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Best Water Hardness Test Kit

Sanitizers and contaminations are crucial problems we get to see in our water. Barely some solutions work, or else we keep facing those snags inside pipes and boilers. In such situations, the best water hardness kit sounds like a must-have requirement. 

Hopefully, you are now looking for the best water hardness test kit that can increase lower water flows and need less heating. What if you get options for all first-rate products in one place? Yes, you are thinking right. 

Today I am going to show you some best water hardness test kit in this article. Stay tuned to snap yours.

Let’s give a swift check to our water hardness kits by a description table.

Our Favorite Water Hardness Test Kit

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Just Filter Water Hardness Test Stripsi. Appropriate for quick results
ii. Keeps track of water hardness 
iii. Gives longer life to appliances
iv. Takes out all hard water stains.
JNW Direct Water Total Hardness Test Stripsi. Measures water hardness precisely 
ii. A true value for money 
iii. Layouts fast and accurate results 
iv. Works great with no complications. 
SJ Wave Drinking Water Test Kiti. Conquers all essential objects
ii. Ensures lead-free and safe drinking water 
iii. Best for multiple uses 
iv. A reliable product with positive results 
BOSIKE Pool and Spa Test Stripsi. Involves both accuracy and reasonable price
ii. Usage application is wide
iii. Conveys positive and high-precision results. 
Test Assured Bulk Water Hardness Test Stripsi. Can detect tiny impurities 
ii. Results are quick and reliable 
iii. Good for fun experiments
iv. Keeps strips completely fresh.
ULTIMATE 14-in-1 Drinking Water Test Kiti. A decisive key to finding contamination 
ii. Affordable with 99% accuracy 
iii. Finds out traces from heavy metals 
iv. Utilization is very easy.
VARIFY Premium Water Hardness Test Kiti. Has a long-lasting shelf life
ii. Owns accurate, fast, and hard quality strips 
iii. Relates to effortless reading 
iv. Saves time in testing
Hofun Drinking Water Test Kiti. Suits in all water sources
ii. Cleanse water pollutions
iii. Goes well in a wide range 
iv. Supports with constant features.
TOP LINE Total Hardness Test Stripsi. Offers an extra durability 
ii. Grants assertion of safe use
iii. Works fine in long strips
iv. Perfect for all water applications
Eco Home Water Hardness Test Kiti. Fulfills criterion of water quality 
ii. Gains no hurdles in showing results 
iii. Works fine in multiple hardness tests
iv. Superb for all water sources.

Top 10 Best Water Hardness Test Kit Reviews- 2022

1. Just Filter Water Hardness Test Strips

Total Water Hardness Test Strips. Each Strip Best and Reliable for Home Testing Pool, Spa, Aquarium,...

Talking about the accuracy of the best water hardness test kit, Just Filter stands all way apart. Most of us are suffering due to a lack of knowledge regarding water hardness. 

Sanitizers are one of the main reasons behind it. 

So, if you want a damn control over your water hardness and give a check all single time, the Just Filter kit can be a reliable choice. Now, let us not beat around a bush and get straight to some of its key features. 

Suitable for fishes

Some fishes require soft water, some require hard water, and some require extreme hard water. What does your fish demand? Let us know. 

Anyways, maintaining your water hardness can be a cakewalk if you have the Just Filter water hardness test kit with you.

Maximizes lifespan of appliances

Corrosion hastening build-up in pipes occurs due to hard water levels. Thus, to ensure soft water runs, you should test your systems often. 

Lately, you will not find any complications concerning the lifespans of appliances by this product. 

Clear and clean glasses

Just Filter water hardness tester is a fine tool to avoid hard water stains from glasses and silver wares. Moreover, lather of soaps can not even seize your water’s adaptivity and measure it smoothly around.


  • Best for quick testing of water
  • Maintains the water hardness 
  • Ensures a longer life span of appliances 
  • Removes hard water stains from glasses


  • Comparing colors is a hard task here

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2. JNW Direct Water Total Hardness Test Strips

Water Hardness Test Strips - Quick and Accurate Water Softener Test Strips - Hard Water Test Strips...

JNW Direct Water Hardness Testing Kit is a flawless product to determine water levels. Undoubtedly, a quality water hardness tester can make your acquisition worth it and keep supporting you for a long time. 

Don’t forget to reverse your osmosis system while using JNW’s hardness test strips. Now, the question is, what more benefits are we yet to get? Let’s check out. 

