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Best Transistor Tester Review & Buying Guide

Are you an enthusiast of electronics? If you are, then you have obviously heard of Transistor Testers. They are used in detecting the electronic nature of transistors & other components. For having a precise measurement & quick reading, you must own the best transistor tester available in the market.

While having the least knowledge about an in-circuit transistor tester can make their purchase quite hassling for you. Numerous models are swarming all over & picking the best one can be tricky. Hence, we have come up with this illustrative review article mentioning five of the best ones in the business. I hope you will find it helpful so that your understanding of their features & usability gets better.

Our Favorite Transistor Tester

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Top 5 Best Transistor Tester

1. Transistor Tester, DROK Mosfet Transistor Capacitor Tester

Transistor Tester, DROK Mosfet Transistor Capacitor Tester, Mega328 NPN PNP Transistor Diode...

The DROK Mosfet Transistor Tester is the best transistor tester happens to be a multi-functional tester with a wide range of applications. It offers numerous features as well, including a 1.8” TFT colored LCD with high resolution. This monitor will help you to see different parameters even in shiny daylight & darkness too. 

With the help of an automatic detection system, it can identify NPN & PNP transistors while doing N-channel & P-channel MOSFET, resistors, capacitors, diodes, thyristors, etc. Moreover, a DC9V battery is the power supply of the monitor. There is an auto shut-down function available with the transistor checker as well. You can extend the countdown time of the shut-down to 40 seconds.     


  • Versatile Application:

The transistor tester is a multifunctional kit that has a wide range of application availability. You can use it as a triode tester, FET (Field-Effect Tube), resistor, diode, inductor, capacitor, SCR, MOS, etc. 

  • LCD Digital Display:

It features a 1.8” large LCD digital screen that comes with a high resolution. The parameters are displayed in several colors on the screen to make it easy & convenient for the user.

  • Automatic Identification:

This amazing Transistor Tester kit is available with an automatic identification system in it. With the help of such an intelligent process, it can detect NPN/PNP transistors doing N/P-channel MOSFET, capacitors, diodes, resistors, etc.

  • Battery Powered & Auto Shut-Down:

The checker gets its power supply from a DC9V battery. It also offers an auto shut-down feature & the countdown can be manually set up which extends to 40 seconds.  


  • Versatile use
  • Large LCD display
  • Automatic transistor identification
  • Good battery life


  • The battery is not included

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2. BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester SMD Components Meter

BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester SMD Components Meter Mega328 NPN/PNP Diode Triode...

The BSIDE ESR02 PRO Digital Transistor Tester is one of the preferable multifunctional testing kits. Having a tweezer makes it easy to use & enhances its effectiveness. Besides, this is a suitable choice for both SMD & plug-in components as well. The multifunctionality of this tester covers a wide range of applications. Besides, An automatic identification system enables it to act as a smart checker with great detecting performance.  

It comes at a quite affordable price & provides many features that make it worthy of its value. There is a table (typical ESR value of electrolytic capacitor) available at its back which betters the understanding of the user while using the tool. It comes with an LCD having a backlight for easier reading. Moreover, two power & test buttons are set on both sides of the tester so that you can use both your hands to operate on them.       


  • Wide Range Of Application:

This Transistor Tester kit offers versatile functionality that makes it a standout tool. You can use it for testing MOSFET, triodes, thyristors, etc. Besides, you can also use this checker to analyze any device type or pin polarity, the output of the HFE, valve voltage, EFT junction capacitance, etc.  

  • Automatic Detection:

The smart identifying system allows the user to detect transistors ( NPN & PNP), MOSFET of both N-channel and P-channel, different types of thyristors, resistors, capacitors, diodes & many more automatically.  

  • ESR Value Table:

A typical ESR Table with electrolytic capacitor valuest comes with this transistor tester placed behind the display. It acts as an indication & helps the user with a better understanding of the device. 

  • Auto Power-Off System:

One of the coolest features of this tool is its auto power-off option. If there is no functioning of it for 10 seconds straight, then the tester shuts off on its own to save energy.     


  • Versatile applications
  • Comes with a tweezer for better use
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Test/Power buttons are on both sides


  • Batteries aren’t attached
  • Less return period

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3. ICQUANZX LCR TC1 ESR Tester Transistor

ICQUANZX LCR TC1 ESR Tester Transistor Inductance Capacitance Resistance ESR Meter

This model of Transistor Tester features a self-calibration functionality that makes it comparatively special than the rest ones. Detecting several components is a common use of it, just like any other checker in this list. In addition to that, it is also used in identifying Infra-Red (IR) waveforms & Zener Diode too.

It comes with an automatic detection & shut-off system. This tester has a one-button operation process, whereas by pressing the multifunction button, you can also close it. However, the display will show IR wave detection results upon the successful decode of the detector. Above all, it carries a precise level of craft and provides great performance.        


