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Fluke 189 vs 289 – What’s The Difference?

Are you looking for a multimeter that can measure AC voltage indefinitely? In that case, you need a true-RMS multimeter right now.

And under this category, you have probably been suggested Fluke 189 and 289 a lot. But the real question is, which one should you get?

It can be very confusing, given both are amazing in their own aspects.
Hence, in this article, we will be comparing Fluke 189 vs 289. We will be reviewing both of them separately while pointing out their major differences.

Along with that, you will also find the most frequently asked questions answered here. So after you go through this, you won’t have any more confusion at all!

Fluke 189 vs 289 Comparison

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1. Fluke 189 True Rms Multimeter

Fluke 189 True Rms Multimeter

If you have never used a multimeter before, then you should start with the one that is suitable for beginners. And such a device will contain convenient features along with proper instructions. Thankfully, this one contains both, along with a lot more, which you will know about in this review.

Measuring current, voltage, and such while keeping a track of it has become much more effortless with this tool.

You can view the maximum, minimum, and average value with the stamp of real-time just by touching a button. Hence, it will be easy for you to keep records of everything.

On the other hand, you can also download the stored data on your computer if necessary. The product provides software that will analyze the readings on your computer while creating custom documentation. So the device will be doing most of the work for you.

For further convenience, the device can store up to a hundred individual readings. Other than that, it can also provide stand-alone data logging for around three days, which will help you identify the periods that were stable and vice versa. So you will be able to understand the trend more clearly.

With an AC bandwidth of 100 kHz, you will be able to measure with this device without any hassle whatsoever.

Moreover, its optional temperature probes will allow you to take temperature readings and view them in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Along with the device, there are multiple other accessories included in the package, so you won’t have to purchase anything separately.

For instance, it comes with batteries, test leads, and an accessory that will allow you to hang it with a magnet/strap.

But you won’t be able to connect this device with your smartphone, which can be quite inconvenient for you when working. Moreover, there are not enough safety features on this tool, making its users skeptical about it.


    Readings can be viewed with the stamp of real time conveniently
    Data can be downloaded and analysed in a computer
    Stores a hundred individual readings and provides stand-alone data logging
    Includes an AC bandwidth of 100 kHz and optional temperature probes
    All the accessories necessary along with an instruction guide


    Cannot be connected with a smartphone
    There are not enough safety features on the device

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2. Fluke 289 True-RMS Stand Alone Logging Multimeter

Fluke 289 True-RMS Stand Alone Logging Multimeter

You will find tons of multimeters out there, but there’s no guarantee that those will be providing excellent value for money.

However, here’s one, which comes with excellent facilities and features that will make sure you get your investment’s worth through its service.

After recording several values, you might want to detect a trend in them. This device makes it much easier for you with its logging and graphing function. Hence, you won’t need to download the logged values in another device to notice a trend between them.

What makes the multimeter even better is that it can store around fifteen thousand recorded events, which is substantially more than that of its counterparts. Moreover, it even includes a real-time clock, which will stamp the time of saved readings automatically.

To make sure you can read the values clearly, the product comes with a ¼ VGA display that includes a white backlight.

It even offers a fifty thousand count, so you can get all your work done with this one device solely- you won’t have to rely on any other tool.

Are you worried about your readings being false because of ghost voltage? Fret no more because the low impedance voltage function of the device takes care of that. Not just that, you can view mechanical, thermal, vibration, and electrical values through this quite accurately.

Along with all that, the device prioritizes your safety as well and promises efficiency. You can download its app on your phone and then view all the records and measurements through it while maintaining full safety without any hassle whatsoever.

But all the recorded data will be lost in case the battery dies while you are working, so you should be cautious about that. On the other hand, the screen has a low contrast display, which may seem unappealing to many users.



    Includes logging and graphing function on the device
    Can store around fifteen thousand recorded events and has a real time clock
    Comes with a ¼ VGA display with a fifty thousand count
    Low impedance voltage function makes sure to avoid false readings
    App let’s all the values to be viewed on a smartphone


    All recorded data gets lost when the battery dies
    Screen has a low contrast display that may be unappealing

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Fluke 189 or Fluke 289?

People often closely compare Fluke 189 and Fluke 289 when looking for true-RMS multimeters. But they often remain unsure regarding which one they should go for.

In this section of the article, we will be clearing that confusion by providing information regarding their differences. So you will be able to choose the best one for you quite effortlessly.


Both 189 and 289 provide top-notch accuracy; however, the latter might have an upper hand in this case.
This version includes a low impedance voltage function, which makes sure to avoid false readings due to ghost voltage at all times. Hence, you can be surer about the values with this device.


While the display of 189 has better contrast, the 289 version offers a larger one. Now, a larger screen means that you will be able to view more values and graphs, while better contrast means that you will be able to view them clearly.

Hence, it depends on you as to which one seems to be more beneficial for you, so you should choose accordingly.

PC/Smartphone Connectivity

The 289 version offers an app that will allow you to view the data on a smartphone, and you can also connect it to a pc if required.

However, its 189 counterpart only offers the pc feature, which will let you download the stored data on your pc. Hence, this aspect depends on your preference as well.


One major benefit of 189 over 289 is that it turns on faster, and it also offers a longer battery life. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about it dying while you are working.

Moreover, in 289, all recorded data can be lost once the battery dies, so you will have to be cautious in that aspect.

Other functions

Fluke 289 will provide logging and graphing functions, while 189 will store a hundred individual readings and stand-alone data logging.

Both the devices have their own set of beneficial functions, so you need to choose the one that adheres to your work the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I be able to measure using Fluke 189 and 289?

Both the devices will let you measure various values, such as voltage, current, resistance, and frequency. You will also have the option to measure the temperatures.

Which one is more worth the money, Fluke 189 or 289?

If you are looking for a true-RMS multimeter that will provide good value for money, you should go for the 289 version. Although, both of these are worth the investment so you can go for either one of them.

Is having a larger display better when it comes to multimeters?

Having a larger display will allow you to view more values and numbers, such as the average, minimum and maximum values. But if you don’t need to view them, you don’t have to go for a larger display.

How long should a multimeter last?

If you maintain a multimeter properly, then it can last for a long time. But you will need to change the batteries from time to time and test the device every now and then make sure it isn’t defective.

When should I change the battery of my multimeter?

That depends on the battery itself. Some can last for 4-5 years, while others can go bad within a matter of a few months. If you see that the battery is getting drained quickly and dying, then it’s time to replace it.


After comparing Fluke 189 vs 289, you can now tell which one is more suitable for your work needs. Therefore, you should choose accordingly.

It’s not about which one is better in general; it’s about the one that will serve your work purposes more efficiently.