150 Tests

Here, you will find 150 strips, where all of them provide fast and accurate results. Don’t worry about your water sources. JNW hardness strip easily fixes in almost every source like- water softeners, well water, showers, dishwashers, hot tubs, etc. 

Fast and easy to use

Once you follow the clear instructions of this product, there will not be any problems you will get in results. Contrastingly, reliable and simple features will be with you as your best friends.

Improves water supplies 

Sometimes, we can’t judge our water hardness and make lots of mistakes in our appliances. Not knowing, a correct tester like JNW can change your life and remove all annoyance from your water supplies. 


  • Determines water hardness accurately 
  • Worth for acquisition 
  • Provides fast and accurate results 
  • Works fine and is easy to use
  • Combines simple and reliable features


  • Hardly changes the color of strips

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3. SJ Wave Drinking Water Test Kit

16 in 1 Drinking Water Test Kit |High Sensitivity Test Strips detect pH, Hardness, Chlorine, Lead,...

SJ Wave Drinking Water Test Kit is like a win-win challenge for pool, spa, tap water, well, and many more. Now, easy sample collections will be more fluent with SJ Wave’s hardness test kit water softener. While looking for a complete package, you must look here to get all the necessary objects to test with water. 

Even if you are having 16 parameters of water length, SJ Wave will cover you up with lead-free and safe drinking water. Working with this kit, your test will be simpler now. Using a dropper and testing tube inside can help you to measure water hardness properly.

Separate package 

Water testers having no reliable results and longer shelf life go bland in acquisition. Unless you get a high-quality product like SJ testers, such problems will come and go frequently. Also, there are 100 strips you will get inside and can use for 90 days smoothly. 

Multiple uses

SJ Wave Tester suits one water source and multiple water sources like a hot tub, spa, pool, aquarium, etc. 

Fast and positive results 

What proves the fast and positive results of the SJ Wave Test kit is its CE certification. 

Peace of mind

One thing that attracts us to buy this product is the ultimate peace of mind. Not a single amount of stress can catch you since you will be satisfied using a water hardness kit like SJ Wave.


  • Helps in easy sample collections 
  • Provides lead-free and safe drinking water
  • A complete package with necessary objects
  • Applicable for multiple uses
  • Reliable with positive results 


  • Accuracy is somewhere not good

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4. BOSIKE Pool and Spa Test Strips

BOSIKE 7 in 1 Water Hot Tub, Swimming Pool & Spa Test Strips Kit | 125 Strips | Water Tester Strips...

When we talk about accurate and fast pool test strips BOSIKE water testing kit comes first to our mind. There is nothing difficult in using it. All you need to do is dip one of your strips inside water and take it out after a couple of seconds. By holding your strip horizontally, you can simply compare the color with its color chart.

First thing first, a true value for money seizes our eyes towards a product. And when accuracy comes with it as a companion, that’s like a cherry on top for us. Yes, you are right. We are attempting these conditions facing BOSIKE test strips. 

Wide applications

Many of us are in love with test strips which are involved in wide applications. Similarly, you can get such facilities here in a massive way. 

For example, you can use this tester for baths, spas, swimming pools, and so on. However, another water chemical testing is convenient with the BOSIKE water hardness kit.

High precision results

Most often, we are afraid of not getting reliable results from our water hardness testers. Why we don’t get so is because of color bleeding. 

Don’t worry. BOSIKE’s kit got its back with high-quality fiber paper ensuring instant results.


Last but not least, BOSIKE Pool and Spa Test Strips are extremely affordable for any user. Along with accuracy, you will be getting a reasonable price to make your investment more persistent.


  • Comes with accuracy and a reasonable price
  • Has a wide application of usage
  • Convenient for all water chemical testing 
  • Results are high precision and positive 
  • Grants a longer shield life


  • Strip colors do not match from time to time

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5. Test Assured Bulk Water Hardness Test Strips

Test Assured Bulk Water Hardness Test Strips - 15 Second Results Reading from 0ppm to 500ppm - Easy...

Test Assured Bulk Water Hardness Test Strips are commendable products since they can result in just 15 seconds. Isn’t that amazing? To get fresh results, you must go for a Test Assured Water Tester. Even if you have low impurities, Bulk Hardness strips will help to solve your problems.

Our family deserves protection from contaminated water. And, it’s high time we start taking prevention with the best water test strips like Test Assured Bulk Water Strips.

Reliable results 

Test Assured Strips is a fun alternative to experiment for home, school, classroom, etc. Along with school experiments, you can also try it out in your home, expecting definite, fast, and reliable results. 

