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9 Best Digital Inclinometer Reviews

Regardless of whether you are a carpenter or just someone who is about to do some work in your home, the best digital inclinometer is perhaps one of the most valuable devices that you can have.

They are utilized for works such as cutting angles. You will need a digital inclinometer at some point in your life, even if you don’t plan to carry out a big task.

According to an old proverb, measuring out and planning is the key to work successfully.

Materials are costly and an estimation fault can expand the expenses of your DIY project. To overcome these errors, you need to ensure that your measurements are accurate.

Fortunately, there is a way to ensure this.

Using a digital inclinometer will reduce the percentage error in your work and make your work easier. Even if you have laser-focused eyes, your eyes won’t be able to measure as accurately as these digital inclinometers.

Top Picks : 5 Best Digital Inclinometer

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Best Digital Inclinometer Comparison Table

Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Angle Finder Helps to check all angles Used for welding Portable
Digital Angle Finder by TickTockToolsGrips to any surface Easy-to-read display Magnetic base
Neoteck Digital Angle FinderSmall and lightweight Shows many units Fits in small spaces
FOLAI Digital Level ProtractorFeatures four units for measuring Precise Versatile
5. CO-Z Digital Level and Angle FinderRuns for 50 hours Uses one battery Lightweight
eOUTIL Digital Protractor/InclinometerEasy to use Attaches to a curved surface Comes in a portable box
RISEPRO Digital InclinometerFeatures backlight Powered by 2 AAA batteries Finds the exact angle
TOBABYFAT 0-360° LCD Digital ProtractorThe range is 0-360 degrees Easy to read the numbers Huge LCD screen
M-D 92346 Smart Tool Digital InclinometerHuge range of measuring Measures to the nearest decimal point User-friendly gadget
URPRO Digital InclinometerSimple attachment to objects Shuts down automatically Several units of measurement

Top 10 Best Digital Inclinometer Reviews- 2022

1. Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Angle Finder 

Calculated Industries 7434 AccuMASTER 2-in 1 Magnetic Digital Level and Angle Finder / Inclinometer...

For carpentry, this instrument may be used as both a bevel gauge and a digital level. It is used to calculate angles in woodworking as a bevel gauge.

The AccuMASTER is small enough to fit into tight spaces, helping you to get the dimensions you need to finish your build. It may even be used for welding, and even aligning the tires in automobiles.

With the Set Zero function, you can check all kinds of angles between surfaces and use it as a portable true digital stage.

The display can easily be inverted, and this makes it easy to take measurements from any angle.


  • Easy to use interface: The vivid backlit Stay glow(TM) monitor on the AccuMASTER will never cause you to be left in the dark, and the huge numbers make it easy to understand. No more estimating measurements; this useful gadget provides accurate figures so you can confidently take precise measurements.
  • Firm magnetic base: This digital protractor can quickly and securely mount to the miter saw, band saw, and table saw blades thanks to its strong magnetic foundation. It’s also suitable for use on fences, decks, and other metallic surfaces. You won’t have to think about keeping the instrument in place when taking measurements thanks to the powerful magnet.
  • Features an additional pouch: The device also comes with a protective pouch and a belt loop.


  • Resistant to dust and water
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Features 2 AAA batteries


  • Feels cheap

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2. Digital Angle Finder by TickTockTools

Digital Angle Finder by TickTockTools - Magnetic Mini Level and Bevel Gauge - Woodworking with Table...

A zero feature to measure angles and a hold feature to freeze readouts are included in this multi-purpose optical angle gauge with the best 3-button functionality.

It has a solid magnetic foundation for precise measurements and cuts that will make your woodworking, carpentry work, fabrication, and other tasks easier.

In addition to other surfaces, it conveniently grips to miter saw blades, protractor tables, etc.

With a 360-degree rotating radius, this durable mini tool can be used as an inclinometer, protractor, level, and bevel scale, among other things. It features a big, easy-to-read LCD with a backlight that rotates digits 180 degrees for overhead calculations, rendering even the most complicated tasks simple and painless.


  • Portable and sturdy device: A tough carrying case is included to protect your device from excessive damage and to allow you to store it with your other tools in the toolbox without fear of injury. You can conveniently carry this extremely compact and durable precision instrument everywhere you go. Many typical tools would not work like this precise device.
  • Features AAA battery: For your ease, one long-lasting AAA battery is included, so you won’t have to wait until you can get to the store. You won’t have to borrow batteries from your children’s toys either.
  • Comes with a warranty: The multi-purpose optical angle finder with level and bevel gauge comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year free replacement warranty from the seller.


