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Best Digital Manometer

Digital manometers have come as a timely solution for professionals working in the measuring industry. These gadgets allow you to check and record air pressure using a pressure transducer rather than relying on leveled surfaces, like traditional manometers. With the best digital manometer, you can easily convert generated energy into an electronic signal or value and recorded it on a digital display.

Digital manometers are portable, lightweight, and can be used to test gas pressure anywhere. A complete manometer unit consists of two connectors, a battery compartment, two plastic tubes, and a pouch.

Typically, a digital manometer offers differential gas measurement within an average, minimum, and maximum record function. It has a dual display large LCD backlight, auto-power offset function, low battery display, under/over range function, data compensation, and error code functions.

But with so many designs of digital manometers in the market, choosing a suitable instrument can be overwhelming. Here is a compilation of our top selections you can compare to make an informed decision before buying a digital manometer.

Our Favorite Digital Manometer

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Top 10 Best Digital Manometer Reviews- 2022

1. Hti-Xintai Digital Manometer, Dual-port Air Pressure Differential

Digital Manometer, Dual Port Air Pressure Meter Pressure Gauge HVAC Gas Tester, Differential...

If you’re looking for an affordable yet efficient digital manometer, consider purchasing the Hti-Xintai. This unit comes with flexible plastic tubing that is perfect for most gas valves. It is safe and highly effective and can validate air pressure based on a given device’s specifications. It also has a high resolution and can apply as a differential manometer to check pressure between two points.


IT has Eleven selectable measurement units: inHg, psi, kgfcm2, kPa, Bar, cmH2O, mbar, ftH2O, mmHg, ozin2, and inH2O, for high accuracy. You only need to press the unit button for various unit selections.

It has a dual display large digital LCD backlight: Responsible for displaying differential pressure, gas pressure, and measurement gauge.

Portable: It is lightweight with a slim design, making it easy to use and carry around.

Wide application: This manometer is multi-application. It is best for checking air measurement, air condition systems, calibration, computer peripherals, laboratory testing, gas appliance installation and troubleshooting.


  • Highly versatile
  • Multi-application
  • High resolution
  • Low battery indicator


  • Higher pressure inputs can cause damage to the manometer

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2. Manometer, RISEPRO Digital Air Pressure Meter, Differential Gauge

Manometer, RISEPRO Digital Air Pressure Meter and Differential Pressure Gauge HVAC Gas Pressure...

The Risepro digital gas manometer comes as a package inclusive of a connector, two pairs of flexible tubing, an instructional manual, and a quality carrying pouch. It will check the pressure points in different ranges from +/-2psi, +/-55H2O, and +/-13.79 kPa, with an accuracy of about -0.3 percent in full scale.

The Risepro unit features a large LCD backlight, record function, data hold, units function, zero/offset functions, and on/off power function, which you can disable. It also includes the max, min, and average functions. It can work perfectly in the HVAC sector, laboratory testing, gas appliance installation and repair, cleaning rooms, pneumatic controls, furnace and boiler maintenance and more.


Dual input – The Risepro digital manometer comes with smart dual-port probes that allow differential pressure measurements between different points and compares a unit’s external atmosphere.

Simple and easy to use – The equipment is lightweight and one hand use, allowing you to engage your other hand in other things. With buttons for each function, the Risepro has a backlight that will enable you to capture readings at any time of the day.

Low-battery indicator – There are no surprises when it comes to this particular manometer. In addition to the auto power-off function, the unit comes with a functional backlight.

It features eleven selectable units and values, including in Hg, cmH2O, and more.


  • With a large LCD digital display, it makes it easier to capture readings
  • Ideal for professionals working on a tight budget


  • Pressure exceeding ten psi can damage the manometer
  • Concerns over quality issues

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3. Fieldpiece SDMN5 Dual-port Manometer

Fieldpiece Dual-Port Manometer - SDMN5

For people looking for a combination of excellent quality and affordability, the fieldpiece dual-port manometer has got you covered. The equipment is lightweight, rugged, and portable and can measure gas pressure, differential pressure, and static pressure. It incorporates a wide range of functional features, making it more efficient and safe.

