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Best EMF Meters & Detectors

We can’t let go of the best emf meters when we are facing troubleshooting problems. Many of us fail to identify the right emf meters and where they stand. They are one of the most sophisticated instruments which are used to measure electromagnetic fields.

It often becomes a horrible situation when your meter fails to work in crucial measurements of power lines. But I am going to help you out with such problems. In this article, I will demonstrate your top 10 products of emf meters of amazing features and performance.

Are you looking for your best pick? Then stay tuned because this is the place where you will find your favorite product.

Top Picks : 5 best emf meters for home use

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EMF Meters Comparison Table:

EMF Meter Meterk Electromagnetic RadiationTests electric and attractive field strength together Shows the ideal outcome Cautions consequently when surpasses the worth Reasonably estimates low and high-recurrence machines.
KII EMF Meter Deluxe BlackUnbelievable and credible gadget Gives surprising and responsive outcomes The LED assists with perusing in dim and daylight Simple use for pocket-size assignment Useful for convenientce.
TACKLIFE MET01 EMF MeterAn extraordinary utility for testing electric and attractive fields Locks most extreme and identified information simultaneously LCD obtains a reasonable electric lamp and opening Have solid sound recurrence Compact and simple to utilize
GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic RadiationProgressed and multi-useful meter Useful for broadly useful tests and discovery The alert is adequately perceptible and visual RF range analyzer gives a particular recurrence Quicker and simpler information is workable for simple style.
KKmoon EMF MeterAn expert emf meter Ideal for estimating radiation of high voltage Gives solid effect opposition Holds greatest estimations and information Simple to work.
kydely 5 LED EMF MeterDistinguish gadgets of high radiations Exactness is sufficient Simple to peruse for completely clear LED Operable single battery Measures an assortment of EMFs Forestalls possibly hurtful overexposures.
Gupgi LED EMF MeterDriven makes the perusing perceptible Fits in pocket without any problem EMF attractive field guarantees high affectability Forestalls possibly destructive long haul overexposures Recognize gear of high radiations.
GQ EMF-390 Tri-FieldHas great similarity with Wi-Fi signals Perceives every single imaginable source Recognizes RF radiation up to 10Ghz Catches stage related data without any problem.
InnoLife New Handheld EMF MeterUseful for electromagnetic apparatuses Handheld size and convenient 9V battery gives a wide working voltage Claims adequate recurrence range Clear presentation of LCD.
KEDILAKE EMF MeterAssists with arriving at the ideal outcomes Presentations radiation esteem in clear LCD Simple to utilize and work Recognizes indoor and open air conditions Useful for high voltage link tests.

Top 10 Best Professional EMF Meters Review

1. EMF Meter Meterk Electromagnetic Radiation

In search of the best emf meters, you can take this product in your options for its commendable versatility. Here the detector comes with an “E 2.0” display which does not influence the detection value. You can experience an upgraded version with two uses in one EMF meter. This product can test your electric field strength and magnetic field strength at the same time.

As a result, you will get your optimum result without any barriers to this device. In terms of environmental temperature, that is great. There are two temperature units, ℃, and ℉ which allow tracking the environmental parameters.

  • Intensity bar graph display: This meter displays a bar graph of the intensity of the electric and magnetic fields, respectively. All you need is to put the Meterk EMF meter close to a test environment with a magnetic or electric field. Then a GOOD/BAD prompt for the test environment will come to the screen.
  • Sound light alarm: The instrument will alarm in automatic when it exceeds the safe value you have set up. You can use this meter widely to learn electromagnetic radiation both indoor and outdoor. It is a very suitable device to measure EMF radiation generated machine with low and high-frequency radiation appliances.
  • Multi-purpose measurement: You can connect the meter easily with your mobile phone, induction cooker, rice cooker, refrigerator, computer, appliances, electrical wires, etc.


  • Tests electric and magnetic field strength together
  • Shows the optimum result
  • Alarms automatically when exceeds the value
  • Suitably measures low and high-frequency appliances


  • EMF readings vary sometimes

2. KII EMF Meter Deluxe Black

KII EMF Meter Deluxe Black - Paranormal Research Meter

The K2 EMF meter is a professional American made of legendary and authentic simulated devices. If you are looking for the best emf detector, this meter can be great handy for you. Undoubtedly, it gives astonishing results in actual sturdiness and reliability. When you buy this product, make sure you have an EMF scale label as the same as the picture.

