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15 Best Fluke Multimeter Reviews

Are you about to create new electrical lights, switches, and a ton of wires? Do you need to fix your car’s old wiring that makes your headlights throw a weak beam of light?

Well, to do any of these tasks with a degree of precision and professionalism, you will need a reliable multimeter.

In the world of electrical engineering and repairs, a multimeter is a tool that you cannot go without.

In this article, we will present to you 15 different multimeter models coming from a company called Fluke.

Read on to find the appropriate fluke multimeter models for your needs!

Our Favorite Fluke Multimeter

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The List of 15 Best Fluke Multimeter Reviews

1. Fluke – 87-V- Best All Around Fluke Multimeter

Rugged build, accurate measurements, and a built-in thermometer are what you get if you decide to buy this Fluke 87V model.

One of the things this model does well is accurate frequency measurements, which is possible thanks to the special low-pass filter designed by the engineers at Fluke.

Here are some of the most important features of this model:

  • Rugged design – One of the features that you can see with virtually all Fluke contraptions would certainly be their rugged design.

Since multimeters and other similar equipment are meant to be used in often rough environments, they are made to be tough and to be able to survive fall damage.

This 87V model is no exception in this regard.

As long as the fall isn’t too great (greater than 10 feet), you can rest assured this thing will survive it.

  • Large, backlit display – As we said, working as an electrician often means taking measurements of various electricity-related values in all kinds of hospitable as well as inhospitable environments.

So, having a large backlit display can be a great way to get the most out of your multimeter and get an accurate measurement every time – even when the lighting conditions aren’t perfect.

  • Accessories – Sometimes small accessories can make a lot of difference when you’re out there doing the fieldwork.

One of the accessories you can with this model is a magnetic hanger, which you can use to, well, hang the multimeter you’re using, so you don’t have to hold it in your hand.


  • Comes with a built-in thermometer (but you need a special thermocouple to use it)
  • Can measure up to a 1,000V AC and DC
  • Accurate measurements of non-linear signals thanks to RMS rating
  • Rugged design
  • Large display with two levels of backlight


  • Fairly expensive

2. Fluke – 117-Best Fluke Multimeter for Electricians

Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter, Non-Contact AC Voltage Detection, Measures...

If you’re an electrician working primarily in the field of domestic electrical settings, so to speak, such as in hospitals, homes, schools, and other similar buildings, this multimeter can be a great option.

This model is so interesting because it features an option of non-contact voltage detection, even though it doesn’t come with an open jaw design.

Here are some of its features that make this best fluke multimeter for electricians:

  • Volt Alert technology – … makes it possible for this contraption to detect voltage in wires and other pieces of electrical wiring and circuitry.

This can help you figure out whether there is voltage present in some part of the wiring even before you’ve attached any wires to it.

Also, to prevent any potential damage by choosing the AC or DC when the other type of current should be measured, there is an automatic AC/DC selector.

  • Backlit LED screen – As an electrician, you are probably often called to fix some piece of wiring that is not working in a building, which often means that the building won’t have lights on due to an electrical problem.

This model comes with an LED screen, so you won’t have to worry if you have to work in settings where there is no light or the light intensity is weak! 

  • Signal fluctuations recording – Other than being able to give you the value of resistance, current, frequency, and capacitance, this Fluke multimeter will also tell you how the signal fluctuates over time.

Also, its RMS rating means that you can get accurate measurements on non-linear loads.


  • Special VoltAlert technology for non-contact voltage detection
  • Automatic AC/DC voltage selector
  • Backlit LED screen
  • RMS rating (accurate non-linear load measurement)
  • 400-hour average battery life (if the backlight is off)
  • CAT III, 600V safety rating


  • Doesn’t come with a jaw design

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3. Fluke – 323 True-RMS Clamp Meter

Fluke 323 Clamp Meter For Commercial/Residential Electricians, Measures AC Current To 400 A,Measures...

If you need a small, sturdy multimeter that features the now-famous clamp design, this Fluke 323 model can be the perfect option.

Even though this model doesn’t measure DC, it measures AC, resistance, as well as voltage, so you still get most of the functionality of a typical multimeter. (It does measure DC voltage, though.)

These are some of the most important parameters of this model:

  • Ergonomic design – As electricians working outdoors or indoors in cramped and tough-to-access areas require small but powerful measuring tools, this 323-model can be a great option thanks to its compact build.

Thanks to its small size and slim build, this handy tool won’t take up too much space in your pocket, but it will also enable you to measure current, voltage, and other parameters with ease.

