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Best Wood Moisture Meters Reviews

The moisture analysis of raw materials using the best moisture meters is crucial to any construction project because it can lead to significant problems.

It is essential to monitor the moisture levels before foundations are laid to prevent collapse at any time. A moisture meter is a necessary part of this architect’s toolkit.

It also determines whether or not a material is suitable for use, as well as the amount of moisture it contains.

An accurate moisture meter is difficult to find. All brands of moisture meters don’t always have the best accuracy.

The best moisture meters on the market today have been created as an in-depth guide to address this issue.

Top Picks: 5 Best Moisture Meters

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Types of Moisture Meters


Moisture sensors measure moisture levels by using pins inserted into the materials to detect current flowing through them.

It is also often less expensive than a pinless meter to use a hardwood moisture meter with pins. They are not ideal for testing wood or other materials since they leave holes in them.


Contactless moisture meters are also known as pinless moisture meters. Using a sensor, you can measure the moisture content of a material. The depth is usually about ¾ inches.

There is no need to drill holes into the material when using this kind of meter, so you get very accurate readings. Compared to a pin-type moisture meter, it costs more. It may not be possible to measure thicker or tighter packed materials accurately.

8 Best Moisture Meters Reviews

1. General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter

General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter, Water Leak Detector, Moisture Tester, Pin Type, Backlit...

A moisture meter is helpful if you need to rebuild your basement after it has flooded. It would be easy to measure soil moisture content with this moisture meter, and it is possible to do so using a moisture meter. With this product, you can save a lot of money while getting reliable results.

It is rare for us to deal with wet or damp flooring, so the moisture meters we use are accurate. This is a very high-quality product for the money we spend.

Using the moisture meter, we can find out if there are any leaks beneath the subfloor or moisture problems.

Despite its pin-oriented design, the MMD4E is still a mechanical meter, which means it measures by place sharp prongs against the material.

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2. TAVOOL Wood Moisture Meter

Wood Moisture Meter - Digital Moisture Detector Moisture Tester, Pin-Type Water Leak Detector Damp...

Using a pin-type moisture meter, you can measure wood moisture content at three different levels. Rates between 5 and 12 percent, between 12 and 17 percent, and between 17 and 60 percent are considered low, medium, and high rates, respectively. The clock features an LED-backlit display, an automatic shutdown feature, and the ability to measure temperature and humidity. It comes with a two-year warranty.

This moisture meter is easy to read, durable, and easy to use. At night, too, you can read the moisture readings just as clearly on the bright screen. Readers get accurate readings within seconds. Having a wood calibration table is also quite extensive. Also included is a screwdriver for removing the back cover and installing batteries.

On this product, the plastic caps that protect the prongs may be difficult to unscrew. A person who has difficulty grasping the protective cover may damage their pins if they remove it. Additionally, the best results can be obtained using large charts or tables and precise calibration.

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3. Dr.meter Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

[Pinless Wood Moisture Meter] Dr.meter Upgraded Version Inductive Pinless Tools Intelligent Moisture...

The measurement of moisture using non-invasive, non-marking, and pinless moisture meters. Within this best pinless moisture meter, you can choose from ten different types of density ranging from four percent to 80 percent. Within one percent of the reading, this device is accurate at determining relative humidity (RH).

The device includes:

  • An LCD screen.
  • An auto-off feature.
  • The temperature is automatically calibrated as well as an LCD screen.

So long as the density of the materials is adjusted, it’s easy to use out of the box. Wood types of various types can be measured and calibrated using the system. The margin of error for measurements is 1%. The density chart included in the directions is greatly appreciated.

The meter does not provide enough information to test moist drywall. For accurate button pressing, the battery must also be removed every time.

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4. SAM-PRO Dual Moisture Meter

SAM-PRO Dual Moisture Meter 2.0: Upgraded LCD Color Display & Flashlight - 4 Smart Material Modes...

For handymen, a variety of tools are available. You might break the bank if you buy only the best tools every time. We recommend the SAM-PRO Dual Moisture Meter as the best moisture meter for home inspectors on a budget.

With the tool, you get four types of materials for a great price. It is easy to read the LCD, and the moisture and temperature reading bars make it easy to see what is important at a glance.

We don’t rate this moisture meter as our top pick, so what does that mean? Water can often be detected by poking holes in different surfaces caused by the pin design. When you have a battery in place, the battery cover is difficult to put on.

