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LAST UPDATED: January 11th, 2021

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Are you looking to find out which one is the better pick between the Rigol DS1054Z VS DS1052E oscilloscopes? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In this piece, we’ll go through the benefits of each model, the good and the bad, to figure out which is the right one.

Let’s begin with the Rigol DS1054Z, shall we?

RIGOL DS1054Z VS Rigol DS1052E – Comparison in 2021

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Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope

Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope

With outstanding design, controls, and more useful features, the Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope is a suitable choice for a lot of professionals.

Whether you’re an engineer or an electronic technician, this instrument will provide accurate information for each of your tasks.


For the most part, the material used for the build of this instrument is plastic. The total weight is 6.60 pounds, which is not too heavy but not too light either. Moving it across the round if needed is possible, though it’d be best to leave it over a specific counter.

The exterior look features a grey design with different colors like blue or yellow for some buttons. Due to those colors and a clean finish, the Rigol DS1054Z looks modern and stylish.

Besides the oscilloscope, the package includes a power cord, two probes, and a software CD.

Display and Controls

One of the features you’ll hear the most about this instrument is the UltraVision, which offers a 7-inch large display with incredible resolution. Every channel and data is clearly visible on the screen due to the 800×480 pixels display.

With such display quality, users can keep track of math operators, measurement functions, both vertical and horizontal, among other essential information. For a low-end scope, its operability is among the best.

On the other hand, and even though the buttons are a lot of use, they may be tricky to understand.

Fortunately for everyone using the scope, there are proper guidelines to help you get a better understanding of every feature.


This oscilloscope is a benchtop instrument with four channels instead of two. The starter bandwidth is 50MHz, but you could upgrade it to 100 MHz. Much like the upgradeable bandwidth, the memory depth is also capable of upgrading from 12 Mpts to 24Mpts.

The sampling is 1GSa/sec, fairly similar to high-end oscilloscopes. Undoubtedly, one of the highest selling points of this instrument is the addition of four channels. It’s a very useful feature that improves signal relationships and logic data.

Are four channels even necessary, though? It’s debatable, but one thing’s clear: after using three or more, you won’t see dual-channel oscilloscopes the same way.

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Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope

Rigol DS1052E Oscilloscope

If you’re looking for a cheap but decent scope, then this unit may be it. Of course, the Rigol DS1052E falls short when compared to most modern models, but it does offer basic features that guarantee a reliable performance for most professionals.

What else does this oscilloscope have to offer? Here, we’ll talk about it.


This oscilloscope weighs 6.00 pounds, and it features an appealing white finish. Other colors used are clearly seen around the control panel, indicating which buttons work for functions like the channels, and more.

The instrument is quite compact, as it measures 303mm x 154mm x 133 mm, width, height, and depth, respectively. Once set, the unit doesn’t consume much space, making it convenient for most benchtops.

Other items included in the purchase are the power cord, a couple of probes, and the software CD. Setting up a secure connection between oscilloscope and PC is both easy and quick.

Display and Controls

The screen resolution of this unit is 320×234 pixels, which is quite lower. In all fairness, bigger screens are normally more expensive. Still, the data described is accurate, and it doesn’t take much effort to understand as the unit is quite intuitive too.

For example, once you press one of the channel buttons, the menu of that particular channel shows below. There, you’ll be able to check and make the adjustments needed.

The organization of the buttons on the panel is helpful as well. Each of the indications printed above them makes it easy to operate the unit properly.

You can set up around 20 automatic measurements, the analog channels, change the trigger modes, and many other tasks easily through these buttons.


The Rigol DS1052E is a dual-channel Digital Oscilloscope that offers 50 MHz bandwidth, and 1GSa/s real-time sample rate. This unit offers different trigger modes, including edge, pulse width, slope, video, and alternate trigger.

For more convenience, there are multiple interface configurations available. Some of them are the standard USB host to support USB devices. Also, there’s room for optional USB-GPIB adapter, support for U-Disk storage, and more.

DS1054Z or DS1052E, Which Is the Best Oscilloscope in 2021?

To understand which one is better, we have to take a look at the difference between these two units.


There’s no denying The Rigol DS1054Z is the better choice for a lot of reasons. For instance, this unit features an analog-like display with a larger screen, better colors, and plenty of more information.
The Rigol DS1052E, on the other hand, offers more basic performance.


Controlling the Rigol DS1054Z could be tricky at first, but users will get there in time. After figuring out the buttons, using the unit won’t be any trouble. With this instrument, you can set up more trigger modes, math functions, and plenty of other tasks that the other oscilloscope won’t offer.

Another big difference between the DS1054Z and the DS1052E is the number of channels. Though many people prefer two, there are a lot of applications for an oscilloscope with four channels instead.

While the DS1052E is a great instrument, its flaws are far too many. Pixelated screen, noisy fan, and fewer settings are some of the issues you can expect.

The DS1054Z, although not perfect, does a better job of reducing the number of issues. Nonetheless, the noisy fan still remains.


After knowing a little bit more about the two oscilloscopes, we now have a better idea of which one is the better pick between the Rigol DS1052E vs DS1054Z models. At this point, you can make your final decision and start working on your projects.

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