  • LED screen – As far as the screen on this model is in question, what you get is a relatively large LED (relative to the overall size of this multimeter), so reading the values of current, voltage, and resistance will be a piece of cake.

The numbers on the screen are large, too, so even if your eyesight isn’t that great, you will still be able to read them with no problems.

  • Clamp design – We already explained above that clamp multimeters have an advantage over regular multimeters because you can get a reading without ever having to touch the wires or circuits you are measuring.

So, this model 323 comes with a design feature that can be great news for electricians who have to perform various measurements on all sorts of electrical wiring and circuits.


  • RMS rating for accurate non-linear signal measurements                
  • Resistance measurement up to 4 kΩ
  • CAT III 600V safety rating
  • Slim, ergonomic design
  • Clamp feature for easy non-contact measurements


  • This tool does not measure DC, only AC

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4. Fluke – 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter

Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter, Measures AC/DC Voltage To 600 V and AC/DC Current to 10 A, Measures...

Featuring a standard multimeter build, this Fluke 115 is a compact device that you can use for various measurements.

This device will give you a quick and accurate reading every time, whether it’s current, capacitance, or resistance. In addition to the three standard values measured by any multimeter, you can also count on the diode testing as one of the extra measurements you can take with this 115 model.

Here are some of its other features:

  • True RMS rating – One of the most important innovations that the folks at Fluke are adding to almost all of their newer multimeter models would certainly be the RMS feature.

An RMS-rated multimeter enables you to quickly perform measurements of non-linear loads, which can be difficult to measure with a regular multimeter because of the current interruptions.

  • LED with a backlight – As we already stated above, working as an electrician often means working in environments that are poorly lit.

This is why it’s useful to have a multimeter at your disposal to help you get an easy reading in such conditions. The LED screen that comes with this model is backlit, meaning that when the light is low, you can use the backlight to read the measured values with ease.

This model enables you to do just that, thanks to its special diode-testing feature. All you need to do is direct the rotary switch to the diode symbol and then use the probes to close the circuit on either end of it.


  • Comes with a large backlit LED
  • True RMS feature for measuring non-linear loads
  • The maximum voltage of 600V AC and DC
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Special diode testing feature


  • Doesn’t feature a clamp

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5. Fluke – 101 Basic Digital Multimeter

For those in need of a simple and easy-to-use digital multimeter, this model from Fluke can be a perfect choice.

This model is also one of the least expensive Fluke multimeters, which makes it a great option for schools and folks who like to tamper with electronics in their garage and want to get one of the reliable fluke meters cheap.

Here are some of its most important features:

  • CAT III safety rating – … make this fluke digital voltmeter able to measure voltage up to 600V without any danger of malfunction.

This rating would place it pretty highly among Fluke multimeters, so even though this model lacks many features of some of its more advanced counterparts, you can still get some pretty decent measurements out of this thing.

  • Lightweight design – Other than its low price and a limited number of features, this model is also fairly lightweight and small, so carrying it around and using it won’t be that much of a problem.

Thanks to its compact build, you can easily carry it in one hand and then connect the probes and test wires and circuitry with the other.

  • Automatic shutdown feature – One of the useful features of this model would certainly be the automatic shutdown, as it saves its battery power.

Also, in case you forget to turn it off, you won’t have to worry, because this thing will turn itself off fairly easily.


  • DC accuracy of 0.5%
  • CAT III safety rating
  • Durable design
  • Diode testing feature
  • Small, compact build
  • Affordable price
  • Automatic shutdown feature


  • Lacks many of the advanced features of its cousins, so to speak

6. Fluke – 117/323 Kit Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

Fluke 117/323 Kit Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit For Residential And Commercial Electricians,...

If a single multimeter isn’t enough to cover all of your needs when it comes to testing various electrical circuits and wiring, how about you get a Fluke combo kit that gets you a regular multimeter AND a clamp meter for good measure?

Buying this set can be a great solution if you need both a multimeter and a clamp meter because by buying in bundles, you will save some money – and still get two excellent measuring contraptions.

Here are some of the other features of this model:

  • Non-contact voltage detector – The multimeter in this package gives you the option to check for voltage in a piece of wiring without having to connect any wires.

Thanks to the special feature that the folks at Fluke build in many of their models, you can check for voltage in a circuit by simply placing the multimeter close to it.

  • Backlit screen – Still sticking to the multimeter of this package, another feature that we want to point out is that it’s got a backlit screen.

This means that using this device in poorly lit conditions is fairly easy.