But that won’t be mandatory if you have a counterfeit with you. Mainly, the K2 EMF is famous for its quality and top results in the paranormal.

  • Response: You see a lot of fluctuations and spikes which need to be budged off immediately. And considering that motion, the meter gives an instantaneous response to such threats requiring nine-volt batteries. And if you have a Polaroid nine-volt battery, that will also suit you perfectly.
  • LED: There is an LED light scale that helps to see in dark and sunshine circumferences. Therefore, you will not find any problems while reading.
  • Easy to use: This meter comes with a pocket-size designation which gives an advantage of portability. Moreover, it is very easy to use as a rugged and reliable product giving super responses.
  • UV Reactive: As the color label is reactive, you will get representable UV radiation values in a general EMF detection use.


  • Legendary and authentic device
  • Gives astonishing and responsive results
  • The LED helps to read in dark and sunshine
  • Easy use for pocket-size designation
  • Good for portability


  • Not a ghost detector

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TACKLIFE MET01 is a great utility for testing magnetic fields, electric fields, and temperature. There is a maximum measurement of, and data holds where you can lock data from on key. You use it for your TV, induction cooker, refrigerator, computer, low-frequency home appliances, electrical wires, etc.

Compared to other testers, EMF has more uses in magnetic field radiation. The optional unit is mg/µt, the electric field unit is v/m, and the ambient temperature of 2 units ℃/℉.

  • For electric devices: While locking the maximum data, you can lock the detected data at the same time. LCDs have no grudges in turning on/off with a suitable flashlight. And a hole there will help you to connect the tripod on the back of your tester.
  • Large frequency range: The frequency range gains a measurement up to 5HZ—3500MHz with profound accuracy.
  • Sound light indicator: Here are a sound and light that helps the device alarm when test results exceed the safe value. With a strong sound frequency, they will turn from green to red to increase EMF radiation value.
  • Multifunction: The device will satisfy your needs with enough portability and giving satisfaction. Also, you will have a variety of functions of short press and long press in one button.


  • A great utility for testing magnetic and electric fields
  • Locks maximum and detected data at the same time
  • LCD procures a suitable flashlight and hole
  • Have strong sound frequency
  • Portable and easy to use


  • Sensors are not good

4. GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation

EMF Meter,Advanced GQ EMF-390 Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation 3-in-1 EMF ELF RF meter, 5G Cell...

GQ Electronics launches an advanced GQ EMF-390 multi-function digital meter as a portable and convenient device. If you are looking for the best emf meter for 5g general-purpose test, detection, and other scientific applications, this one can be your perfect choice. The meter identifies the common source from EMF/RF radiation measured, such as Power Line, Wi-Fi/Cell phone, Cell tower, etc.

The built-in alarm conveys good audibility and visuality. It will be a useful option for EMF, ELF, EF, RF radiation detection, and monitoring indoors and outdoors environments. For data logging, there is a flash memory that logs the real-time data using a timestamp. There is a unique GQ RF Browser that features RF radiation precisely at high speeds.

  • Functions: This meter detects Power lines, Smart meters, Cell phones, and microwaves with multiple high sensitive sensors. Once you purchase it, you will certainly discover an invisible world.
  • RF Spectrum Analyzer: You will get an RF radiation signal power in a specific frequency using a built-in RF radiation Spectrum Analyzer. There are also left and right vertical bars which indicate the EF and EMF radiation level.
  • Real-time clock: The real-time clock displays the current time even of past 45 seconds in exact EMF and EF radiation changes.
  • Analog style: Getting easier and faster data is possible with the traditional analog-style design.


  • Advanced and multi-functional meter
  • Good for general purpose tests and detection
  • The alarm is sufficiently audible and visual
  • RF radiation spectrum analyzer gives a specific frequency
  • Faster and easier data is possible for analog-style


  • Not best in warranty

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5. KKmoon EMF Meter

KKmoon manufacturers a professional emf meter within a handheld mini digital LCD hallowing two uses in EMF tester. It can test both electric field and magnetic field radiation at the same time. When thinking of the true value of money KKmoon leaves no stone unturned in featuring the best.

Even the accuracy is nowhere lagging in including absolute thickness and reaches the optimum result. You can use it to test and learn electromagnetic radiation situations both indoor and outdoor. And the ABS plastic will give you strong impact resistance in high tensile strength.

