches and millimeters. Both types of measurement scales help to get the information more accurate.


  • Dual scale for measurement
  • Large capacity to pour water
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Easy installation
  • Wireless use
  • Run without electric power
  • Weather-resistant exterior
  • Color does not fade
  • Inclusion of mountain bracket
  • Free cleaning brush
  • Simple maintenance
  • Collect up to six inches of rainwater
  • Polycarbonate plastic body


  • May damage in frozen condition

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5. AcuRite 01089M Rain Gauge

AcuRite 01089M Rain Gauge with Thermometer & Humidity

If you are searching for a total solution to monitor rainfall in your backyard or garden, AcuRite 01089M Rain Gauge is the perfect solution. This high-efficient remote rain gauge can measure indoor and outdoor temperature with humidity.

Additionally, you can customize the programmable alarm to know the flood possibility surrounding your home. Moreover, this rain gauge can deliver the rainfall status in a day to a year. As the product has the wireless data collection feature, you can get the data from indoor at 100 feet distance.



A total solution to get weather status at your home with a wireless data transfer capacity. You can get the status of the humidity and temperature of the outdoors and indoors. Besides, you can set a programmable alarm that provides the upcoming flood status at your backyards.


A powerful sensor includes advantages in AcuRite 01089M Rain Gauge to get information from the 100 feet indoors. For outdoor, the sensor can work up to 330 feet without any wires. Besides, self empty water collector helps to pour water as per the water level.

Additional Features

You wild like the digital display with easy readability monitoring from indoors. The screen includes a digital clock to know the time of rainfalls too. Besides, you may like to get the rainfall status of the current and previous days. Also, this tool provides the data of the current and last week/month/year rainfall status.


  • Digital display
  • Easy to read data
  • Self empty rain collector
  • Wireless data receive
  • A 100 feet distance data sending capacity
  • Accurate weather information
  • Can provide indoor temperature
  • Able to send outdoor temperature report
  • Provide indoor humidity
  • Can identify outdoor humidity
  • Keep current and previous day records
  • All-weather readability
  • Record current and previous year rainfall status
  • Inclusion of time clock
  • Both type measurement scale


  • No debris filters 
  • Comparatively expensive

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6. ECOWITT WH5360B Wireless Rain Gauge

ECOWITT WH5360B Wireless Rain Gauge High Precision Digital 3-in-1 Weather Station with Indoor...

The ECOWITT WH5360B Wireless Rain Gauge is an accurate outdoor rain gauge to guide complete gardening. With this rain gauge, you can get reliable information surrounding your backyard environment. This tool helps you know how much water you should provide on yards. 

Wireless data transfer and digital information display are the attractive features of this ECOWITT Rain Gauge. You can collect the outdoors weather condition from the wireless connection at 300 feet distance. Also, this tool can monitor the temperature and humidity at your home.



Accurate measurement of rainfalls is essential for a gardener or a farm owner. This ECOWITT measures the water status so accurately to help know the garden’s water requirements.


This ECOWITT rain gauge can monitor temperature, humidity, and flood. So, you can use this tool inside your home and the backyard of your home. Besides, you can set a programmable alarm to know the next natural disaster.

Record Keeping

The rain gauge is a great one to keep records for a long time. You can know a weekly, monthly, and yearly rainfall status from this rain gauge. Besides, the tool can keep records of rainfall up to 730 days.


You can install this rain gauge with easy steps and get the data by sitting in your home. A wall mounting feature provides a hassle-free setup with an auto-empty option for the water collector.


  • Wireless data transfer
  • Can keep 730 days rainfall record
  • Provide rainfall status from the 300 feet distance
  • Monitor indoor humidity
  • Digital display with clock
  • Measure indoor temperature
  • Programmable rain alert
  • Self empty rainfall collector
  • Wall mounting option
  • Easy to maintain
  • Data accuracy
  • Can alert before a storm


  • Can not filter debris

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7. AMTAST Wireless Rain Gauge

AMTAST Wireless Rain Gauge with RCC Rain Weather Station Meter Temperature Recorder Time Calendar...

When you want to purchase the most accurate rain gauge digital rain gauge within a budget, buy AMTAST Wireless Rain Gauge. This is one of the best tools to use as a weather station for your home and backyards. With the wide range of data transmission rates, you can monitor indoor humidity and temperature from this rain gauge.

