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5 Best USB Logic Analyzer Reviews

Logic analyzers are better alternatives to oscilloscopes—they can accurately measure data on a bus and develop relationships. Sometimes, when the circuit demands testing for different lines, the best logic analyzer can help you decode and present meaningful information that will make your design process a breeze. Also, in the parametric stage of circuitry, a logic analyzer will allow you to time the signals while triggering patterns simultaneously, making it the most appropriate tool, by far!

Most logic analyzers come with two scopes of functions—timing and stating. But since these devices are not made equal, knowing whether to choose a timing analyzer over a stating analyzer or a device that combines both can be an uphill task.

Your being here is a justification that you need help with the overall choosing process. Congratulations! You’re on the right path to landing the best analyzer that meets all the needs you desire. Stay through to the end as we’re also going to reveal our final verdict based on each product’s features, pros, and cons that rack our list.

Our Favorite Logic Analyzer

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5 Best Portable Logic Analyzer Reviews

1. LA2016 USB Logic Analyzer

LA2016 USB Logic Analyzer Full 16 Channels 200MHz Sampling Rate with The English PC Software...

If you’ve been in the circuitry design industry for some time, you’ve probably used a tester, oscillator, or logic analyzer from Innomaker. Well, this brand stands out for several premium devices, LA 2016 included. The LA2016 comes with 16 full channels that achieve a sample rate of 200MHZ, making it efficient to test any line. Besides being high performance, this Logic Analyzer can also accurately set 16 digital signals at the same time without missing a dot.

LA 2016 consists of hardware and software that works together to attain significant sampling depth and a high sampling rate. The hardware tests, while the software analyzes decode, transfer, and store data, so you don’t have to worry about data loss. At the front surface is a small screen that displays the decoded data for timely testing. Since the software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MAC OS, you can directly transfer the decoded data to your secondary computing devices by connecting the two devices with a USB cable.

Key Features:

  • It comes with software on personal computers and hardware equipment.  With these 2 parts, you can increase your high sampling rate and large sampling rate, and are easy to use.
  • It is a high-performance logic analyzer: the LA 2016 analyzer is equipped with 16 full channels and a 200MHz sampling rating.
  • The analyzer delivers 16 digital signals at the same time. The data is displayed and analyzed on the computer. Plus, it decodes the data to the protocol of the software supported. The decoded data is then displayed, exported, and saved.
  • The logic analyzer supports standard protocol including Manchester, UART/RS-232/485, CAN, LIN, HDMI CEC, 12C, 1-Wire, Parallel, sMBus, JTAG, Modbus, DMX512, USB1.1, PS/2, NEC InfraREd. It also supports OS like Vista, MAC OS, Windows 7/8/ 10, Windows XP, and Linux.


  • Can work with up to 16 digital signals at once
  • Compatible with various decoding programs
  • Provide accurate results for both complex and straightforward chores
  • Support a high number of protocols for more accuracy


  • Has a fixed sampling rate
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2. HiLetgo USB Logic Analyzer

HiLetgo USB Logic Analyzer Device With EMI Ferrite Ring USB Cable 24MHz 8CH 24MHz 8 Channel UART IIC...

HiLetgo is one of the most efficient portable logic analyzers, especially for works that demand frequent portability. It fits nicely into the palm and weighs only a few pounds, so you can use it almost anywhere without having to worry about bulkiness. This logic analyzer comes with a sampling rate of up to 24MHz, making it perfect for all occasion tasks that demand up to 10M test. This means you can use it for all tasks equal 24MHz sampling rate and below—which can be 16MHz, 8MHz, 2MHz to as low as 25 kHz. It has an input voltage range of between -0.5V to 5.25 V and a low input voltage range of between -0.5 to 0.8v. The high input voltage range between 2.0 to 5.25GV

If you work with a PC, the Sigrok Software will bail you out when connected to the device. You can also use the Saleae software on any version of Mac, Windows, and Linux. Remember, this Logic Analyzer does not decode data and conduct protocols, so whatever secondary software you choose should do that for you.HitLego is USB supported and powered by a USB mini cable and a few jumper wires, eliminating any power supply, making it even the best logic analyzer for a small development team.