  • Multiple Functionality:

The LCR TC1 ESR Transistor Tester provides multiple usabilities. Likewise, the detection of transistors (NPN & PNP), MOSFET (P-Channel & N-Channel), diode, triode, capacitor, resistor, IGBT, JFET, triac, and battery, etc.  

  • Detection Of IR Waveforms:

The ability to detect Infra-Red waveforms is another unique feature of this tester. Upon the successful decode of the detector, the rising display will show the data code of the detection results. 

  • Automatic Detection & Shut-Off System:

An automatic detection & shutdown feature makes it a cool transistor checker. It tests various components automatically and after a certain idle period the detector shuts off on its own.  

  • User-Friendly Buttons:

It provides user-friendly buttons to make the job easier. A single button operation system can also be closed by pressing on the multifunctional button. 


  • Durable & user-friendly
  • Automatic detection & shutdown option
  • Single-button functionality
  • Can detect IR waveforms


  • No instruction manual is included

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4. KOOKYE Mega328 Transistor Tester Diode Triode Capacitance ESR Meter

KOOKYE Mega328 Transistor Tester Diode Triode Capacitance ESR Meter MOS/PNP/NPN L/C/R with Clear...

The KOOKYE Mega328 is an impressive in-circuit Transistor Tester that provides a wide range of useability. It is used to detect many electronic components, including transistors, diodes, thyristors, P-Channel & N-Channel MOSFET, capacitors, etc. This device also features an LCD having a backlight option available in it.

It does have a fast testing speed that allows it to perform a test within 2 seconds only (except for any measurement of large capacitance). However, before measuring the capacitance, the capacitor should remain discharged for the safety of the detector. Moreover, the auto power-off mode of this device helps with saving energy as well. Basically, it is quite a reliable & user-friendly device to work with. 


  • Diversified Application:

Offering a diversified range of applications is a great feature of this checker. You can use it in identifying transistors (NPN & PNP), diodes, thyristors, P-Channel & N-Channel MOSFET, capacitors & many other electronic components. 

  • High Test Speed:

This transistor tester comes with a very high testing speed. It can complete a test of any components within only the span of 2 seconds. However, any large capacitance measurement may take a bit more time than that. 

  • Sharp Measurement:

It is not only fast in testing duration but also happens to be providing accurate results. The tester can measure a resistance resolution of 0.1 ohms & 50M ohms easily. 

  • Auto Power Consumption Off Mode:

The KOOKYE Mega328 comes with an automatic power consumption off mode. It configures less than 20 nA of 10. The auto power-off mode doesn’t let any waste of energy happen. Hence, such a feature saves the battery & improves its lifetime. 


  • Accurate measurement
  • User-friendly
  • Single button operation
  • Energy saving auto power-off mode


  • View angle isn’t straight
  • Display with a bit poor contrast

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5. Aideepenn High Precision TC-T7-H Transistor Tester

Aideepen High Precision Transistor Tester T7 TC-T7-H Multifunctional Graphic 128 TFT LCD Display...

This multifunctional transistor tester performs a self-test with automatic calibration. It happens to be a very essential & effective tool for detecting components like transistors (NPN and PNP), MOSFET (N-channel and P-channel), diode (also double diode), thyristors, resistors, capacitors, BJT, and many others. There is a TFT graphic display available with it too. 

Supporting the IR detection & decoder is one of many other interesting features of this tester. Moreover, the checker comes with a micro USB interface & the inclusion of an external 5V battery is also recommended. The automatic detection & shutdown option makes it even better as a tester. The manufacturer launched the device along with a 6-month warranty & ensuring 24/7 customer service.     


  • TFT Graphic Display:

The Aideepenn TC-T7-H Transistor Tester features a multifunctional TFT graphic LCD having dimensions of (160×128). Besides, the display shows the measurement results of it detecting many electronic components as well. 

  • Automatic Shutdown:

Upon completing IR decoding & components detection, the tester gets shut down automatically once it reaches the shut-off time.  

  • IR Decoder Supporting:

This transistor tester kit supports the detection or coding of Infra-Red (IR) waveforms. After the detection completion,n the display will show the code & data upon the successful decoding of them.  

  • USB Interface & Battery: 

It comes with a standard micro USB interface. Besides, a built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium battery is included with the detector too. But for better & safe functioning of the detector, it is suggested that you should use a 5V ion battery or USB power changing.   


  • TFT graphic display is available
  • Comes with a standard micro USB interface
  • Auto-shutdown feature
  • Easy to use & budget-friendly
  • Rechargeable lithium battery


  •  Can not read low pF caps

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Best Transistor Tester Buying Guide

best transistor tester

After going through the features & details of the listed products, you have surely understood that they are some of the many best devices in the business. Transistor testers are widely used electronic component checkers that there is a huge variety of them available in the market. Therefore, choosing the best one can be utterly tricky for you. We have come up with a suggestive buying guide while mentioning the key factors so that you can elbow out such a dilemma. Hopefully, it will make your job quite easier. 


