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Best Radiation Detector for Home Use

A dosimeter is known to be a kind of instrument or device that is used in relation to radiation.

When there is external ionizing radiation (such as Gamma rays, X-rays, high energy Beta rays, and high energy Ultraviolet rays), there is a need to measure the dosage or range of the radiation that is being exposed into the atmosphere.

This is where the Dosimeter device comes into play, this instrument helps to measure the accurate dose or exposure to the external ionizing radiation over an extended period of time.

There are a lot of different brands which make dosimeter devices but they all have one goal in common; To ensure that the device itself is able and capable enough to carry out its function of recording the radiation dosage over a period of time.

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5 Best Portable Dosimeter Reviews

1. RADEX RD1503+ Outdoor Edition Dosimeter by Quarta-Rad

RADEX RD1503+ Outdoor Edition dosimeter, geiger Counter, high Accuracy Nuclear Radiation Detector

The RADEX dosimeter model is a very portable kind of dosimeter and like normal dosimeters, it can detect radiation from Gamma rays, X-rays and Beta rays. It can also be used as a personal dosimeter (it is not only used by professionals).


  • Illuminated LCD Display: The presence of this feature makes the usability of this particular dosimeter model very easy. With the illuminated LCD display, it is easy to see and note the radiation values measured and recorded.
  • Detection Range: The RADEX RD1503+ Outdoor Edition Dosimeter has been seen to have a detection range of about 0.05 ~ 9.99 Micro Sieverts per Hour or Millirems. This particular feature goes on to show the sensitivity of the dosimeter model to radiation.
  • Geiger Counter: The Geiger counter found in this radiation dosimeter is the 2020 Geiger counter model which has some new updates and has been pre-calibrated, these upgrades help to ensure the accuracy of the dosimeter in taking measurements of radiation.
  • Accumulative Dose Mode: With this feature, the amount of radiation that has been measured over time is being calculated in addition to the immediate radiation levels and it is seen to be an advanced feature only present in capable and high-end dosimeters.


  • High accuracy.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Simple interface.


  • Not waterproof.

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2. Meterk MK08 EMF Meter Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector

This radiological dosimeter has a lot of multiple functions such as being able to detect radiation from certain devices and equipment, For example; Low-frequency home appliances, induction cookers, rice cookers, TVs, Computers, Refrigerators, and even Electrical wires. This goes on to show its versatility in measuring radiation.


  • Dual Use: In this Meterk dosimeter model can be found a versatile feature, this feature goes on to show that this dosimeter model is capable of testing and measuring both the magnetic field radiation and the electric field radiation at exactly the same time.
  • Portability: Due to the size, weight and shape of this dosimeter, it is seen to be very portable and handy enough to be carried around without it being a hassle. Also, measurements can be clearly made due to its Easy One-hand operation.


  • Versatile in use (Indoor and Outdoor use).
  • Easy to operate.
  • High accuracy.


  • No guide manual is included.

3. KKmoon AS1392 Handheld EMF Radiation Detector Meter 

One very appraised brand of dosimeters is the KKmoon AS1392 Handheld EMF Radiation Detector Meter, this dosimeter is seen as a bestseller and it can be used both indoors and outdoors (for personal and professional uses respectively).


  • Dual Use: This particular kind of dosimeter has the dual use feature, this means that it can accurately detect and measure magnetic field radiation and electric field radiation at exactly the same time.
  • Alarm: In the KKmoon AS1392 dosimeter can be found the Safe Value and this is the value that has been pre-calibrated into the dosimeter model so when the radiation levels measured are above the safe value, the dosimeter automatically starts the alarm to notify the user.
  • Clear LCD Digital Display: This feature helps in the display of the radiation values already measured and recorded. 


  • Easy to operate.
  • Good accuracy.
  • Versatile in use (Indoor and Outdoor use).


  • No instructions to denote the meanings of the radiation values recorded.

4. KKmoon GM3120 Digital LCD Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Dosimeter

A portable dosimeter model that can be seen today is the KKmoon GM3120 Digital LCD Electromagnetic Radiation Detector Dosimeter, this model is really easy to carry around because of its low weight and it has a simple but user friendly interface.


  • Radiation Assessment: This feature in the radiation dosimeter helps to make sure that the radiation values that have been measured and recorded over time is assessed in order to determine and alert the user of the safety level of the radiation. 
  • Alarm: The alarm in the KKmoon GM3120 dosimeter model comes in two forms; sound and light. This feature ensures that you are alerted in any way possible of the radiation levels and values especially when the radiation level is above the safe value.
  • Dual Use: The dual use feature present here shows that this dosimeter can record and measure both magnetic field radiation and electric field radiation at the same time.


  • Portable.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Complaints about accuracy.

5. Wintact WT3121 Digital Color Screen Electromagnetic Radiation Detector

Wintact EMF Meter, Smart Digital Electromagnetic Fields Radiation Detector Meter, Rechargeable,...

This particular Wintact dosimeter model is known for its sensitivity and high precision, suitability for home use and the anti-skid strips on the sides of the dosimeter. These anti-skid strips help in preventing the dosimeter from slipping when being held or carried.