  • Measure: This meter is a perfect device for measuring the radiation of high voltage power lines, appliances, electrical wires, and so on. You can measure your environment temperature within two units of ℃ and ℉.
  • Auto alarm: There is a sound, light alarming system that activates when the test results exceed the safe values. And you don’t need to be alert at such times as it rings automatically.
  • One key lock: With one key lock’s help, you can hold maximum measurements and data in a radiation value. And reading is totally easy because of the clear view in the large LCD.
  • Operation: Making field measurements, carrying and one hand operations are a cakewalk task when you have Kkmoon’s meter. So don’t worry about the handling.


  • A professional emf meter
  • Perfect for measuring radiation of high voltage
  • Gives strong impact resistance
  • Holds maximum measurements and data
  • Easy to operate


  • Shields work inconsistently

6. kydely 5 LED EMF Meter

5 LED EMF Meter Magnetic Field Detector Ghost Hunting Paranormal Equipment Tester Counter

In search of an emf meter lowes, kydely can be your go-to magnetic field detector. It also works as a Ghost Hunting Paranormal Equipment and Tester Counter. Here the ABS material will give you strong impact and heat resistance with high tensile strength.

With +/- 5%, accuracy is up to the mark where the color depicts a combination of black and grey. You can use it to identify the devices that generate high radiation. As a result, the user can make simple decisions about limiting exposure.

  • Easy to read: The multi-segment LED display gives a crystal clear portrait of data which makes the consumer easy to read. With an association of the location and detector, it reports unexplained phenomena relating to EMF radiation.
  • Ghost hunting detector: You can operate the ghost hunting detector in a single battery which is operable easily. And thus, it reports EMF measurements in the five milligauss range.
  • Measures a variety of EMFs: From 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz, you can measure magnetic fields and register cell phones within 2 feet. You can prevent potentially harmful long-term overexposure alluring in EMF.
  • Lifetime warranty: Whenever we think of purchasing a product, a warranty appears a crucial thing. So stay tension-free because you are going to get a lifetime warranty from this meter.


  • Identify devices of high radiations
  • Accuracy is up to the mark
  • Easy to read for crystal clear LED
  • Operable single battery
  • Measures a variety of EMFs
  • Prevents potentially harmful overexposures


  • Complicacy in construction

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7. Gupgi LED EMF Meter

LED Magnetic Field Detector Ghost Hunting Paranormal Equipment Tester Portable Counter (Black, 1 PC)

Gupgi comes up with an emf meter home depot which is usable in a wide range for ghost hunting. You can measure your magnetic and electric fields to identify equipment that generates high EMF radiation. And thus, the users can decide how to limit their over exposures.

Several colored LED lights make the reading noticeable and easy to read in daylight or dark. With adjustable size, you can carry it with you wherever you go. The device measures EMF levels to prevent potentially harmful long-term over exposures.

  • Specifications: With an elegant color of black and grey, it involves a dimension of 14.3 cm x 5.2 cm x 2.5 cm. And the detection level is in an acceptable range of 0 to 200,000 gallons, and the frequency is 30-20,000 Hz.
  • Battery: There is one battery of 9V, which gives a fairly wide operating voltage range. Moreover, this device comes in a nice compact range with a disposable clip.
  • Magnetic field detector: The EMF magnetic field detector ensures high sensitivity in a solid-state. They can detect the earth’s magnetic field featuring a rotating sensor.
  • Five scales: From five scales, the first light shows a normal EMF field. Whereas the second detects a low level, the third level can detect intermediate EMF; the fourth level detects advanced EMF. And lastly the fifth lamp shows extremely high EMF


  • LED makes the reading noticeable
  • Fits in pocket easily
  • EMF magnetic field ensures high sensitivity
  • Prevents potentially harmful long-term over exposures
  • Identify equipment of high radiations


  • The sound is not good

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8. GQ EMF-390 Tri-Field

GQ EMF Meter EMF-390 Electromagnetic Radiation Detector 3-in-1 RF Meter 5G Cell Tower WiFi 10G &...

Qualitative trifield emf meter is what GQ store owns as Electromagnetic Radiation Detector. The finest thing about this product is, it gains good compatibility with Wi-Fi signals. And if you talk about the thickness and accuracy, that’s completely on the required standard.