No matter which Transistor tester model you want to buy, the first criteria you should look for its application range. So, if you like to have fun with electronic components at your home & expect versatility from the checker, then purchase the one that would offer all possible features.  


Before buying any technical things, being ensured about the quality is a must. Purchasing a good quality transistor tester is very important. In a transistor checker, quality depends on its efficiency, precision level, easy usability, reliable readings, durability & many more.    


The importance of having a great display on your checker is quite a lot. Not always, the regular LCD monitor performs great, especially under decent lighting. Besides, the traditional black & white display also causes trouble with a clear sight sometimes. Hence, color screens are always preferred. Besides, nowadays,s transistor testers are available with graphical display, makings the whole thing a lot conveniently comfortable.   


The use of the battery depends on your choice. While using the tester, if the power supplying sources are near, you don’t need a battery. But if you are looking for a portable detector, then having a good one is a must. Usually, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery seems the best on, but you have to keep the charger in your hand.  


Buying a transistor tester at a good price is always an issue. But you must keep in mind that purchasing the tool has to fulfill your purpose solely & you should spend accordingly. A checker costs as little as $10 & also can get to three times pricey than that. So, first, have clarity about your requirements and then choose the right one according to your budget.  

How To Use Transistor Tester On Multimeter

Testing a suspected faulty bipolar transistor (NPN or PNP) using a Digital Multimeter is an easy & fast task to do. Although some of the DMMs have an in-built transistor checking function available. If your one does have this feature, all you have to do is plug your transistor into the socket of the DMM & set it to the appropriate mode. Even if your multimeter doesn’t have such a function, you should know that you can easily test your transistor with the ‘Diode’ checking to set. 

Here, we have briefly described the steps involving a multimeter’s use to check the Transistor Tester.

Base to Emitter

Let the Base of the transistor get hooked with the positive lead of the multimeter first. Then hook the Emitter with the multimeter’s negative lead. A voltage drop between 0.45V & 0.9V will indicate that the Transistor (NPN) is good, whereas, in the case of checking, a PNP Transistor Over Limit (OL) will be observed. 

Base to Collector

In this case, hook the positive lead to the Base & the negative lead to the Collector of the transistor. The transistor (NPN) can be claimed as a good one if the multimeter displays a voltage drop within the range of 0.45V to 0.9V. Again. An Over Limit will declare the same for a PNP transistor.  

Emitter to Base

Place the positive lead on the Emitter & the negative lead on the Base this time. Now an opposite occurrence will take place. For a well-functioning NPN Transistor, you’ll see Over Limit (OL) & the PNP Transistor would show a voltage drop within 0.45V & 0.9V.  

Collector to Base

Now hook the multimeter’s positive lead to the Collector & the negative lead to the base of the transistor. An Over Limit (OL) will be seen for a good NPN type Transistor, whereas voltage drop within 0.45V & 0.9V will occur for checking PNP type Transistor. 

Collector to Emitter 

Upon hooking the Collector to the positive lead of the DMM & placing the negative one to the Emitter, and OL (Over Limit) will indicate for good NPN or PNP Transistor both. If you swap the leads between the Collector & Emitter, the reading will remain the same.

If your Transistor (Bipolar) measures anything other than these readings, it indicates that the device has gone bad.    


How does a transistor tester work?

The peak of the detector should touch the component that would be tested. A neon lamp then takesa tinyl light circuit and then uses the user’s body as a capacitance to the earth for completing the circuit. Transistor testers do have all the essential controls to measure proper voltage & current etc. They are designed to test the solid-state diodes too. 

What is transistor testing?

The testing of a transistor depends on whether a bipolar transistor can comprise two consecutive diodes. Moreover, for the certainty of the basic integrity of a transistor, you can perform the diode test while using an analog multimeter. The test takes place between the base & collector and the base & the emitter of the transistor.

What are the different types of transistors?

There are mainly two types of transistors available. One is BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistors), and the other is FET (Field Effect Transistors). Although, the BJTs are also classified into two different transistors (NPN and PNP).

Which device is used for transistor testing?

Basically, a circuit checker is used to test whether a previously well-performing transistor is still operational or not. The amplifying ability of a transistor is considered as its performance’s rough index. It works as an indication for a technician to know if a transistor is dead or functional.

How do you test for a bad transistor?

Plug the red colored probe in every three leads successively. When touched by the black probe, if the two other leads fail to provide similar reading, the transistor is proved to be PNP & which isn’t good. 


If you are interested in dealing with electronic components, you know the importance of having a quality transistor tester. It makes things quite easier & measuring stuff becomes fun. We hope our detailed best transistor tester review will help you better understand the checkers and work as a suggestive thing when you purchase one. Although you can pick any transistor tester kits from our list, they are surely among the best ones.

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