Including trusted weather monitoring, this AMTAST rain gauge has a clock and calendar facility. Interestingly this device runs with battery power to reduce your electricity costing. Besides, you can set the time format to 12/24 hours with customizable time zone settings. 



This digital rain gauge is a powerful device for data RCC transmission with 433 Mhz speed. Additionally, you can read the data from the digital display from a distance. Moreover, the wireless data transfer facility includes a new dimension in the weather detectors.


Most rain gauges need to be installed in an open yard to collect rainfall status. So, you need a durable material for a rain gauge that can be weatherproof to send accurate data for a long time. AMTAST Wireless Rain Gauge is one of the best tools for providing long durable performance.


The capacity of this rain gauge is high to receive a lot of water during rain. Besides, this rain gauge can empty the rain collector to pour the next rainwater.


The data transmission range of the AMTAST rain gauge is about 100 feet distance. It can pass a concrete wall to transfer data within a quick time. Also, you need battery power to get data from the indoors.


  • Wireless data transfer
  • Digital display with clock
  • Measure indoor temperature
  • Programmable rain alert
  • Self empty rainfall collector
  • Easy to maintain
  • Accurate measurement
  • Time zone settings
  • Easy to read data
  • Send outdoor temperature report
  • Battery Powered
  • Radio-controlled time
  • Provide date in inches and millimeter
  • Self empty water collector
  • RCC data transmission


  • Not suitable for snow falling places

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How to Use a Rain Guage

most accurate rain gauge

You will find different types of rain gauges with different prices and features on the market. If you do not know the use of a rain gauge, you can not select the appropriate one for your use. So, we will show you the detailed process of using different rain gauges in the following lines.

There are two types of rain gauges available to measure the rainfall amount: the first type of tool is manual, and the second one is automatic. Automatic rain gauges are the best to identify accurate measurements. But, the auto rain gauges are expensive and run with power and without wires. Let’s have a look at how both types of rain gauge work.

Manual Rain Gauge

The use of a manual rain gauge is simple, but you have to spend time on it. With a manual rain gauge, you need to collect rainwater by using a funnel every day of the week. Then you have to measure the water level with a scale and keep notes on them. In this way, you will get the average rainfall rate of a week. 

If you are not satisfied with the record of a week, you can measure rainwater for another week. Also, you can fix a time in a day when you want to collect the water. To collect rainwater, you can use a small or large size funner according to the level of raindrops. 

Automatic Rain Gauge

The digital rain gauges are well known for their automatic identification capacity. To use this rain gauge, you need to install it in your backyard for one time. After that, you can get the regular information on your mobile device or digital tab.

The powerful feature of the automatic rain gauges is the wireless connectivity. After installing the rain gauge, you can receive data from the device by installing an app. Thus, you do not need to go outdoor regularly to collect and measure the water level.


What is the Best Digital Rain Gauge?

You may find various rain gauges on the market, but try to buy the best one. AcuRite, La Crosse, Oregon, ECOWITT, are the top rain gauge provider for a long time. You can buy one of them as per your requirement and budget.

How Do I Know if My Rain Gauge is Accurate?

The automatic rain gauges may not provide accurate measurements after using years. As the rain gauge calculates the water in a unit, you can check the water level as per unit. By pouring water from the outside, you can check the water level and the data on display.

Are Backyard Rain Gauges Accurate?

Knowing accurate measurements from the rain gauge is essential for a gardener or a farmer. Most rain gauges are accurate data providers, but digital ones are more accurate than analogs. You will find a few premium quality with 1/100 of an inch marking to get more accuracy.

Does the Size of a Rain Gauge Matter?

A large-size rain gauge matters to get accurate information within a short duration. Do not consider choosing a large-size rain gauge for your backyards if you have a budget. Also, the quality of the product matters to get accurate data from a rain gauge.

Do Bunnings Sell Rain Gauges?

Bunnings is one of the largest online stores that sell high-quality rain gauges. You can purchase digital rain gauges that have wireless connectivity. Thus, you can get data from the outdoor rain gauge by staying at home. Only, you need to install an app on your mobile phone to know the status of rainfalls.


A rain gauge is handy for farmers, gardeners, and yard workers. Need to select the most accurate rain gauge to get reliable data. You will know about providing water in your garden or your farmyard through the data.

You will find varieties of rain gauges in the market with digital and manual facilities. Need to buy one of the tools that can fulfill your requirements according to your place. Here, we have listed a few popular rain gauges according to their accuracy. The above information allows you to purchase a reliable rain gauge to monitor rainfalls.

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