  • Triple Use: In addition to detecting and measuring magnetic field and electric field radiation, the Wintact WT3121 Digital Color Screen Electromagnetic Radiation Detector is also able to denote the current ambient temperature.
  • Alarm: With the presence of this feature comes a Triple Alarm Mode, this mode showcases alarms by sound, light and display in order to notify the user when the radiation levels are above the safe value.
  • Sensor: The kind of sensor found in the Wintact WT3121 dosimeter is an inbuilt electromagnetic radiation sensor, this sensor is very sensitive to radiation values and after measuring the radiation level, the radiation value is displayed on the LCD display screen.


  • High accuracy.
  • Easy to operate.
  • User friendly interface.


  • The device can be zeroed by the user.

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Buying Guide for the Best Dosimeters

Getting to know the best kinds of dosimeters can be quite tasking but there are some hacks that you can put in place in order to choose a good brand with the best dosimeter for measuring radiation.

You will need to take certain things into consideration such as the different kinds of dosimeters that are out in the world today, the different brands that make these dosimeters, the pros of the dosimeters, the cons of the dosimeters and the reviews given by people who have used that particular brand or kind of dosimeter.

The following features need to be considered when you are planning to buy personal or radiological dosimeters so that you can get the best dosimeter that will be perfect for you:

  1. Usability Before getting a dosimeter, you will need to note if the kind you would like to get is suitable to meet your needs. There is no point in getting an over hyped radiation dosimeter model if it is not best suited for your uses.
  • Pros: It is not unusual for a radiological dosimeter to have pros, in fact, it is seen as a good thing. Before deciding on getting the dosimeter, you will need to weigh the pros against the cons to see if the pros outweigh the cons.
  • Cons: When an item has some pros, it is bound to have a number of cons as well; it is a natural law. Having cons despite pros does not automatically mean that the item or product (in this case, dosimeter) is bad. But you will need to note the number or intensity of the cons, if you are unable to accommodate the amount of cons found in that particular dosimeter, then there is no need for you to get it.

How Do I Use A Dosimeter?

A dosimeter is used for very sensitive measurements when it comes to radiation and radiological activities.

We know now what a dosimeter is, and what it is used for, so this then begs the question ‘How can I use a dosimeter?’.

There are different kinds of radiation dosimeters such as the body dosimeter badge and the ring dosimeter badge.

For the Body Dosimeter Badge

  • Wear your body dosimeter badge on the parts of your body that are prone to radiation exposure (between your neck and waist).

For the Ring Dosimeter Badge

  • Wear your ring dosimeter badge on the finger that is most prone to exposure, ensure that the label faces outward from your hand.
  • With gloves – wear your ring badge before putting on the gloves, this is done to ensure that the ring badge stays away from being contaminated. When removing your gloves, try to make sure that you do not leave or forget the ring badge inside of the gloves.

Ensure that you do not share your dosimeter badge with anyone, if it gets missing do well to notify your company or organization so that you can get a replacement as soon as possible.

In addition, do your best to exchange your old dosimeter badges and get new badges quarterly, this is done to ensure that you get the best dosimeter and still at good quality so you can stay protected.

Best Dosimeter FAQ

How does a dosimeter work?

  • Dosimeters work by measuring radiation levels and originally they were film-based, meaning that the film gets imprinted on when the dosimeter badge is exposed to radiation.
  • A Thermoluminescent Dosimeter (TLD) contains a crystal which is made of lithium fluoride and is very radio sensitive so when the atoms in the crystal are exposed to radiation, the electrons reach an excited state where the crystal gets heated (at a high temperature). Here, there is a release of energy in the form of visible light and this is what is then used to measure the dosage of the radiation (Thermoluminescence).

How much radiation is too much?

  • The maximum dose limit set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the whole body especially in primary occupational practices relating to radiation is 5,000 millirems per year.
  • The maximum dose limit set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the skin and other extremities such as the hands and fingers is 50,000 millirems per year.

Any value gotten or recorded that is higher than the value ranges here is too much, too toxic and too dangerous as it will have ill effects on the human body.

Where is a dosimeter found?

  • A dosimeter is found in companies where there are radiation workers that deal with certain sealed and unsealed radioisotopes, operate X-ray machines, this instrument helps them to ensure that they carry out their activities at a safe radiation level.

What type of radiation does a dosimeter measure?

  • A dosimeter is capable of measuring external ionizing radiation such as Gamma rays, X-rays, high energy Beta rays and high energy Ultraviolet rays but a dosimeter is unable to measure or detect beta rays from certain isotopes that are of low energy such as Tritium, Sulfur-35 and Carbon-14.

What is the difference between a sound level meter and a noise dosimeter?

  • Though both instruments measure noise levels, the sound level meter is seen to be bigger in size and it can be used in an environment or in the workplace while a noise dosimeter is used in places where a sound level meter is not safe or practical to use (confined spaces or places with a high fire risk).

Final Verdict

Dosimeters are very important in ensuring and securing the safety of workers in the radiation industry, they help to make sure that the radiation levels surrounding the work done in a radiological company is at safe levels for the employees.

This fact alone goes to show the importance and necessity for every radiological company to provide dosimeters for their workers.

A good dosimeter will go a long way in saving a person’s life so it is key that you carefully cover all your bases and get all the information you need when deciding to get a dosimeter for your work or daily use.

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