Key Features:

  • It has varied sampling rates: HiLetgo USB Logic Analyzer comes with various sampling rates, including from 24 MHz to 500 KHz making you handle different functions.
  • The logic analyzer is ideal for various occasions: Each channel has a sampling rate of 24MHz with applications about 10M hence coping with multiple occasions.
  • Input voltage range: The high voltage rate for the logic analyzer ranges between 2.0V and 5.25V, while the low voltage rate is between -0.5 and 0.8V.


  • Have larger and fully functional inserts
  • Come in a durable body for years of use
  • Good sample speed for both complex and straightforward chores
  • Compact sized and very lightweight for portability
  • Varied sampling rate


  • Has a small number of input channels
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3. KeeYees USB Logic Analyzer Device

KeeYees USB Logic Analyzer Device with 12PCS 6 Colors Test Hook Clip Set USB Cable 24MHz 8CH 8...

If your work includes FPGA development, micro controlling, and testing ARM systems, Keeyees is your ideal bet. Not only is this device simple-designed, but it also provides excellent beats for high-end accuracy. The device comes jam-packed with 8 channels that test for digital signals using a sampling rate of 24 M/S each. It also comes with a 10M/s rating that is ideal for various occasions tasks.

Keeyees uses 12 pieces of SMD IC6 that come in a pair of six different colors. All these pieces connect to a hook clip for testing the signals. Then, the signal is transferred into logic analysis software for decoding; but you can use other computing programs such as B. Sigrok. The device is also compatible with any software with RS232, SPI, I2C, or 1-wire. Overall, this device can help you collect accurate data when conducting URT, SPI, IIC, and when solving problems relating to MCU. Its voltage range is also not high since it works in a range of between 0-5V.

Key Features:

  • The kit comes with 12 pcs SMD IC 6 color test hook clips making it suitable for using the 24MHz 8CH logic analyzer.
  • Perfect for the microcontroller, FPGA development, and ARM system. The logic analyzer solves the MCU-related problems, Compatibility: the logic analyzer is compatible with Logic analysis software and open sources programs, including PS232, 1-Wire, SPI, and I²C


  • Perfect for both testing and decoding
  • Provides detailed and well-furnished GUI
  • Works perfect for signals with a limit time of + or- 42ns
  • It comes in a compact size for portability


  • It comes with a reasonably higher price tag
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4. SparkFun PID 15033 USB Logic Analyzer

SparkFun (PID 15033 USB Logic Analyzer - 25MHz/8-Channel Sigrok

As its name goes, this product is here to make your process of making circuits, testing the signal, and decoding signal strength fun. It comes in a compatible body and attaches to the circuit using a USB cable. The small size also makes it your perfect bet when looking for something that fits easily in the palm and a device to carry for remote work. Most importantly, it weighs only 1.83 ounces–probably lightweight more than most variants in the market.

Sparkfun features a rating of up to 24HZ, meaning it can Test 12C, UART, and SPI sensors. It can also make reverse protocols and do the ACK’ing. To achieve all these functions, it comes with 8 channels connected to a USB to transfer signals and data. Plus, it is compatible with the Sigrok software. The device uses both the 5V and 3.3V  high and low voltages, respectively, so you can rest assured of versatility. The system is powered by a mini-USB cable and connects to Female-to-Female jumper wires.

 Key Features:

  • The USB logic analyzer can support sampling rates up to 24MHz, making it a great device to diagnose various communication problems.
  • The 8-channel USB Logic Analyzer works with both 3.3V and 5V systems, and an included mini-B USB cable powers it. It is ideal for the open-source and cross-platform signal analysis software suite.
  • The device is compact and lightweight: the lightweight and compact design makes the logic analyzer fit in the palm and be carried to remote areas with ease.


  • Support various scopes of functions
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • It works perfectly for field engineering and Arduino
  • The analysis rate can be varied


  • It comes with higher price tags compared to variants with the same functions.
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5. QiXin USB Logic Analyzer Device

QiXin USB Logic Analyzer Device, 12PCS 6 Colors Test Hook Clip Grabber EMI Ferrite Ring USB Cable...