  • Fits into small places
  • Strong magnetic foundation
  • Takes accurate measurements


  • Not easy to use

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3. Neoteck Digital Angle Finder

Neoteck Digital Angle Finder, Backlight LCD Digital Angle Gauge Protractor Inclinometer Bevel Box,...

This Digital Angle Finder, with a strong reinforced magnet on the bottom that secures the connection to any iron surface, is designed to measure the inclination between two surfaces.

It acts as a true digital level for nooks and crannies. This digital inclinometer for sale is small and portable, so it is easy to carry.

The LCD is clear and bright which makes the numbers on the display easy to read and understand. It shows the bevel in degrees, in mm, and other units. The waterproof device weighs 70 g.


  • A hole for hanging: The digital inclinometer features a hole so that you can hang the device easily. The device is designed for industrial purposes and it measures the inclinometer level accurately.
  • The handy tool can get in between handrails and even measure the level of incline of sloping surfaces.
  • Unique mechanical lock and backlit display: The lock knob keeps the lock in place. It even comes with an LED display that ensures that the numbers can be read very easily. The numbers on the display can be seen even in low light.
  • High level of accuracy: It measures the level of incline precisely. The measuring precision is ±0.5 degrees. The angle can be increased or lowered by 0.1 degrees. The range of the angle that can be measured ranges from 0-225 degrees.


  • Allows to measure on a horizontal or vertical level
  • Turns off automatically after 3 minutes of no usage
  • Features 2 AAA batteries


  • Does not give proper readings after a few uses

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4. FOLAI Digital Level Protractor

Digital Level Protractor Inclinometer Magnetic Level Angle Meter Angle Finder Level Box Angle...

If you’re a woodworker, an engineer, or just a floor installer, you’ll need precise equipment to get the job done right.

When it comes to optical inclinometers, there is no exception. When looking for these resources, precision should be a top priority.

While most digital angle finders are considered to be extremely accurate, not all of the models on the market are. However, the FOLAI inclinometer is an exception.

This is the best digital inclinometer in the market. This unique digital inclinometer comes with four units for measuring. The level of inclination can be measured in degrees, mm, feet/inches, and in percentage.


  • Measures angle accurately: In some cases, you will need to measure very small angles. To do this with precision, you will need a precise tool. You can press the “Hold” button to save the measurements of angles. It records and checks the data with convenience. Some tools have a wider measuring range which makes them versatile. This tool measures a wider range, 4×90 degrees.
  • Best magnetic base: The tool features the best magnetic base which allows it to stick to any iron surface. The magnetic base runs due to the 2 AAA batteries and the low battery consumption feature.
  • Versatile tool: It can be used for a wide variety of tasks and applications. For example, this device is used for carpentry, construction, and in many other areas.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight design
  • Beast LCD
  • Green backlight ensures you can read easily


  • You need to check the measured angle multiple times

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5. CO-Z Digital Level and Angle Finder

CO-Z Digital Level and Angle Finder, Angle Gauge and Protractor, Inclinometer, Box, Magnetic Base...

This optical angle gauge can be applied to any ferrous metal surface thanks to its magnetic foundation.

This magnetic miter gauge is made of aluminum alloy and ABS. It is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport from place to place.

This energy-saving level gauge will run for more than 50 hours on a single 1.5V AAA battery.

This product is very simple to use thanks to the magnetic base and zero adjustment function. A simple set of instructions, as well as a convenient carrying case, are included with the package.


  • It can be used as an angle finder: The sensitivity of the last degree, which is between 0 and 90, is double that of the other degrees. Setting the angle can be tricky since any vibration can force the sensor to change. As a result, pressing the “zero” button and keeping the blade from vibrating will take some time while setting the scale to zero. Even then, squaring the bandsaw foundation didn’t take long. It can be easily used as an angle finder for vertical objects.
  • Lightweight and portable: This magnetic miter gauge is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport from worksite to job site. It is made of aluminum alloy and ABS.
  • Unique add-on features: The sensor has been upgraded for use by professionals. A tilt Gauge or Inclinometer is used to check the angles between surfaces.