These impressive features include a robust rubber boot, zero-adjust function, user’s manual, installed nine-volt battery, an auto-on & off power button to help save the battery when not in use. Furthermore, its ability to measure, calculates, and displays the pressure readings between P1 & P2 makes it a highly reliable testing gas pressure manometer.

The manometer can also check the static air pressure with a resolution mode range of 0.01mBar to 0.01 in WC. Its gas measurements range between +/-60inWC and +/-150mBar. The Fieldpiece dual-port manometer is used in the HVACR industry and other technical fields.


Price: It is affordable, making it ideal for people running on a low budget

19V installed battery: The SDMN5 includes a long-life battery that lasts for about 200 hours

Tube adapter: Besides the usual features, the SDMN5 comes with an adapter that boosts its usage and versatility. It can test pressure ranging from 3/16″ up to 5/16″, and it’s relatively accurate.

Multi-function: It can measure air pressure, pressure, differential, and static pressure (down to a resolution of 0.01WC inches)

Magnet: The manometer comes with a magnet at the back, allowing HVACR professionals to hang it while measuring between two points.


  • You can purchase the gadget at a reasonable price
  • Simple and easy to use
  • It’s more accurate than most of the manometers


  • It lacks a backlight, limiting its functionality in less visible areas.

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4. EHDIS Manometer Gas Pressure Tester Digital Air Pressure

Ehdis Manometer Gas Pressure Tester Digital Air Pressure Meter Differential Pressure Gauge HVAC Gas...

EHDIS Manometer air Pressure Tester is handheld equipment that can check gas pressure in one pipe or compare pressure levels between two input probes. Unlike other manometers, the EHDIS unit has twelve selectable measurement values, including Psi, Bar, mmHg, kPa, and more. The equipment’s selectable pressure is +2.999 to -2.999 psi, whereas its repeatability ranges between +/-0.2 percent, fso up to a maximum of +/-0.5 percent, fso.

The manometer can also measure 24 ADC to 32 ADC with a low-ultra power, making it more accurate and faster. The good thing is that an EHDIS digital manometer can work perfectly on domestic boilers, checking the bathroom fan’s air circulation, regulating gas measurements on electric valves, and measuring pressure on tankless heaters. It’s multi-application and can be used in air conditioning systems, calibration, ventilation, gas measurement, installation, and gas pressure appliances.


High accuracy: The EHDIS manometer is designed to provide high accuracy with a (+/-0.3 percent) and safety to users, with a response period of five seconds.

Multi-application: The equipment is widely used in various industries to provide accurate and reliable gas pressure measurements.

Dual input can provide differential gas measurements on one or more points using its dual input probes.


  • Highly accurate and safe
  • It provides a wide range of pressure measurements
  • It has an easy to use design


  • It lacks a backlight, restricting its function

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5. Perfect Prime AR1890 Professional Digital Air Pressure

PerfectPrime AR1890 Professional Digital Air Pressure Meter & Manometer to Measure Gauge &...

Perfect Prime AR1890 Professional Digital Air Pressure is one of the manometers that are revolutionizing the measurement industry. It provides technicians with an easy and affordable way to test, analyze, and fix air pressure issues. Its design incorporates many functions to help you in your pressure readings.

These functions include error codes, data hold, zero adjust and offset buttons automatic power-off function to turn the equipment off when not in use. You can use the perfect Prime AR1890 for a wide range of high accuracy measurements and even for comparisons if needed.  Besides having a backlight that offers you maximum functionality, the manometer contains minimum, average, and maximum buttons to help you control the measurements according to your needs.

It can measure a range of +/-55H2O, +/-13 kPa, and +/-2 psi. It has eleven selectable measurement units, including FtH2O, mbar, kgcm2, psi, and more.


Multiple measurements: The Perfect Prime manometer incorporates multiple measuring systems that allow you to tailor pressure measurements according to your needs.

High accuracy: It has a large LCD display screen and a backlight that captures measurements, reads, and makes comparisons.

Low battery indicator: The battery indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge the equipment.


  • Provides high accuracy
  • It’s lightweight with easy to use functions
  • Has a reasonable price


  • It has quality issues
  • The gadget lacks a rear magnet

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6. Unit Pressure Measurement Manometer – Differential

Manometer 11 Unit of Pressure - Meters Digital Measurement Maximum 10 PSI Data Hold & Error Code...