QiXin is a 12PCS mini-USB powered Logic analyzer that is popular for its debugging functions. This mini-machine works best with Arduino, FPGA, and ARM circuitry, making it your ideal go-to option as a hobbyist. It connects to 12×6 color hooks for safety and accurate testing and decoding. This device achieves up to a 24MHz rating when connected, making it ideal for IC6 and SMD testing. It also copes with various occasions using the 10M rating and a total of 8-channels.

For communication debugging, this device works best for UART, IIC, and SPI. Under proper working conditions, it should give faster results with half an effort without compromising quality. The device works with voltage ranges between -0.5 V to 5.25V on the high end and -0.5 V to 0.8 V on the low end.  On the other hand, the input impedance is 1 MohmII 10pF. You can also check the error rate using the pulse-width.  Overall, it measures 55mm x 28mm x 14 mm and weighs 3.0 ounces.

Key Features:

  • The device can cope with various sampling rates up to 24 MHz: 24 MHz, 16MHz, 12MHz, 8MHz, 4MHz, 2MHz, 1MHz, 500 kHz, 250 kHz, 200 kHz, 100 kHz, 50 kHz, and 25 kHz.
  • The logic analyzer can automatically analyze IIC, UART, SPI, and other communication debugging, resulting in less effort. 24M sampling rate can also analyze other standard protocols.
  • Compatibility: The analyzer is highly compatible with the Logic analysis software and open source programs like Sigrok (12C, PS232, 1-wire, and SPI). It is also supported by free software called PulseView.
  • The package comes equipped with an analyzer device, USB, and 12 x 6-color test hooks; the hooks make it ideal to use the logic analyzer.


  • Works perfect for Arduino projects, even the complex ones
  • Also ideal for ARM and FPGA development
  • Works ideal for reverse testing and debugging
  • Compatible with any open-source software for versatility


  • You can be limited on the number of channels when doing complex projects. 
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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Logic Analyzer

With various logic analyzers in the market, it can be challenging to choose which one is the best and suits your requirements. While buying a logic analyzer, keep in mind these factors to avoid any confusion. They include:

  1. Type of logic analyzer

Logic analyzers come in 3 different types, including portable, modular, and PC-based. For portable logic analyzers, consist of a screen with various buttons and knobs. They don’t require a separate computer. Modular logic analyzers are rack-mounted. They need a different computer with specific software for collecting and analyzing data. PC- based are similar to modular analyzers as they require a host computer to analyze the visualization of waveforms.

  1. Number of channels

You need to check the number of channels available on the logic analyzer. The number of channels varies from 8, 16, 32, and more. A large number of input channels enables you to debug parallel communication busses. Also, consider the sample rate as it determines the amount of time your analyzer can effectively measure different readings from captured signals.

  1. Easy to use and portable

When buying a logic analyzer, choose one that can operate without an engineer’s help. Also, select an analyzer compact and lightweight to allow you to carry it to remote areas.

  1. Check sample rate and bandwidth.

You should check the sample rate and bandwidth of the logic analyzer before purchasing one. If the device’s sample rate is operating faster than bandwidth, it can be challenging to record the signal. Make sure you choose a logic analyzer with both a faster sample rate and bandwidth.

  1. Software features

Before purchasing a logic analyzer, check the software features and how each component is compatible with the analyzer to ensure accurate signal measurement.

  1. Data compression function

You should consider a model with a compression function since it can record the signals for hours without interruption. For devices without compression function, it can only record up to 5 seconds at 200Ms/s sampling rates.

Final Verdict

HitLego is perfect when looking for a starting device. It’s packed in a compatible body with highly-operational functions, making it ideal for hobbyists. It also works perfectly for small projects that do not include complex decoding and testing.

QiXin racks the top list when looking for a highly portable device that supports multiple functions that include complex projects. It offers nothing short of value for bucks when looking for the best Logic Analyzer for Adruino FPGA and ARM circuitry. However, you’re not limited to choice since the Keeyees has you covered as an alternative. This device, too, performs the same functions as the QiXin, only that you’ll have to part with extra cash when buying. Otherwise, the two devices are our best recommendation anytime.