  • Large display screen and backlighting
  • Works at a range of 4×90 degrees
  • Upgraded digital inclinometer sensor


  • Feels too lightweight and seems fake

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6. eOUTIL Digital Protractor/Inclinometer

Angle Gauge, eOUTIL Digital Protractor/Inclinometer/Angle Finder with V-Groove Magnetic Base -...

Compared to the older bubble vial options, this is much easier to use. The flexibility and precision of the digital level make it a must-have gadget.

The V-Groove hard magnetized base on the bevel gauge allows you to stick the cube to any metallic object, even curved surfaces.

Adjusting the angle of inclination of all kinds of saws, setting up tool settings on lathes, measuring drainage inclination and run-off slopes, and aligning tractors are all typical uses.

Every year, eOUTIL develops and releases new professional and DIY products as well as electronic instruments. The strategic approach of eOUTIL is guided by product growth.


  • Special magnetic feature: The built-in magnets allow for safe connection to any magnetic surface, and the zero-setting buttons will calibrate again when the tool is attached to any new surface.
  • Easy to read the numbers: The interactive inclinometer’s features are a vital thing to think about. Any of the best optical inclinometers will have a screen that displays the readings. When you see a model with a lot of different buttons and settings, make sure you can figure out how to do it straight away. This optical inclinometer, on the other hand, has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Comes with a handy box: The box is lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to carry it from place to place.


  • Helps to find the angle accurately
  • Measures angle between the flat surface and an object very easily
  • Shuts down automatically after 5 minutes of no usage


  • Screen keeps inverting

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7. RISEPRO Digital Inclinometer

RISEPRO Digital Level Box Angle Gauge Protractor Inclinometer Bevel Box with Data Hold, Magnet Base...

Consider using the RISEPRO Inclinometer Digital Angle Finder to fix exact bevel angles miter saws and tables.

The magnetic base of this useful gadget mounts directly to metal blades, ensuring that they’re positioned at the right angle before you carry out your task.

The Inclinometer has a level and a backlight that makes it easier to see the numbers even in very low light.

The Inclinometer fits well on a tool belt, weighing just 11.2 ounces and measuring 6.9 inches long by 3.5 inches high, providing instant access every time you decide to change the level of inclination of a miter saw blade while making precise cuts.


  • Powerful magnetic base: Magnets are hidden at the bottom to ensure that it is accurate when weighing metal surfaces and that it is free of ingested metal dust.
  • Multiple units of measurement: There are multiple units of measurement in this device. This allows for consistency and precision. The units of measurement offered by this device are mm, m, inches, feet, percentage, and degrees.
  • Great specifications: The device allows a wide range for measuring. Angles starting from 0 to 360 degrees can be measured. It works at a temperature starting from 0 to 40 degrees. The tool is powered by 2 AAA alkaline batteries. It is also lightweight and weighs 71 g.


  • Features a backlight
  •  Easy to read the numbers
  • Built-in magnet allows it to attach easily
  • Zero buttons calibrate to any surface


  • Not very accurate

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8. TOBABYFAT 0-360° LCD Digital Protractor

0-360° LCD Digital Protractor Inclinometer Gauge Level Angle Finder Inclinometer Magnet Base (Black...

Your inclinometer must be capable of meeting your requirements. Any of the best optical inclinometers has a maximum measurement scale ranging from 180 to 360 degrees.

You may or may not require more than 180 degrees, depending on the kind of measuring job you’re doing.

However, in many cases, you will need to measure from a range of 0-360 degrees. In that case, this digital inclinometer will be handy.

In certain applications, you’ll need a method that can reliably calculate slight angles. Regardless of the application, using an instrument with a larger measurement range is recommended.

The majority of today’s optical angle finders have a measurement scale of 0 to 220 degrees. You will also get instruments that can reliably calculate angles greater than 220 degrees. It is highly advised that you choose this instrument because of its measuring range.


  • Easy to read and clean: When the instrument is rotated or placed in an upside-down position, the readings invert too. The tool also comes with a handy built-in magnet which makes it very easy to clean the gadget.
  • Made from light materials: It is also made from light aluminum which makes it lightweight and easy to carry. The light materials make it easy to carry and also portable.
  • Large LCD screen and backlight: The screen can be manually switched on or off. It also features a backlight.