Compares hard and soft water

All age groups can use this water hardness test kit following full instructions. Here, you will get every important element to scan your drinking water. Also, your remaining strips will stay full fresh inside the reseal bag. 

Convenient color chart

There is a large color chart available with Test Assured Water Hardness Test Strips. Hence, distinguishing test results won’t bother you at all.

Water Quality 

Dip your test strip inside water and make a comparison of strip color with a color chart. With a clear-cut result, you will barely see any complexity in your test without any doubt.


  • Checks out low impurities 
  • Gives quick and reliable results 
  • A fun alternative to experiment 
  • Keeps remaining strips full fresh


  • All strips are not oriented in the same direction 

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6. ULTIMATE 14-in-1 Drinking Water Test Kit

ULTIMATE 14-in-1 Drinking Water Test Kit, Testing Strips for Hardness, Chlorine, Fluoride, Trace...

Life20 water test kit is the ultimate solution to find out if there is any contamination in your water or not. Their color pads provide 99% accuracy at a very low cost with fast results. In fact, you can know what kind of water you are drinking in a snick. 

There is nothing to stress if your water is from a filter, bottle, tap, softener, or pitcher. Once you purchase ULTIMATE 14-in-1 Drinking Water Test Kit, problems regarding water hardness will be far away from you.

Trace heavy metals

Household drinking water moves to great risk because of heavy metals. Thereupon, water test kits carry a huge responsibility to remove traces of heavy metals. And, trust me, you will not get any better option than life20 water test strips to budge trace problems. 

Kitchen and bathroom faucets

Water efficiency is an essential thing for bathing, showering, and ingesting water. So, make sure you have clean water every single time. As a result, the Ultimate 14 in 1 test kit can help you to assure what kind of water you are having in your kitchen and bathroom faucets. 

Simple usage

There is a simple instruction on how you can use this water test kit given in the manual. Consequently, your visual and straightforward results will appear to you shortly in just 60 seconds. 


  • The ultimate solution to find contamination 
  • Provides 99% accuracy in low cost
  • Identifies traces from heavy metals 
  • Very much easy to use


  • Reading is inaccurate 
  • Sheerness is faulty

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7. VARIFY Premium Water Hardness Test Kit

Premium Water Hardness Test Kit | Fast and Accurate Hard Water Quality Testing Strips for Water...

While looking for a Premium Water Hardness Test Kit, VARIFY store deserves to be in first. Accurate, fast, and hard quality testing strips are the essence here. Your pool, spa, well, dishwasher, and water softener will have a true friend if you put VARIFY test kit in your acquisition. 

Now you can save your time getting quick results from the Premium Test Kit. Dip your strip inside water and see what color you got after comparing it with the large color chart. Instead of visiting stores, you can easily try your experiment at home with VARIFY Premium Water Hardness Test Kit.

Easy reading results 

There is an oversized color chart with this kit to ensure effortless reading for anyone. Likewise, you will need to distinguish your results with red to green colors in a value of 0-25 GPG and 0-425 PPM.

Extended shelf life

Extended shelf life will be just in your capture if you have VARIFY test kit with you. 

With a ready-to-use bottle, you will get a nice sealed pouch of 50 strips, after using your initial strips, vacant your refill pouch into a bottle and test your water confidently. 

Sealed for reliability 

VARIFY Premium Test Kit guarantees the freshness of water with absolute reliability. Without being late, go and get this product to meet excellent upshots.


  • Strips are accurate, fast, and hard quality 
  • Saves time with quick results 
  • Ensures an effortless reading
  • Shelf life is long-lasting
  • Guarantees freshness and absolute reliability of water


  • Adjusting softeners is a bit hard

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8. Hofun Drinking Water Test Kit

16 in 1 Drinking Water Test Kit - Hofun Professional Hardness Testing Kits, Tap and Well Water Test...

Hofun is a 16 in 1 Water Drinking Test Kit with exemplary major functions. Covering the main influencing factors, Hofun test kit will put your hot tub, swimming pool, water drinking quality at par.

Let us see what’s more inside Hofun’s package.

Extra accessories and easy operation 

You can equip your Hofun spa kit with any test tube or dropper. Certainly, all water pollution will disappear following smooth function.

There is no question to have about easy operations when it’s about the Hofun water test kit.

Wide usage

Water inspections have a wide range. Since the Hofun test kit comes with 16 in 1 test strips, you can use it in almost every water source. Like- industrial wastewater, aquarium, pond, spa, hot tub, pool, drinking water, and many more.

