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5 Best USB Tester Reviews

A USB tester is one of the most useful devices you can get in most homes, especially in those homes that use electronics charged with USB. The device is used to measure the USB current, discharge capacity, voltage, charging speed, power, and other uses.  The devices can also be used to check the current state of low voltage or over voltage-current protection.

With all these advantages of the USB tester, you can quickly solve all the problems of USB charging, car charging, etc. If you are looking for the best devices that will keep your tablet safe from charger damage, it is high time you buy one of such devices. We have narrowed down the best device options available in the market to offer you the best solution.

Our Favorite USB Tester

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Top 5 Best USB Tester Review

1. USB C Tester, KJ-KayJI 2 in 1 Type C USB Tester Color Screen IPS Digital

USB C Tester,KJ-KayJI 2 in 1 Tester Color Screen IPS Digital...

This is one of the best 2-in-1 USB testers that can be used for both C and A ports, allowing users to test various devices. The device comes with all safety and performance features that will help you achieve your performance. It also comes with two outputs that can be used simultaneously, making it ideal if one has multiple devices to be charged simultaneously.


Upgraded IPS Color display screen- This tester features an upgraded version that offers an 8 IPS color screen displace interface that allows you to easily switch the display interface by clicking a key. The display monitors current, electric quantity, voltage, load impedance, capacity, D/D- voltage, and power.

Power output- This upgraded USB C power meter tester has a maximum voltage current of 32V/5.1A/150W. The device can monitor voltage, electric quantity, charging time, temperature, resistance, power, etc.

Protection features- The USB tester has Overload voltage protection, low voltage protection, and overcurrent protection functions that help keep your device safe and detect high or low current flow.

What we like

  • The USB tester is easy to use
  • It measures a wide variety of application
  • It is compatible with USB C and A ports
  • Easy to read and bright display

What we didn’t like

  • It comes with an instruction manual that is hard to read.

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2. DROK-300043 Digital Multimeter USB 2.0, Multifunctional Electrical Tester

DROK USB Tester, USB-A 2.0 Digital Multimeter Dual USB Output Ports PD QC 3.0 Color LED Display, 7...

Do you experience a challenge when charging your phone? Or do you want to know if your solar charger provides the best current to your mobile phone? If yes, then the DROK Digital multimeter tester is the best device to help you solve your problem. The device features a 7-mode USB monitor, dual-color LED, among other great features.


Excellent dual-color LED- The tester comes with a blue, and bright red color LED display, which is essential in monitoring the charge voltage and current of the digital USB, ensuring an optimal charge rate.

The 7-Mode USB Monitor features a voltage that measures DC 3. 20-30, and the current measure range 0. 00-3 to a maximum of 10A. It can also measure the power going to the phone, capacitance, and all these seven modes are operated with one button.

Wide application- The device can be used in over voltage and under voltage alarm, short circuit alarm, capacitance checking, overcurrent, among others. It can also be used to test the power quality of the cables and chargers.

Dual USB output- Two USB outputs come with this device, which can be used simultaneously. One output is used in data transfer and device charging, while the other is used for charging phones, tablet PCS, etc.


  • It features two ports that ensure that there is no mess in any connection
  • It is ideal in measuring the USB circuits
  • The two USB outputs can work simultaneously
  • It is easy to use as it is simple
  • Accurate and LED display that gives exact estimates of current and voltage
  • It is easy to read the display
  • The tester is made of good quality material


  • It lacks the instructions and limitations of how to use it properly.

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3. AT35 USB Tester Voltage Current Meter

AT35 USB 3.0 Tester Power Meter 3.7-30V 0-4A Voltage Tester Multimeter Current Meter Tester Detector...

AT35 USB Tester Voltage Current Meter is another top-quality USB tester that you can find in the market to help you do your task perfectly. The tester has more excellent features like IPS HD color LCD and digital capacity battery charge power voltmeter.


Faster charge identification- The tester features a supported label of QC3.0, Apple 2.4A/2.2A/1.1A/0.5A, QC2.0, Samsung quick charging protocols, android DCP, etc. this will help you to know the status of your phone charging.

High-tech LCD color display- The tester has a 0.96-inch IPS HD color LCD with a 160-degree comprehensive view, long service, and good brightness. It helps detect real-time charging, temperature, power, voltage, energy, capacity, and other indicators, plus protecting the charging equipment.

Compatibility- This USB 3.0 interface has compatibility with USB 2.0; it supports high current tests and tests the hard disk of the mobile and the USB disk of interface 3.0.

Voltage and current measurement- It measures voltage from 3.700-30.000V and current of 0-4.000A. It also features a power-off storage function, screen rotation, capacity, and energy detection, screen-off function, wide voltage range, low internal resistance, temperature measurement, among other parts.

Wide applications- This tester is used in wide applications for quality inspection of 3C digital peripheral products. It can be used in the charger, data cable, electronic load, power bank, etc.


  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • It has a bright and colored LCD display that makes it easy to read
  • Wider applications
  • Thermometer functions
  • It is pretty clean
  • Nicely made


  • The quality is questionable

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4. MakerHawk USB Power Meter Tester

MakerHawk USB Power Meter Tester, Bluetooth USB Tester, Type-C Current and Voltage Monitor, USB...

MakerHawk is one of the best USB meter testers that can withstand a high current range of up to 5A as it is supported with a high-power range. The tester features a current resistance meter that supports both type-C port and regular USB, HD IPS color screen display, high-resolution voltage, among other high-tech features.