  • Power saving mode
  • Convenient to take readings
  • There is data retention


  • Zero button does not work properly

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9. M-D 92346 Smart Tool Digital Inclinometer

Bon Tool Smart Tool Inclinometer (21-121),Matte black

Most levels only provide details at level (0 degrees) and plumb (90 degrees), so you’ll have to work a lot to visually center yourself between two lines with the help of bubbles.

You can do it with Smart Tool as well, but it also allows you to calculate digitally, visually, and with an actual number at any inclination angle, giving you a lot of range within 360 degrees.

As a result, adding a floor, stair rail, raising a roof, or assessing how far an old floor has shrunk is easier, faster, and more precise.

Smart Tool is an easy-to-use application. Simply click the on/off button, and Smart Tool will show the inclination of either surface to the nearest decimal point.


  • Versatile gadget: The flexibility of this device, which can be easily modified with only a screwdriver or a coin, can be enjoyed in almost any use. The patented Smart Tool field measurement system takes just a few minutes and requires only one press, a fairly flat surface, and a few minutes.
  • Easy to use: Smart Tool gives you two options for finding level and plumb. Use the sensitive bubble vials for short references. Use the Sensor Module’s digital monitor for extremely detailed work. It has a precision of 1/10 of a degree.
  • Offers accuracy: The tool offers accuracy as it reads to 0.1 degrees.


  • 3 in 1 mechanism
  • Turns off after 6 minutes of no use
  • Features a digital display


  • Breaks easily

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10. URPRO Digital Inclinometer

URPRO Digital Level Box Angle Gauge Protractor Inclinometer Bevel Box with Data Hold, Magnet Base,...

The big LCD monitor with a green backlight is easy to read and understand. It doesn’t matter if it is dark or if the lighting is low.

Magnets are hidden at the bottom ensure that it is accurate when weighing metal surfaces and that it is free of ingested metal dust.

The V-groove base allows for simple attachment to circular pipes. The job is made easier by the grooves on both ends.

The tool measures up to a range of 360 degrees. It measures at an accuracy of 0.1 degrees at 0 to 90 degrees, and it has an accuracy of 0.2 degrees for other angles. The inclinometer even offers relative and absolute measurements to be taken.


  • Turns off automatically after no use: Sometimes, it becomes a hassle to turn the device on and off again and again. This device comes with a perfect solution for those who think that this is a hassle. The device switches off automatically after 3 minutes of no use.
  • It has many units of measurement: The measurements can be taken in degrees, percentage, mm, m, inches, or even feet.
  • Wide variety of applications: It can be used to measure angles of slopes, angles of circular saws, angles of miter saws, and it can even be used to monitor the platform. It can be used for the alignment of grader and tractor work.


  • Attaches to any metallic surface
  • Can be attached to cylindrical pipes
  • Powerful magnetic base


  • Hard to set the reading back to zero

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Buying Guide

When looking for the best instrument, there are a few things to keep in mind. These digital inclinometers, unlike their manual equivalent, assist with a digital screen.

The digital level and protractor will maintain their location after you pick the desired angle, resulting in a precise and reliable calculation.

So, what are the things that you should search for in the best digital inclinometers? Here are a few criteria that need to be met.

  1. Easy to understand digital display:

If you’re going to buy a portable level/protractor, make sure it has an easy-to-read LED so you can see what you’re measuring.

This will save you time and effort, particularly if you’re juggling several projects. Some versions do come equipped with sunlight-readable LCDs/LEDs/displays.

  1. Accuracy is important:

If you need a precise angle calculation, digital levels and protractors are the way to go.

These instruments are extremely precise, measuring to about a tenth of a degree in most cases. For a manual angle finder, it will be unlikely.

A digital level or protractor becomes much more important if you’re working on a home improvement project like wood paneling.

  1. Battery life and memory

Besides, some versions have an auto-off feature that helps to save battery life. Many situations exist in which apparatuses are torn down and the digital level/protractor is no longer needed.

The gadget would be able to scale back and save battery power if it is set to auto-off. Finally, the perfect digital level/protractor would provide an excellent memory function for ensuring angles that the consumer needs.

  1. Great Features

If automated levels/protractors have such essential components, they can be very useful.

For example, you could look for a design with a locking indicator that encourages you to lock the gadgets at the desired angle.

How Do You Use A Digital Inclinometer?

As a readout unit, a digital inclinometer uses an Android smartphone with a standard Bluetooth system.