This tri field emf meter model tf2 is a great function in 10G & Data Log 2.5G Spectrum Analyzer. You can determine the radio frequency in a precise manner by combining ghost hunting equipment. To cope with the true value of money, you must give a second thought to this product.

  • High sensitivity: There are multiple sensors of high sensitivity installed on this meter. With such, you detect your Power line, Smart meter, Cell phone, Microwave, and others.
  • Identifiable: If your meter can’t identify or recognize the common possible sources, then what’s the point of having one? But that problem is far away from this device. It gives a good capability to identify Power lines, Cell Tower, Microwave, Static, etc.
  • Detection: Are you having 2G,3G,4G, and 5G cell tower signal levels? Then I would suggest GQ be your relevant option. It can also detect RF radiation up to 10Ghz with ease.
  • RF Spectrum analyzer: The built-in RF spectrum analyzer captures phase-related information in a click. And the GQ RF browser works simultaneously for real-time RF radiation monitoring.


  • Has good compatibility with Wi-Fi signals
  • Recognizes all possible sources
  • Detects RF radiation up to 10Ghz
  • Captures phase-related information easily


  • Often fails to measure 5G RF

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9. InnoLife New Handheld EMF Meter

InnoLife New Handheld Digital Electromagnetic Radiation Detector EMF Meter Tester Ghost Hunting...

It is very important to know how much radiation comes out of your electronic appliances. Not only that, but testing of currents coming out is also a crucial matter. In that situation, having a power tester is the most reliable solution. This product features in the same way that you are expecting.

You can take it anywhere with yourself as a portable product with lightweight metrics. Even using this EMF detector is very easy; you just need to hold it near your device. And then check the electromagnetic waves resonating and can determine the information easily.

  • Quality: With high-quality ABS plastic, your meter will get resistance from heat, impact, and abrasions. And if you are searching for ghost hunting, then this meter will be your applicable one.
  • Battery: There is a 9V battery included with the package, which gives a fairly wide operating voltage. Also, you will get firm reliability as it will last for a long time.
  • Frequency range: With a 50Hz~2000MHz of frequency range Innolife’s meter features in a notable position.
  • LCD: You will get a perfect LCD with this product which plays a great role in easy readability.
  • Size: The size of the meter is handled, so don’t hesitate to take it anywhere. Within a pocket-size adaption, you can fit this meter easily.


  • Good for electromagnetic appliances
  • Handheld size and portable
  • 9V battery gives a wide operating voltage
  • Owns acceptable frequency range
  • Clear display of LCD


  • Not a high tech

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EMF Meter, Electromagnetic Radiation Tester,Hand-held Digital LCD EMF Detector, Great Tester for...

Among the emf meter reviews, KEDILAKE stands up in a top position. Especially for home and office EMF inspections, this product will be a great tester. You can also detect indoor and outdoor environments along with ghost hunting. It helps to reach the optimum results by testing electric field radiations and magnetic field emissions.

A built-in electromagnetic radiation sensor will display the clear LCD’s radiation value after processing the micro-chip control. You can take effective prevention measures toward electromagnetic radiation according to the test result.

  • EMF meter function: This instrument combines two uses and can test both electric and magnetic field radiation at the same time. It will alarm automatically once the device exceeds it’s a safe value.
  • Excellent performance: The data holds a clear LCD having one key lock. Thus, you can read your radiation value easily in a good assessment. And it will remind you if your EMF radiation value is safe or not.
  • Measure Radiation: You can operate your device easily in a good range of applications in the electromagnetic radiation detector. It can help people effectively with EMF radiation sources and keep away the radiation hazards. You can use them as your daily appliances in life.
  • Electromagnetic radiation test: In high voltage cable tests, you can use them in your mobile phone, computer, TV set, refrigerator, etc.


  • Helps to reach the optimum results
  • Displays radiation value in clear LCD
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Detects indoor and outdoor environments
  • Good for high voltage cable tests


  • Accuracy varies sometimes

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Best EMF Meters Buying Guide

Without a proper buying guide, it will not be possible to catch the professional emf meter. On that note, I will show you what traits are important when you buy the best emf detector. So let us not beat around the bush get the point directly.

Sensor accuracy

Do you want such meters that are capable of picking faint signal traces? Or do you want to detect strong signals only? What product you choose, you must keep in mind that more accuracy and sensitivity meters cost more. So, it’s nonetheless troublesome if you go for a lower accuracy and sensitivity type of EMF meters.