For electricians working in cramped or poorly-lit areas, this feature can be a lifesaver, as operating this multimeter in one hand and a lamp in the other can be too much of a stretch.

  • Compact clamp meter design – As we stated above, this package also contains a clamp meter in addition to the multimeter.

This clamp meter is easy to use, and it’s fairly small, so you can easily use it with just one hand.

Also, the clamp feature makes measuring current and other values in wires a piece of cake because you don’t even have to contact them to perform the measurement.


  • Automatic voltage detection (AC and DC)
  • Screen with a backlight
  • Voltage detector with no contact
  • Compact design (of both the multimeter and a clamp meter)
  • Bundle package (multimeter + camp meter)


  • This is a bundle of multimeter + a clamp meter, so it may not be perfect for you if you only need one

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7. Fluke – 116/62 Max + Technician’s Combo Kit

Fluke 116/62 Max+ Technician's Combo Kit

Coming in the shape of yet another combo kit, this Fluke 116/62 technician’s set includes a multimeter and another voltage tester roughly in the shape of a gun.

These two can cover pretty much all of your voltage testing needs if you need to test current, resistance, voltage, and even temperature.

Here are some of the most prominent features of this model:

  • Microamp function – One of the features you will get if you buy this bundle would be the microamp function.

This function allows you to measure Amps in a circuit down to the accuracy of 0.1 microamps.

This feature makes this model possibly the best fluke multimeter for electronics within this price range.

  • AutoVolt function – … is there to ensure that you don’t get any inaccurate voltage readings, especially the so-called ghost voltage.

Ghost or phantom voltage is the phenomenon of encountering voltage in parts of a circuit or wiring that shouldn’t be there or doesn’t perform any function.

So, by using this multimeter, you are automatically excluding the possibility of getting a fake voltage reading.

  • Infrared thermometer – Other than measuring the three basic values in a circuit (voltage, current, and resistance), another value that you might want to measure would certainly be temperature.

In this package, besides the multimeter itself, you will also get an infrared thermometer that will help you determine the temperature of a piece of wiring or a circuit you’re measuring.


  • Signal fluctuation measurements
  • LED screen
  • Compact build (of both the multimeter and the thermometer)
  • This bundle comes with a carrying case
  • Dust and water-resistant builds
  • AutoVolt feature prevents ghost voltage readings


  • In case you don’t need both of these measuring tools, buying this bundle may not make much sense to you

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8. Fluke – T5600 Electrical Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester

Fluke T5-600 Electrical Voltage, Continuity and Current Tester, Measures AC Current Up To 100 A...

We are starting best fluke meter reviews with a model that can be a perfect tool for testing current intensity, resistance, and voltage in wires.

All you need to do to make this thing do its magic is ‘wrap’ it around a wire, choose the reading you want to see, and let it do its thing.

Here are some of the most important features of this model:

  • Automatic voltage measurements – Coming from a world-renown multimeter brand, this model is one of the best all-around fluke multimeter models in its price range.

Thanks to its smart design, this thing will automatically give you readings for voltage in AC and DC without you having to do any settings previously.

This can be a useful feature for those situations when you have to measure voltage often, and resetting the multimeter all the time can become annoying.

  • Tough build – … ensures that even if you drop it accidentally, which tends to happen even to the best handymen, this thing will survive and come out undamaged.

The folks at Fluke assess the fall height that this model can survive at 10 feet, so if you drop it out of your hand while standing, you can rest assured that the T5600 model will be pretty much unscathed, so to speak.

This extra-rugged build is fairly important if you’re working outdoors or in industrial settings where the ground underneath is hard.

  • Open Jaw design – One of the biggest design problems with old multimeters used to be the fact that you have to fiddle around with wires and hold them still for the device to give you an accurate reading.

This used to create a problem when measuring current, resistance, and voltage in protected wires.

Thanks to this unit’s ‘open jaw’ design, you can ‘clamp’ the jaws around a wire and get an accurate measurement of the aforementioned values without even touching the wires!


  • Rugged build, ensuring this tool can survive falls from up to 10 feet
  • Open-jaw design for easy measurements in wires
  • Easy measurements without breaking or obstructing the circuit
  • AC and DC voltage automatic selector
  • Measures voltages up to 600V
  • LCD screen


  • Doesn’t come with a backlight (can be difficult to see the reading in poorly lit environments)

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9. Fluke – 289 True-RMS Stand-Alone Logging Multimeter

Fluke 101 Basic Digital Multimeter Pocket Portable Meter Equipment Industrial (Original Version)

In case you need a high-class multimeter that can do a good job when it comes to the accuracy of various measurements and record the measured values for a long time so that you can access them later on, this 289 model can be a great choice for you.