This equipment can test air pressure in eleven selectable units including, Bar, cmH2O, Ozin2, H2O, kPa, and others. It can manage a maximum pressure of ten PSI, and anything beyond that could lead to damages. It comes as a package of 2 plastic hoses, a connector, a nine voltage battery, and a carrier bag. It also consists of a backlight LCD twin display which allows it to work flawlessly even in poorly lit places.

Additionally, the manometer features an automatic power-off function that puts it off whenever it is not operating or runs low on battery. Other fascinating features include the error code and data hold function, zeroing, data compensation, and the maximum/average/minimum display, complete with their relative time. The Unit pressure measurement manometer is multi-application and can be used in air condition systems, blower fans, furnaces and boilers, and other technical areas.


Automatic power shutdown function: This feature helps shut down the equipment when it is not in use, saving on power.

Backlight: The availability of a backlight offers unlimited use – even in a poorly lit area.

Design: The Unit Pressure manometer is built with unique features meant to boost function and quality. For instance, the LED screen is large to provide precise and accurate measurements, while the auto power-off helps save power. Offset and zeroing functions help regulate the readings.

Versatility: You can take the maximum, minimum, and average readings within seconds. It also offers an easy way to navigate various functions with a touch of a button.


  • It’s easy to use
  • It has a high-quality design and high resolution
  • It comes at a reasonable price


  • It does not have a rear magnet

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7. Mengshen Digital, Professional Digital Air Pressure Manometer

Mengshen Digital Manometer, Professional Digital Air Pressure Meter & Differential Pressure Gauge...

The Mengshen digital manometer is popularly used in automobiles, air pressure measurement on furnaces, and tankless water heaters. These professional meters are small-sized and portable and support one hand activities. With a huge LCD screen, it offers unmatched convenience in operation.

It measures eleven different units: mmHg, H2O, Mbar, inHG, KgCm, ftH2O, Psi, kPa, Bar, cmH2O, and Ozin2. It also has an accuracy of +/-0.3 percent with a measurement range of +/2Psi, +/-55.4 h2O, and +/-13,79 kpa. Most researchers, engineers, and technicians use this manometer as measuring equipment for HVAC systems.


Easy to carry and use: The Mengshen digital manometer is small and portable, weighing only 200 grams. This makes it easy to operate and move around and also allows one-hand operation.

Automatic shutdown function: The gadget is a great energy saver, thanks to its auto-off function that automatically turns it off when it’s not in operation.

Versatile: It’s widely used in various industries and offers accurate pressure measurements.


  • It supports one hand operation
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Backlit capability
  • His manometer provides convenient measurements


  • The battery needs replacement with time
  • It isn’t easy to capture readings full scale, from afar

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8. Testo 510 Digital Manometer

testo 510 Digital Manometer I Dual-Port Differential Pressure Meter for air Conditioning Systems and...

Testo 510 is one of the oldest gadgets which have been in the market since 1957. This proves that the manometer has what it takes to survive in the market for such a long period. Some of the features that make it unique include its precision, durability, and compact size. You will love using the Testo 510 model because it is convenient and easy to use, thanks to its backlit display.

You can use the equipment to test a range of measurement units, including the mmHg, fpm, and mmH2O. A complete Testo 510 digital manometer compromises two soft horses, user manual, belt pouch, certificate of conformity, wrist strap, and the Test 510 unit. This device is ideal for HVACR professionals.


Easy to use: This device is portable, lightweight and comes with a wrist strap, making it easy to carry around and operate. It also comes with a magnet at the back to allow for hanging.

Precise measurements: It incorporates an air density pressure sensor that enhances accurate data readings for ten selectable measurement units – inHg, Pa, hPa, mmH2O, psi, fpm, mbar, inH2O, m/s, and mmHg.

Versatile: The manometer provides a range of measurements across various industries. It checks differential pressure, duct velocities, static pressure, and more.


  • Offers diversity in measurements
  • Offers high accuracy and resolution
  • It has a compact size and advanced features that make it carry and operate
  • The manometer comes with a wrist strap, protective cap, and quality belt pouch to protect it against damage.


