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Fluke 287 Vs 289

Multimeters are critical tools for numerous business professionals. Many technical experts, such as engineers, IT technicians, and electricians, use multimeters in their day-to-day operations. The Fluke multimeters come in two similar models, Fluke 287 & Fluke 289, but with different capabilities. Knowing the superior model can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. However, through this guide, you will get in-depth information regarding Fluke 287 vs 289.

Fluke 287 Vs 289

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Fluke 287 Vs 289 Reviews- 2022

1. Fluke 287 True RMS: Best Budget Logging Multimeter

Fluke True-RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture
Temperature 1350 °C
Capacitance50,000 µF
Item Weight 0.28 Pounds

Fluke 287 is one of the best industrial logging multimeters on the market. The multimeter comes with on-screen graphing, real-time clock, data hold, enabling it to export data to a computer as you diagnose a problem. With this gadget, you can conveniently log and zoom in on various issues. This model works with a high degree of accuracy, and you can use it to measure current, voltage, resistance, frequency, capacitance, and many more.


True-RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter: This meter can precisely measure the linear and nonlinear loads, where the current or voltage has a sinusoidal or nonsinusoidal waveform.

Backlit LCD displays: The Fluke 287 multimeter can perform many measurements at ago and plot them on a single line to diagnose signal problems. Additionally, with the Backlit LCD, the user can read numerals even in a dark environment.

Logging function: With this function, the multimeter features more memory, allowing it to have unattended signal monitoring over time.

Zoom capabilities: The multimeter of a TrendCapture function records the gadget’s performance and displays results in graphics. With this device, you log, zoom in, and diagnose numerous issues.

ir3000 FC connector: The Fluke 287 multimeter works alongside an optional ir3000 FC connector that uses infrared technology, allowing you to test tools activated with it.

The ShareLive video call: The multimeter’s ShareLive video call works with ir3000 FC connector, permitting you to share data with your workmates or friends.


  • Has an excellent screen where occurrences are displayed in graphics
  • Has graphics and logging capabilities
  • Highly accurate and convenient to use
  • Comes with a user manual that supports 16 languages


  • Highly priced

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2. Fluke 289 True RMS: Best Choices Logging Multimeter

Fluke True-RMS Stand Alone Logging Multimeter
Temperature1350 °C
Capacitance50,000 µF
Item Weight 1 Pound

If you are working in an area where applications need high precision, Fluke 289 is a suitable gadget. The multimeter comes with an excellent display screen that allows the user to read measurements even in poorly lit areas. The device features a real-time clock, allowing it to do automatic time stamping of recorded readings. With the gadget’s saving measurements, you can retrieve measurements made in the field and provide solutions based on them. More importantly, the device can record design performance and display the occurrence graphically.


Real-time clock: The Fluke 289 multimeter features a real-time clock, allowing it to time-stamp measurements and save them automatically.

True RMS logging: With this feature, the Fluke 289 multimeter is can accurately linear and nonlinear load when the current/voltage has a sinusoidal or nonsinusoidal waveform.

Larger display with backlight: The Fluke 289 comes with a large display and backlight, allowing the user to utilize the device even in poorly lit areas.

Adequate storage capacity: With the multimeter’s capacity, it can save up to 15000 recorded events.

High accuracy: The multimeter’s high precision permits you to measure readings between 1 and 50ohm with a lot of accuracies.


  • Ideal for accurate applications
  • Has a backlight for use in poorly lit areas
  • Compact in design, making it easy to handle


  • Sometimes, it is poorly calibrated

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Differences between Fluke 287 and Fluke 289

Although there are numerous Fluke multimeters on the market, selecting the best one can be an uphill task if you are unfamiliar with the devices. This article delves into Fluke 287 vs 289 to enable you to make an informed choice.

Here are the differences between the two devices:

Key SpecificationFluke 287Fluke 289
Motor Drive (ASD) MeasurementsnoCan read the output side of a pulse width modulated motor drive
Measures low ohmsnoThe device can measure resistance less than 50ohms
Storage areaInformation stored in hard driveData is stored in the internal memory
LoZ: low input impedancenoCan accurately determine the presence of absence of voltage
Low pass filternoThe low pass filter mode is enabling to reject high frequency from the drive controller.

Similarities between Fluke 287 and Fluke 289

Key SpecificationFluke 287Fluke 289
Voltage ac/dc1000V1000V
Current ac/dc10A10A
Measuring Resistance500 MΩ500 MΩ
Capacitance measurement50,000 µF50,000 µF
Max. temperature(+) 1350 °C(+) 1350 °C
FunctionalityVoltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and frequencyVoltage, current, resistance, capacitance, and frequency
Max frequency1 MHZ1 MHZ

So, which is Superior? Fluke 287 or 289

Based on the analysis of Fluke 287 vs Fluke 289, Fluke 289 review reveals that it is superior to Fluke 287. Although the two gadgets share numerous features, they differ significantly. With Fluke 289, you can precisely determine the presence or absence voltage and measure resistance less than 50ohms.

The Fluke 287 review indicates that it can’t measure resistance less than 50ohms. This means that it won’t detect whether the current is high at a specific voltage. Unlike Fluke 287, Fluke 289 has a low pass filter, rejecting high-frequency noise emanating from the drive controller.

Based on the above assessment, Fluke 289 is superior to Fluke 287. Therefore, buy Fluke 289 if you want to get value for your money.

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