Thanks to its large screen and the lot of memory it has at its disposal, so to speak, reading the values off of this multimeter will be a piece of cake.

Here are some of the other parameters of this model:

  • Results recording – In case you have to take a lot of measurements in an industrial, lab, or some other highly professional setting, having a multimeter that can ‘remember’ a lot of your measurements can be a great asset.

This model does just that.

According to the folks at Fluke themselves, this model can store up to 15,000 different measurement events, which is more than enough to help you save the results you received easily and quickly.

  • Large display – This model comes with a large VGA display that’s bigger than most of the other models on Fluke’s rich roster.

Additionally, this display comes with a backlight, so you can always read it with no problems, even in a low-light setting.

  • Zoom-in feature – In case you want to track some advanced measurement data visually, you can do this with the zoom-in feature.

You can do this without connecting this multimeter to a PC or some other external device, by the way.


  • This model can store up to 15,000 measuring instances
  • Features a real-time clock
  • Graphing and zoom-in capability
  • Large, VGA display
  • White backlight


  • Fairly expensive

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10. Fluke – 106 Palm-Sized Digital Multimeter

Fluke - Fluke-106 Esp Fluke-106 Palm-sized Digital Multimeter

Representing one of the smallest models produced by Fluke, this multimeter is probably one of the best fluke multimeter models for its price.

This model was designed for folks who don’t have much space in their toolbox for elaborate multimeter contraptions but still need a model that can provide accurate measurements and is easy to operate.

Below are the most important features of this model:

  • Compact design – As we already hinted at in the first paragraph of this review, this model represents one of the smallest Fluke contraptions, so if small size and compact design are important parameters for a multimeter you want to buy, this model may be the perfect choice for you.

It is so small it can easily fit in the palm of your hand and any of your pockets!

  • Data hold feature – In case you need to remember the measurement values you just got from your multimeter, the good news about this model is that it allows you to do exactly that.

To be precise, it will do it for you.

Thanks to this feature, you won’t have to constantly carry a pen and paper with you to jot down the current and resistance values you’ve just measured, for example.

  • Capacitance measurement – Other than the standard values that pretty much any multimeter will measure, you can use this device to also measure capacitance.


  • Measures capacitance (in addition to voltage, current, and resistance)
  • Comes with a data hold feature
  • Drop, shock, and humidity-resistant
  • Compact design (it can fit in the palm of your hand)
  • 1-year warranty


  • This model lacks some of the features of some of its more advanced Fluke cousins, so it may not be a good option for professional electricians

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11. Fluke – 114 Electrician’s Multimeter

Fluke 114 Electrician's Multimeter

Featuring an automatic AC/DC voltage selector, an anti-ghost voltage feature, as well as a well-lit LED, this 114 electrician’s multimeter can be an interesting solution for an electrician.

Also, similarly to many other Fluke multimeter models, this one comes with a solid build that won’t get ‘compromised,’ so to speak, even if you drop it on a hard surface.

Here are some of its most important features in more detail:

  • AutoVolt function – … means that this multimeter will make an automatic AC/DC voltage selection when you place it close to the source of voltage such as a circuit or a wire.

This function prevents potential problems if you accidentally try to measure DC voltage with an AC setting or vice versa.

  • Low input impedance – … prevents phantom voltage readings, which can often confuse when taking measurements in a circuit or some wires.

Thanks to this feature, the multimeter will automatically ‘tell’ between ghost voltage and voltage that is real and measurable.

  • Signal fluctuations – In many cases, when it comes to measuring signals in circuits or wires, it can be tough to determine the extent of fluctuations.

As a result, you can end up with an inaccurate reading.

This model comes with a feature that enables you to get an accurate reading and a reading that tells you about the fluctuations displayed as Min, Max, and Average.


  • AutoVolt feature (automatic AC/DC voltage selection)
  • Backlit LED screen
  • Signal fluctuations recorded
  • Anti-ghost voltage feature
  • Rugged, durable design
  • CAT III 600V safety rating


  • Doesn’t feature diode testing

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12. Fluke – 179 ESFP True RMS Multimeter

Fluke 179 Multimeter with Backlight, Includes Built-In Thermometer to Measure Temperature, Measures...