  • It can easily break if dropped on hard surfaces
  • It is power dependent

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9. Dwyer Handheld Digital Manometer

Dwyer® Handheld Digital Manometer, 475-3-FM, 0-200' w.c. (49.82 kPa)

Although the Dwyer manometer is relatively expensive, it is incredibly accurate and safe and most suitable for measurement professional. It offers differential measurements, negative and positive pressure checks. The Dwyer handled unit will come in handy if you’re specialized in clean room inspections, calibration, installing and troubleshooting HVAC equipment, air velocity regulation, gas appliance testing.

The Dwyer kit comprises a 9V alkaline battery, carrying pouch, a connector, soft rubber AV calculator rule, and step drill. It also comes with a pressure sensor to ensure clear readouts. The Dwyer is a multi-application commonly used in the automotive, ventilation, laboratory, engineering, air condition application, and medical industries.


It has large front buttons: This device has two large buttons on the front surface that allows for easy operation. You can change the pressure unit; turn the gadget on or off before or after use.

Diversity: You can use this device in most weather conditions without the fear of damage or freezing. It also provides a range of pressure types; +ve, -ve, and differential.

Durability: Dwyer Handheld Digital Manometer comes with a reasonably durable aluminum cove that helps cover it against damage and weather elements.


  • The Dwyer manometer is highly durable and will not break easily
  • Highly versatile and can survive throughout the year
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • Highly flexible
  • These gadgets have pressure sensors that enhance accuracy


  • The pressure sensors use microprocessors that require regular calibration to maintain the needed accuracy.
  • It is power dependent

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10. FOSHIO Digital Gas Pressure Manometer

FOSHIO FT168 Digital Manometer Air Pressure Meter HVAC Gas Pressure Tester with Large LCD Display

Looking for an eye-friendly digital manometer to help carry out your gas pressure measurements? A FOSHIO gadget would be a viable solution. This multi-function device offers an easy way to perform quick filter tests when conducting differential pressure tests on HVAC systems and gas pressure systems.

The manometer measures a pressure range of -2.999 to +2.999 psi with a response time of 0.5 seconds. Subsequently, the FOSHIO comes with a range of functions, including a power button, tube connectors, unit buttons, hold buttons, battery cover, LCD screen, max button, and hanging hole.


LCD screen function: The FOSHIO display screen is larger enough to prevent eye strain. This means that the light display design can reduce eye weariness when you’re reading pressure parameters.

Protective bag: The gadget is packed in a durable protective bag to keep it safe and protect it from damage.

Compatibility: The FOSHIO is compatible with most computer peripherals, allowing for easy data transfer for reading and comparisons.

Hanging hole: This feature offers convenience since you can easily reach out for your gadget when working.


  • It comes with an instruction manual showing how to and when to use the equipment.
  • The device is highly adaptable
  • It can remain accurate for a long time
  • Easy to use and carry around
  • It comes at a reasonable price


  • It lacks a backlight
  • It does not work efficiently in some weather conditions

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Buying guide for a good Manometer

best digital manometer

Searching for a suitable manometer may sound like an overwhelming process. But the reality is that the process is quite simple if you follow the proper steps. While there are no hard and fast rules for choosing the best digital manometer, it is essential to keep in mind the following factors.


Manometers are classified into two types; analog meters and digital meters. Analog devices use fluid placements to test pressure, while digital meters use pressure transducers to sense and convert generated pressure into digital signals. Usually, digital units incorporate modern and more advanced features than their analog counterparts, making them a popular option.

Digital meters are more flexible, readable, accurate, and easily customized and calibrated.

Selection Criteria

Accuracy – Digital manometers are designed to serve different purposes, so you can expect them to have varying accuracy levels. Plus, accuracy levels can also vary from one manufacture to another – but the universally accepted accuracy levels run from +/-0.25 up to around +/-2.5%.

User-friendliness – Buying a manometer that is easier to use can make your work easier. Ensure the gadget you’re buying has well-inbuilt features with an easy to learn interface; otherwise, you may waste a significant amount of time trying to read and calculate measurements.