Scientific water test strips

Hofun specifies measuring and testing water in a determined way. Here, all strips are reliable and persuade accuracy in the testing of water quality. 

Perfect value for money

In an absolute economy, Hofun test strips last long for 6 months with no barrier. Even if you test your water 2 times a week, this water test kit will keep its consistency throughout. Due to convenient operation, you can save a lot of time also.


  • Disappears all kinds of water pollution 
  • Eases operation with extra accessories 
  • Adapts in a wide range of water inspection 
  • Great for all water sources
  • Lasts long with convenient features


  • Too much usage can deteriorate the strips
  • Maneuverability is complex

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9. TOP LINE Total Hardness Test Strips

200 Strips - Water Hardness Test Strips 0-425 ppm (mg/L) (Mega Pack) - Hard Water Test Kit - Total...

TOP LINE Total Hardness Test Strips are an outstanding alternative for various applications, such as dishwashers, spas, water pools, laundry, aquariums, drinking water, well water, water softener systems, and so forth. 

You can easily know your hard water test range in parameters between 0 and 425 ppm. All the bottles here contain clear prints of minutes featuring date, number, and expiration date. Thereby you can have an assertion of safe use.

Accurate and easy to use

After removing 1 strip, close your bottle immediately. Then immerse your strip into a bottle for a couple of seconds and take it out from the solution. Now, you have to hold your strip horizontally for 1 minute. 

Are the results matching your recommended range of color charts? Obviously yes. I am dead sure you are going to have accurate and reliable results from here.

200 test strips per bottle

TOP LINE test kit comprises a splash-proof where you will get extra durability being wastewater-resistant. Besides, protection will be in your whole grasp with calcium hardness test strips. 

No need to bother getting your fingers wet. In addition, the strips will help you to examine your process in a simple step with long sizes. 

Value pack

200 test strips in each bottle will aid you with a perfect solution and great value.


  • Outstanding alternative for water applications 
  • Can measure all hard water ranges
  • Gives an assertion of safe use
  • Grants extra durability 
  • Offers good with long strips


  • Some products seem outdated
  • Composite for softeners 

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10. Eco Home Water Hardness Test Kit

Water Hardness Test Kit, TH Precise Pool Water Test Kit, Water Softener Spa Kit with Test Tube...

Eco Home Water Hardness Test Kit is a famous product for being a criterion in water quality. Hurdles of reading results will not touch you with a complete instruction card with Eco Home’s water test kit.

All containers of this water tester hold sufficient drops and perform numerous hardness tests. Depending on your water hardness, the Eco Home tester will smoothly reveal everything. 

Readable color chart

Taking help from the color chart, you can distinguish your test results from red to blue. An indication is also important here. So, make sure you have a permanent color matching with your color chart. 

Maybe, blue can remain unaffected. So, do not count the blue drop in your water test.

Each drop test 

Tirant water hardness test drops showcase fast and exact results. All water sources go great with this water tester. For example- hot tubs, well water, taps, nozzles, pools, spas will be suitable for Eco Home’s test kit.

Accessible use

One main thing about Eco Home’s water test kit is, its usage is very accessible. Instant results will come to your grip if you follow clear instructions from the product’s given chart.


  • Meets all criteria of water quality 
  • Keeps no hurdle in reading results 
  • Can perform numerous hardness test 
  • Goes great will many water sources
  • Usage is simple and accessible 


  • Guidelines are missing now and then

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Buying Guide For Best Water Hardness Test Kit

best water hardness test kit

There are lots of potential water hardness test kits available in the market. Each of them grabs our eyes for different fundamental features. 

However, we must choose a product where all facilities gather at once. I don’t think it’s something impossible to get. All you need is, look for some qualities in your hardness kit. 

Water Source

First and foremost, you have to decide what kind of water you are going to test. A well water or public supply water?

Because some water testers work in specific water sources, like- well, pool, and public water supply.

Whereas some testers adapt everywhere. If your water type is rare, you must go for a product that suits all sources.

DIY Test

In a DIY test, all steps are dependent on you, how you perform. You will have to dip your strips into the water and see if the color changes or not. Accordingly, the best quality strips matter a heap. At last, you can barely see any hurdle in your test.


What if your water hardness tester rejects to provide accurate results in your journey? To make sure you don’t face this problem, check out customer’s feedback and reviews. You can simply gain knowledge about the product by knowing its outcome so far.