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5. Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMASTER XT Digital Moisture Meter

Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMASTER XT Digital Moisture Meter | Handheld |Pin Type | Backlit LCD...

A two-in-one moisture meter is a thing that craftsmen want, and wow, it’s here! Now they can use the Dual Function AccuMASTER XT 7440 Calculated Industries!

Using the Dual-function, you can treat any surface.

When working on uneven firewood surfaces before burning, woodworkers find it helpful. There is only one option to choose: pin types.

The pinless function comes into play when checking the moisture content of lumber without damaging the surface. The best of both worlds! All-in-one and very convenient!

Devices with top caps and bottom connections prevent falling out.

This instrument is easy to use, is reliable, and gives highly accurate readings.

Is it accurate enough to reach 99.9%?

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6. Proster Digital Wood Moisture Meter

Proster Digital Wood Moisture Meter Handheld LCD Moisture Tester Damp Moisture Tester Detector for...

The Proster General Digital Moisture Meter is the only moisture meter that can measure wood and wood products.

There are two advantages to this specialization:

It is relatively inexpensive compared with other models, and DIYers can get it at a bargain price.

The Proster can test a wide variety of products within 0.5 percent, including wood, firewood, logs, cardboard, and paper.

Set the pin moisture meters for more than 50 wood types and four different wood groups. The device has a large LCD screen and ABS plastic body, but its LCD screen is easy to read and extremely durable. A variety of inexpensive woodworking tools are available for DIYers. This product cannot be used with nonwood materials such as concrete, drywall, or gypsum.

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7. LIUMY Digital Moisture Meter

Wood can be tested using a pin-type device, which has a large measurement range. It is capable of detecting concrete, brick, drywall, and cardboard.

The meter is not only an excellent wood moisture meter but also an excellent concrete moisture meter. Lightweight, compact, and ergonomic, it weighs just 141 grams.

  • A hold function is included in this product.
  • The device also has a shutdown feature.
  • You can view the display on a 1.7-inch device.
  • This meter can measure any value between 0% and 99.9%.
  • An optional 9V battery is required to power the device.

8. Lignomat Ligno-Scanner D Pinless Moisture Meter

Lignomat Ligno-Scanner D Pinless Moisture Meter

This pinless meter uses a capacitive sensor to measure moisture in wood, bamboo, and other building materials.

Despite its advantages, the system’s cons include its low accuracy at the low moisture content (more than 20%) and its high inaccuracy at high moisture content.

One advantage of this device is that it can read MC between 5% and 15% accurately. With built-in species correction, you don’t have to be concerned about damage to your wood surfaces. The warranty covers repairs for two years.

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Moisture Meter Buyers Guide

Before purchasing a moisture meter, consider the following factors:

1. Range of measurements offered

If you’re selecting a moisture meter, the most crucial feature is its ability to measure air moisture. Ideally, flooring materials and woodworking materials should have a moisture content of between 5 and 6%.

It also depends on the type of work you perform with the device. In this case, narrow down the selection based on your needs.

2. Easy to use

You can harm your workflow if the product you use is challenging to use. An intuitive interface and quick reading are two key features to look for in a machine. An LCD backlight screen would allow your recordings to be read easily and moisture measurements to be taken non-invasively.

3. Accuracy

In some cases, moisture meters fail to provide accurate readings. To order an exact unit, choose one within 0.1% of its specification.

With a precision-level meter, the reading is also trustworthy, making you feel confident. On the other hand, you can select models with 1% accuracy if your budget is tight.

The reading you will follow must satisfy your expectations. The accuracy variation should not exceed 1% when purchasing units.

4. Durability

Most of us buy fake products based on the latest features, not looking at the essential factors. It is more important to pay attention to the unit’s construction and longevity than the features – that is what you should purchase.


There are many reasons to use moisture meters. Furniture made of wood, for example, may be considered a creation. Drying newly cut wood can cause it to shrink due to the moisture it contains. It is possible to determine what kind of veld you have by using a moisture meter.

As well as detecting dampness in your home, moisture meters can be used to determine how much drywall you need to replace. You can also use it to test wetness in various materials, making it an invaluable piece of equipment to keep around.

To give you the confidence that the moisture meter you will buy will meet your needs, we have compiled a list of the best moisture meters available on the market today.