The new Android phones have a wide 800 x 480-pixel color display with a sensitive touch interface, making a digital inclinometer simple to understand.

  • Why is it easy to use?

After the joint has been taken to the full range of motion, the range of motion will be measured.

Place the inclinometer close to the joint to be tested, press the “alternate zero” button, shift the joint across its length, and then press the “hold” button. Read on to learn more about range-of-motion.

  • Calibrating the digital inclinometer:

After replacing the battery, the Digital Inclinometer must be configured. You can trigger a readjustment at any moment by pressing the ON/OFF button for 6 seconds. The device must be calibrated in four steps.

Place the device on a level surface with the appropriate lettering facing you. The “- 1 -” occurs as you press the ON/OFF button. ALTERNATE ZERO is pressed. The “- 1 -” starts blinking. Wait for the “- 2 -” to appear, which should take about six seconds.

Turn the unit to 180 degrees so that it is facing away from you (the lettering should be positioned appropriately). Align the edges or lines with the same edge or line. When you press the ALTERNATE ZERO button, the “- 2 -” begins to blink. Wait six seconds for the true angle to appear. The calibration has been completed.

  • Locking the reading:

Simply press the HOLD button to secure the reading when doing a calculation. The angle reading will be frozen, and you should take note of it. By pushing the HOLD button twice, you can turn off this function. You’ll now be able to see real-time angle ratios.

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What is an inclinometer used for?

  • Land surveying:

Hand-held clinometers are used for a wide range of surveying and measuring applications.

A clinometer is a tool used in land geological mapping to quickly determine the slope of a regional structure. It can also be used to evaluate caves. Clinometers are used to determine the height and decline of geologic formations when drilling for resources.

  • Used in forestry

Tree height can be measured with a clinometer using consistent techniques of forest management.

Clinometers are used by foresters to easily calculate the height of a tree or the percent gradient of a slope.

  • Measuring the elevation and depression

An inclinometer (also known as a clinometer) is a device that measures the slope/tilt and altitude of an object concerning gravity.

The effect is expressed as an angular unit (degrees, minutes, seconds, etc.) or as a percentage based on a perfect zero axis.

It is also used for the following purposes:

  • Notifying a machine user that it is about to topple.
  • Angles of elevation, slope, or incline, such as those seen on an embankment, are measured.
  • Slight variations in slopes are measured, which is useful for geophysics. For example, inclinometers are used to detect volcanic activity and to measure the extent of landslide activity.#

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  • What is the difference between a clinometer and an inclinometer?

The distinction between inclinometer and clinometer as nouns is that an inclinometer is a device that shows the angle of an airplane compared to the horizon, while a clinometer is a device that measures a longitudinal inclination, a gradient, or the altitude of a massive object (e.g. a building).

  • What are the different types of clinometers?

Angular clinometers, horizontal clinometers, protractor spirit inclinometers, and protractor square inclinometers are examples of clinometers or inclinometers. There are also mechanical spirit levels that are accessible. Cross, screw on and precision are the names of the mechanical ones.

  • What is the least count of the clinometer?

Clinometers have been used to determine the angle of an inclination concerning gravity. In a right-angled triangle, a clinometer is an instrument that is used to calculate the angle of height or angle from the floor. This is verified with a clinometer, which is of 1′ least count.

  • Who uses a clinometer?

Clinometers are used by geologists in the field to measure the height and inclination of stone walls, cliffs, and other geographical features. They often use it to analyze wells, which are geologic structures discovered through mineral resources exploration.

  • What is the purpose of the clinometer?

In a right-angled triangle, a clinometer is a device that is used to calculate the angle of altitude or angle from the surface. A clinometer can be used to calculate the height of tall objects that you can’t climb to the top of, such as flag posts, towers, and trees. They are also used for inclinometer aviation.

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Top Choice Digital Inclinometers

In terms of use, digital inclinometers are among the most useful instruments available today. While all angle finders are designed to calculate angles, not all angles are measured in the same way. As a result, some digital inclinometer models would be better suited for specific applications than others.

As you’ve seen in this guide for the best digital inclinometer, the appropriate angle finder should have a good interface, an easy-to-read monitor, a good measuring range, and be precise. This guide will assist you in purchasing the right digital inclinometer, regardless of the intended use. You can even opt for a dual digital inclinometer.

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