Ease of use

A perfect water testing kit can save you from problems during your DIY test. I will say, do not compromise in features when it’s your first time. Follow every trait given in the product’s manual and then proceed step by step. As we know, comfort is equally important, don’t miss this feature.


Not all water test kits can detect similar types of impurities. In general, cheap kits perform normal tests detecting one or two different impurities. As there are numerous contaminants in water, you should choose a kit to grasp up those hurdles fast. 

Go for a good quality test kit instead of bothering with price evaluation, though the cost may seem high.

How do you use a water hardness test kit?

best water hardness test kit

Unwanted minerals like- magnesium, calcium increase the hardness in the water supply. In such situations, there will be no way out except for using a water hardness test kit. 

And, of course, we are going to tell you how you can simply use such kits.

How you can measure

Grains per gallon or gpg refers to the measurement of water hardness. You can also determine in milligrams (mg) of calcium (Ca). Again, parts per million or ppm expose hardness. 

Take a sample of your water in a small glass bottle having a tight cap. A dip bar of dish soap also is required in measuring. 

Add a few drops of soap into the water and make suds by shaking your bottle. You can easily judge with grains if there is any hardness or not.

Test strips

Following the previous method, fill your bottle with a small amount of water from your bathroom sink. Then insert your test strips and keep them for two seconds. Remember not to insert strips into running water. Results appear inaccurate at that time.

When your strip changes color, compare it with the color chart from your kit. If the color matches, you are having some sort of hardness in your water.

Determining numbers

Usually, we find it difficult to know where our water hardness stacks up. If the hardness level is somewhere 13 grains, you have tough water in your household. Likewise, 17 grains make it extremely hard. 

Now, what’s the ideal level of grains? 

A 7 grain of hardness gives assurance of a perfect hardness level in the water.

What is a water hardness test?

best water hardness test kit

Why does water hardness occur? In simple words, water hardness means dissolved amounts of magnesium and calcium in the water.

How did you feel when washing your hands last time? Was the water hard? Was there any film of residue on your hands? 

Soaps react with calcium and rather form soap scrums in hard water. Thus, you will need more detergent and soap to use hard water. Their residues are a bit unsightly but not dangerous.

In particular, domestic and industrial users are more concerned about water hardness. When you boil such water, a solid deposit of calcium carbonate will start to form. 

Keep in mind; hard water plays a great role in reducing the life of the equipment. Furthermore, your cost of heating water will rise eventually. 

Sometimes, your coffee maker can suffer from mineral builbuild-ups. So, not to lower your electric water heater efficiency, check out the hardness of water at frequent times.

A benefit you can get from hard water is a good diet. We human beings demand essential minerals in our bodies. Being a contributor of magnesium and calcium, hard water can help you to stay healthy lifelong. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I test my water hardness level?

A simple soap test kit is absolute to measure water hardness in grains. You just need to fill one-third of your bottle and add a few drops of liquid soap. After you shake them vigorously, the distinct lack of fluffy bubbles will be apparent to you. Therefore, you can easily understand if your water is hard or not by seeing cloudy or milky textures. 

What is a good water hardness number?

Water hardness at a level of 100- 300 PPM is acceptable in most matters. But, all that depends is which city you live in and what kind of treatment your water plant has decided.

How do you test if water is hard or soft?

To test hardness, you will need a glass of cold water from your bathroom sink. Then insert the test strip and keep for some seconds and take out shortly. Now, compare your strip color with the given color chart. If it matches, you are clear that there is weirdness which measures in grains per gallon. 

What are the signs of hard water?

There are some specific signs to determine if your water is hard or not. Such as- 

  • Feeling film on hands, especially after washing
  • Certain spots on glasses and silverwares 
  • Appearing mineral stains
  • Low water pressure 
Are our water hardness test strips accurate?

You can get 150 water hardness test strips from JNW. These strips are more accurate than any other normal strips. As a result, you will hardly find any complaint against their test strips’ accuracy. So yeah, a good quality water hardness test strip is accurate for sure.

Final Verdict 

Weren’t all the products epic? But still, more choices create confusion in our minds. Let’s make it more clear for you. Giving the title of best water hardness test kit, Eco home, and Hofun is worth a second thought. 

At all events, we don’t want a mediocre product in our possession. As a chief solution, I will suggest you go for Eco Home’s water tester. Again, if you are concerned about your budget too, life20’s water test kit can also be a good item.

Censuring all the products and their features, choose your most favorite one and enjoy a good experience. Take care.