Representing one of the most advanced multimeter models currently on the roster of the Fluke company, this 179 model can be a great solution for person reliability and plenty of features in their multimeter.

Among other things, this model features an industrial-strength thermometer, which can come in useful for a wide variety of purposes while you’re out there doing the fieldwork.

Here are some of the other features of this model:

  • Backlit screen – … which is there to ensure that all the pieces of information that you can read off of this thing will be visible even in complete darkness.

Thanks to this feature, even if you work in poorly lit environments or you have to work during the night, this feature will enable you to track whatever measurements you made with it easily.

  • Frequency & capacitance measuring – Other than the standard three values that virtually all multimeters worth their salt can measure, this model can measure capacitance and frequency, as well.

What’s more, it can also track signal fluctuations, so you can know what the signal’s stability and middle values are.

  • Lifetime warranty – This 179 model represents one of the most robust and certainly one of the most expensive Fluke multimeters.

To prove to their customers that they stand firmly behind their products, the folks at Fluke are offering a lifetime warranty on this model.

So, you can rest assured that you will always be able to get a replacement model or some other form of assistance from Fluke customer service if something goes wrong with this multimeter.


  • Measures frequency and capacitance
  • Inbuilt industrial-grade thermometer
  • Tested for CAT IV 600V, and CAT III 1000V
  • Temperature measuring range of -40° to 400°
  • Robust build
  • Signal fluctuations tracker
  • Comes with a display backlight


  • Fairly expensive

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13.) Fluke – 233 Remote Display Multimeter

Fluke 233 Remote Display Multimeter

Out of all the models we’ve shown so far on this list, this Fluke multimeter probably scores the highest of them all when it comes to the innovation invested in its design.

Namely, the folks at Fluke added a special feature in this multimeter so that its display is completely detachable from the rest of the device.

Thanks to this, you can then display it in your hand, while the multimeter, complete with its cables and other equipment, is elsewhere!

Here are the most important features of this model:

  • Magnetic display – The removable display that this unit comes with is not only removable, but its backside is also magnetic.

This makes positioning this display wherever you want a piece of cake, as all you need to do is detach the display of this unit and place it on some metal surface of your choice.

The magnetic part of it will do the rest.

  • Built-in thermometer – Other than having a detachable screen, this model also comes with an inbuilt thermometer.

Thanks to this feature, you can always check the surrounding area’s temperature, and you don’t even have to be near it.

Since the display of this model can be removed, monitoring its readings can be a piece of cake, wherever you are., as long as you’re able to look at the display.

  • Additional measurements – Other than resistance, current, and voltage, you can also use this instrument to test diodes.

You need to connect the probes to either end of a diode and then read the value that comes up on the screen.


  • Removable display (comes with a magnet for easy mounting)
  • Non-linear signal measurements thanks to true-RMS AC voltage and current
  • Low-power wireless technology
  • Comes with a built-in thermometer
  • Automatic power-off function
  • Features a diode tester option


  • Quite expensive

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14. Fluke – 88-5 1,000V- Best Automotive Multimeter

Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter, Troubleshoot Problems on Conventional and Hybrid Vehicles,...

If you need a multimeter that can measure a couple of other values other than the standard three, this model from Fluke might be just what you needed.

As far as the various values and parameters that this contraption can measure, you can count in AC/DC voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, frequency, and even temperature.

Here are some of the most prominent features that help this tool as best fluke multimeter for automotive uses:

  • Additional measurements – One of the best things about this model is that it can, among other things, measure resistance, capacitance, frequency, as well as a bunch of other values.

These additional measurements can be a great addition to the already existing arsenal of measurements you can take, especially to fix a car.

  • Durable build – Since multimeters such as this model are often used in garages, workshops, industrial environments, and other areas where fall and other damage can occur, they must be tough enough to be well-protected at all times.

Similar to other Fluke products, this multimeter features a tough build that will last you for years.

  • Magnetic Hanger – As we already said, working with a multimeter can be slightly difficult, especially if you have to go underneath your car all the time to take the necessary measurement.

For this reason, the folks at Fluke added a special magnetic hanger, so you can take a measurement and then an accurate reading at all times without needing an extra hand to do so.


  • Great for automotive electricians
  • Pulse width measurement option
  • Can be used to test diodes
  • Two-level brightness backlit screen
  • Easy to use


  • This model is designed specifically for car electricians, so it may not be perfect for other purposes

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15. Fluke – 87V/IMSK Industrial Digital Multimeter with Clamp Meter Combo Kit

Last but not least, as our entry number 15, we’ve got a combo kit that you can find useful if you’re an electrician handyman who has a lot of work in industrial, as well as home and other similar settings.