Cost – Think of the amount you are willing to spend on your manometer without straining your pockets. You can even shop around for discounts and offers; who knows; you might find a digital manometer for sale, which can be a great deal.

Purpose – Manometers have a wide range of applications. You can use them in gas analysis, HVAC system installation and troubleshooting, weather surveys, atmospheric surveys, and more. Determine how and where you’ll be using your gadget and find the one suitable for your situation.

Pressure range – The pressure range you choose will depend on what you want to measure. Whether you’re going to measure liquid or gas, ensure your manometer is within the operating range. Notably, the pressure range should be between 25 percent and 75 percent of the scale’s total readings.

How is a Manometer used to Measure Pressure?

A manometer is designed to measure or check the pressure (force/unit area) in a gas. Typically, there are many types of manometers, and each one of them functions differently. The most common one is the U-tube which measures the differential pressure or shows the difference between gas pressure and atmospheric pressure.

You can compare two pressures or check the pressure contained in the air by using the U-shaped tube. Fill the tube halfway with a fluid, preferably mercury, and leave the two sides open. Add the gas to be measured on the opposite side of the tube and seal properly. The next step is to equalize mercury on both sides of the container at the normal pressure.

Gas plays a significant role in applying pressure on mercury. If you exert positive pressure on one end, the mercury will move downwards on one side and increase on the other.  If mercury doesn’t move to a higher point on either side, it means that the atmospheric pressure equals the gas pressure.

What is a Digital Manometer Used For?

best digital manometer

A digital manometer is a professional gadget used to gauge differential pressure. Manometers digital gadgets are portable and often used to check and record pressure anywhere. Most of them utilize advanced features that guarantee accurate readings. Furthermore, they are highly compatible with other electronic systems, making them effective.

Unlike the analog devices that rely on fluids to gauge pressure, the digital devices use sensory elements, pressure transducers, to sense pressure. These sensory elements use specific electrical parameters;

Capacitive elements involve 2 parallel plates covering a capacitive ground to reduce the impact of deformation and protect the plates from any external force.

An inductive transducer employs the strategy of electromagnetic induction to measure an object.

Resistive elements can measure different physical levels of pressure, force, temperature or vibration, which can otherwise be hard to test because of their high volatility.

To measure low-pressure levels, you need to use micro manometers or bring in extra gas transducers styles such as ionization gauge, Pirani gauge, and more.

Digital manometers have numerous applications. They are widely used in various industries, like medical equipment, fluid flow measurements, air condition system maintenance, gas pressure monitoring, psychological measurements, meteorological & weather forecast.

Why choose digital manometers over analogue manometers?

  • Digital manometers are easily compatible or programmed with computers
  • They provide more accurate readings
  • These devices are lightweight, portable, and easy to use
  • They have an in-built software program to help them correct deviations
  • Digital units don’t depend on fluids (some of which can be toxic) to measure pressure


What is the best digital manometer?

Digital manometers are built for different purposes. The one you choose will depend on your budget, preferences, needs, and purpose. However, a digital unit offers more exciting features and experience.

Where is the manometer used?

Manometers are used in various disciplines, including automobile, calibration, HVAC and ventilation systems, engineering, medical, and laboratory.

What type of manometer is best for measuring low pressure?

An inclined tube is the most recommended meter for measuring low pressure. This is because an inclined shape can help stretch and balance the weight between two different heights.

Which manometer is most stable and accurate?

There isn’t a one-fits-all approach for choosing the best manometer for your situation. Our top choices include the Testo 510, Fieldpiece SDMN5 dual-port, and Hti-Xintai manometers.

What are the types of manometer?

  • U-Tube manometer
  • Small manometer
  • Differential manometer
  • Inclined manometer
  • Inverted U-Tube manometers

Final verdict

Manometers are used widely in almost every industry. However, as technology evolves, more advanced manometers are being introduced, which have become a total game-changer in the gas measurement field. Modern manometers are designed to offer high accuracy, convenience, and efficiency.

Remember that these gadgets come in various sizes and shapes, and what works best for a friend might not work for you. Therefore, take time to find a manometer that suits your situation, budget, and needs. Ensure it is of high quality and easy to use.

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