Excellent HD display features an HD color Chinese interface that measures 1.44 inches, making it easy to monitor the single screen monitoring of voltage, internal resistance, temperature, current, etc. The display has four function buttons.

Supports Type-C- It also supports a Type-C interface in data transfer compatible with PD protocol and Qualcomm. One table is ideal for multiple protocols in fast charging, and the other supports the 360-degree arbitrary rotation.

Notebook charging measurement- The powering of the notebook prepares two type-C cables, one for connecting the watch while the other for supplying power. This notebook is ideal for measuring high power and monitors the aging of the battery.

The IPS screen- is made in a way that helps you to see the reading correctly even when you are in your outdoor.

Design- The tester has an inbuilt function that protects the device in over-current and under-current voltage situations. It also has a high resolution of 0.00001 for both voltage measurement and current, making the device ideal for testing pricy equipment.


  • It has an excellent resolution.
  • Performs both high-power operations and high current
  • It features external and internal temperature sensors
  • The recovery of the voltage is automatic with this tester
  • It has an LCD display for accurate measurement readings
  • Multifunctional buttons


  • It consumes high power
  • It is only type-C that can handle high power

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5. Eversame USB Digital Power Meter Tester Multimeter Current and Voltage Monitor

USB 3.0 Tester, Eversame IPS Color Display Digital Multimeter Voltmeter Current and Voltage Monitor,...

Eversame USB tester is a multifunctional USB Meter tester that is purposely used to detect charging voltage, current, power, the quantity of electric charge, and timing. All these functions are achieved through the high-quality features that have been installed in the USB tester.


In-built safety- each of these USB meter testers has an inbuilt circuit with a CW3002D chip that helps accelerate the large current fast charging. The internal system is made to detect safety, supports QC 2.0/3.0 high voltage test, and cut off automatically when fully charged to protect your devices efficiently.

High-quality LCD- The tester has a high-grade LCD monitor with lower use of power and a bright and clear monitor on the screen for easy reading. It features three different display modes to choose from.

Wide application- Ideally, this tester is used in various applications like testing the capacity and electric energy of the power bank, testing the charging speed, testing the maximum output current of the charger, the quality of data cable, and the charging cable.

Simple operation and broad testing- The tester has an output/input voltage that ranges from DC3-30V and a current range of 0-5.1A. The tester is portable, and you can carry them to any place you go.


  • Eversame is good to test the real-time voltage, temperature, capacity, and current.
  • Eversame has good memory storage even when it is switched off
  • It supports a wide variety of devices
  • It is more accurate


  • It lacks the manuals on how to use it properly.

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Best USB Tester Buying Guide

best usb tester

To get the best USB tester, you need to understand what makes it stand before the other devices. There are various features you need to check on your device before you buy it. Some of the features include


The resolution of a USB tester is one of the vital features you need to check before you buy it. The feature means how does the device display. The device with a large and clear display has a good resolution because it makes it easy to read.

This helps avoid accidental misread of data on the tester, which might bring inaccurate information that might mess with your work. So, when you buy your tester, ensure that the data presented is precise and can be read easily.

Protection features

Despite being new to USB testers, the protection feature has become one of the primary features that one needs to look at in their tester. Apart from their primary functions, modern USB testers have some protection feature that keeps the device safe when using.

An excellent example of such features is fully charged detection, lower and overvoltage protection, among others. Various models come with different inbuilt features that have been designed for that purpose. So, as you buy your USB tester, try to understand the essential protection features it comes with.

Maximum output capacity

The output power of a USB tester is another essential feature that you need to check on a USB tester because it determines the various devices that you can test with it. You need the tester to determine the maximum output you need.

Before you buy your device, understand the maximum power output you need. The tester must have a larger power output than the device you need to test, so it has to provide an accurate result.

How to Use USB tester

best usb tester

The process of how to use your USB tester is simple. This device is used to test the current, voltage, and other electronic operation parameters using the USB device, be it your computer or even a wall adapter for phone charging.

To use the USB device in testing voltage or electronic parameters, plug the USB tester into the port, and the data about current and voltage will be displayed. You can also plug your devices for charging, depending on the type of tester.


What does a USB tester do?

The USB tester can help you do various tasks like checking the current, voltage, and other electronic parameters of the USB devices. Some devices are made with protection and safety features to protect your device from low and overvoltage.

How do I test my USB charging port?

To check if the USB port is working, you need to follow a few steps provided; first is to start, then click the devmgmt, click on the scanning hardware and check on the USB device to check if it is charging or not.

How can you tell if a USB port is bad?

To test this, you set your digital multimeter to a DC voltage. Then, take the battery and check if the battery is labeled positive or negative at the terminals. Through this, you will be able to realize if the charging port is good or not.

Why would my USB ports suddenly stop working?

This might be due to the failure of the USB device that needs to be checked. There are various reasons why the USB port stops, either the voltage or current flow is higher than the one the device can handle, or there is low power or default of the device.


There we go; as you have seen, so many USB testers are available in the market. The main purpose of this device is to check the voltage, current, and other electronic parameters on the USB devices. The best device for you will depend on the preferences that you have to achieve.

This article has tried to highlight the top 5 rated USB testers you can use to have a great result. We have also looked at the parameters you need to check to pick the ideal tester for your work. Any of your devices highlighted are ideal. Pick one, and you won’t regret it.

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