User interface

In general, you will find two kinds of display, analog and digital. But that’s not the case; you must ensure you get a perfect reading situation. Furthermore, they should be apparent in seeing the measurements. Such details help to shape performance and add up in the EMF detector.

Portability Concerns

Though we thrive on quality features at forte, we should not miss the portability concerns. A size of an EMF meter can make or break the selection in every bit. Another important thing is that a sturdy meter ensures good portability as well. If your instrument can’t survive accidental drops, then it’s not worth your acquisition.

EMF Probes

EMF probes respond to electric fields in one axis or tri-axis. They show components of the fields in three directions at a time. To improve measurements, probes like amplified and active can improve the measurement precisions. But one thing you must consider is the active probes limit the speed of responses sometimes.

How can I measure EMF in my home?

Some consumers become hung back when it’s about measuring EMF at their homes. They are still not affiliated with the exact term they need to know before using an EMF meter. In that regard, I will be giving you some tips which will help you at your peak. Once you catch such methods, you can measure EMF in your home easily without any hesitation.

  • When you are about to check the EMF measurements in your home, make sure you purchase a high-quality EMF. As a newbie of its use, you shall not take any chance which may disturb your process.
  • EMF meters of low or moderate frequencies are acceptable for household uses. Ranging high quality doesn’t mean you must purchase a high-frequency one.
  • Thus, the accuracy is also low, and so the efficacy is also limited. These devices are usually measured in units called volts per meter.
  • If you get a higher measurement, it means your EMF is high as well. And for measuring the EMF radiation in a building, you will need a multimeter.
  • Put your device nearer to the sources, and you can measure accurately as the electrical wiring is measurable with gaussmeter or magnetometers for DC fields.
  • Ensure you are positioning near the direct current so that no grudges come between when you are measuring.
  • Then your actual range of EMF will appear on your LCD. That is how you can measure EMF easily at your home.

What does an EMF meter do?

Till now, we got a lot of emf meters reviews. But it’s time to get into the root of what an EMF meter does. Those who will buy it for the first time must know every important aspect of such meters. So here are some of the terms for them.

  • EMF meters are known as electromagnetic field meters which is a reliable alternative as a measuring device.
  • It can easily measure the existing magnetic fields, especially those which are emitted from human-made sources. Gauss meters or magnetometers are the devices to measure DC fields which includes human resources like electric wiring.
  • If you have a static or permanent magnet, then using an EMF meter will be the best option. Again, in alternating magnetic fields, such meters come up of great use.
  • The main purpose of an EMF device is to detect EMF radiation. And if you have low energy waves, you will certainly need an electromagnetic field meter.
  • You can use them for your electrical appliances, such as electric blankets, shavers, dryers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an EMF meter detect radiation?

Yes, an EMF meter can detect radiation. We know non-ionizing radiation requires a low energy wave of the electromagnetic spectrum. They also use radio waves and microwaves, which can be hard to detect. To measure such quantity of waves of low-energy, you will need an EMF meter as a special equipment piece.

What unit is EMF measured in?

EMF is measured in volts in the name of electromotive force though it is not a force. The volts are equivalent to meters, kilograms, and seconds to one joule per coulomb. In this way, it measures the units in volts of electric charge.

What type of meter would be used to measure EMF?

There are three-axis meters in the electric field, and among them, the single-axis meters are most common. Personal exposure meters are also usable, but they do not avail that much. When you wear a meter on the body, you will measure it in several unpredictable ways.

Does lead block EMF radiation?

Usually leads block the radioactive emissions, for example, beta particles and gamma rays. But magnetic fields refuse to gain any effects because the region you want to shield won’t face them. Leads contain low permeability and thus don’t cause any effect on the magnetic fields.

What is the full form of EMF?

EMF is also known as E, which is an abbreviation of electromotive force. Here the electric charge imparts by an energy source in energy per unit. The generator converts one energy form to another, and following the process, it works on the electric charge.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, you got your best emf meters from the above-given items. Since they took a high position in the market, you won’t find any objection by their usage. I would recommend you give a double look at InnoLife and GQ’s device to serve you more. In this imperfect world, it can be hard to find the perfect one, but still, these two brands supply flawless products.

Ultimately, all that matters is if your meter goes according to your requirements or not. So while buying, amalgamate all the perspectives you need in your meter and choose your favorite product wisely.

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