As a part of this kit, you will get a multimeter, a clamp meter, as well as several other accessories that may come in handy in different measurement situations, so to speak.

Here are some of the other features of this model in more detail:

  • Built-in thermometer – One of the best things about this model would certainly be its built-in thermometer, which can help you get an accurate temperature reading whenever you need to.

Whether it’s to check the temperature of a certain metal part or see if a part of an electrical circuit or wiring is overheating, a thermometer can always come in handy in an industrial work environment.

  • Robust design – Just as is the case with the vast majority of Fluke multimeters, this model, too, features a strong build that’s resistant to fall damage.

So, if you happen to drop this multimeter on a hard surface, as long as the surface is not too hard or the drop is too high, you can rest assured that it will be able to survive.

  • Additional clamp meter – As a part of this bundle, other than the multimeter we talked about, you will also receive a clamp meter.

What makes this addition so useful is that you can get an accurate reading without having to remove the protective coating from wires or otherwise interrupt the circuit you measure the various parameters of.


  • Durable and rugged build
  • Comes with a built-in thermometer
  • Large, backlit display
  • Magnetic hanger
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • This package is a bundle and not everyone would find all of the components necessary

Best Fluke Meter- Buyer’s Guide

best fluke multimeter

Durable Build

Even though multimeters are electronic devices that you won’t be using as a sledgehammer, it’s still quite important that they’re durable enough to be used in an industrial setting, for example.

Since you’ll be carrying your multimeter in your hand most of the time, ensuring that it can survive a fall in case that happens is quite important.

As far as this aspect of these contraptions is concerned, the folks at Fluke seem to have covered it fairly well across virtually all of their multimeters.


Every multimeter worth its salt, so to speak, is supposed to measure three basic values in a circuit or a piece of wiring – resistance, current, and voltage.

Now, some multimeters, especially some of the newer models, can also measure some other values.

For example, many of the Fluke models we described above come with an inbuilt thermometer.

Anyway, the more additional features a model has, the more useful it can be to you as a technician.


Most modern-day multimeters come with a digital display that’s either an LED or a VGA screen.

What’s important about the display is its size and whether or not it comes with a backlight.

The thing about the backlight is that if a model doesn’t come with one, you won’t be able to read the values it’s showing in poorly-lit environments without having to carry a separate lamp with you.


… such as magnetic hooks for mounting your multimeter somewhere where you can read from it easily, to space probes, and carrying bags are all accessories that can make your life easier when it comes to using a multimeter.

While the accessories aren’t the most important thing to look into when buying a multimeter, if the model you’re interested in does come with accessories, this can be great news.


Pretty much all Fluke multimeters come with some warranty, so it’s only a matter of how lengthy you want that warranty to be.

This warranty is that some more advanced models even come with a lifetime warranty, so if you have enough money to get such a model, getting this warranty can be a great idea.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why are Fluke multimeters so expensive? 

There are multiple reasons why Fluke multimeters are typically fairly expensive.

Their excellent safety ratings, a great many functions, and features, as well as their accuracy and robust build all, contribute to the fact that you can’t buy a Fluke multimeter for a low price.

That said, they’re most certainly worth the money.

2) What is the cheapest Fluke multimeter?

While the Fluke company is well-known for making some of the most complex and expensive multimeters, they also have several less expensive models available on the market.

Nowadays, the least expensive Fluke model would probably be Fluke 101, which you can get for something like $50, depending on the vendor and the shipping costs.

3) Is Fluke made in China?

Some models are made in China, while the others are made in the USA and other countries where the Fluke company has its representatives and factories – namely in the UK and the Netherlands.

4) Are Fluke multimeters worth the money?

They are.

Although Fluke multimeters are probably among the most expensive ones currently on the market, their excellent durability and safety features, as well as their functions and innovation used in their builds, make them definitely worth the money.

5) Are there fake Fluke meters?

Not really.

While there is a possibility that a Fluke multimeter model can get copied fairly well, this has not been happening in the market on a wide scale, so encountering a wholly fake Fluke multimeter is fairly rare.


All in all, whether you’re a car electrician, an electrician working for the heavy industry, or just a person who likes to build electronic circuits in your garage, having a Fluke multimeter as a part of your tools arsenal can be a great way to make your measurements more precise, easier, and the whole procedure safer.

We hope you found this article helpful and that you managed to find the best Fluke multimeter that’s perfect for your needs.

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